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  1. I ran a test, porting repeatedly (10 times each) with different portal windows open and with a combination of windows open (5 tests). I also ran two controls, one with my browser closed and one with the browser open and portal windows open (but not the ones I thought were a problem). I did not see any pattern of increased disconnection with portal windows open: I got one disconnect, basically random noise. Just having them open does not cause increased disconnects, at least under the tested conditions. However, several of us have been seeing a situation where we are repeatedly disconnected when we try to port. When that happens, closing certain Portal windows does make it go away (verified n=4). This really is in waving a rubber chicken territory, I haven't a clue why the repeated disconnects might be happening, nor why closing Portal windows helps. You might as well close this.
  2. I suggest that you test this yourself. Several people have complained in game chat about getting frequently disconnected, and I have suggested in game chat that they close their browser windows. It did seem to work - I asked several minutes later and their problem had cleared up. It does not really make sense -- why should the browser lock up data entries for the game, after all? Or cause delays in communication? But waving this particular rubber chicken over a disconnecting game does appear to fix the problem. To be exact and clear, Portal in general does not cause a problem - I have it open all the time. But closing certain pages of the portal does seem to help, specificly the ones that reference and display character information. As for ship animations, we almost all have them turned off - that's a known problem.
  3. Gating disconnects are much more common when certain Net7 panels are open. I and others have had successive disconnections when trying to gate. After closing certain open Net7 panels, the gate disconnects disappeared. The panels are: A character panel of the Avatars menu Character panel of the Avatar Planner I have not tried to turn gate crashes on and off by opening and closing these panels, but have seen crashing disappear when these panels were open and I closed them. So have other players.
  4. Not only are some players short on time, remember that this is a volunteer effort. It will move as fast as it does.
  5. Vendor info in Prasad did not get propagated correctly, he neither buys nor sells the appropriate trade goods. However the new Castor<-> Kinshasha-Mbali trade route is in and profitable. It looks better than Prasad<->Somerled, tho not Pluto<->Earth
  6. For people who remember Elite, there's a remake called Oolite, which is open source freeware. I haven't played it, but it's supposed to be good. I've played EVE Online, but the game focuses on intrigue and strife. The developers push the cynical point of view so strongly that the game makes players quite paranoid about spies, theft, and sabotage. They've embraced cutthroat, unbridled competition and push a 'trust is for the naive' worldview. If not for that, I would love the game, but suspicion permeates player society. The environment became too anti-social for me.
  7. Well, it'll be interesting to see what happens to server population now that we have an official Beta announcement and a statement that there won't be a wipe for the Beta. But this discussion's about over, I think.
  8. [quote name='Phorlaug' timestamp='1339074869' post='58541'] IMO, this thread was created to find the problems, Bugs and Exploits in the same way That Bug Reports are reported but through idle friendly (Mostly) open manner through conversation and Discussion. [/quote] I think this thread was created to help explain to new people why they should expect their character to someday get wiped. Bugs that get reported here instead of the Bug Reports system aren't as likely to get fixed. (I admit, I am having trouble figuring out exactly what you're arguing, Phorlaug, so forgive me if I've misinterpreted what you posted.) Are you using the bug as an example of why we need a wipe to help catch problems in the lower-level content? I think a plea for people to run through the content with a new character would be kinder and work better. If there's a ton of new low-level content, then perhaps a wipe would make sense instead. In any event, we're here to help make the game better, rather than fight. If someone comes along to just play, as they do, we have to kindly explain that we're working towards a release, and there will (may?) be wipes 'till we're done.
  9. I'm for PvP, but in a more limited way than most of the proponents here. I think PvP adds an endgame that challenges players when they have the PvE game endgame all solved and it bores them. It can also provide developers with ideas for improving the PvE AIs. I've played many systems with PvP, and have grown past my initial dislike of it; Asheron's Call, Dark Age of Camelot, EVE Online, and Guild Wars gave me most of my experience. The Guild Wars team developed the best PvP system. They partition PvP to certain maps, PvE to others, and provide a variety of experiences: 4v4, 8v8, XvY, guild v guild. PvP matches are timed, although some end when certain criteria are met. The skills you use are limited to your hotbar, and locked down (no swapping skills onto your hotbar). I see three big advantages: 1. Limiting skills to the hotbar requires people to think about what skills they're going to bring, and to coordinate with the rest of their team. It also creates a metagame, where teams try to outguess each others builds. 2. Putting PvP in separate, distinct maps allows the developers to support two versions of skills where necessary, one for PvP and one for PvE. It is much easier to balance a skill for both PvP and PvE with two versions. 3. Separate areas allows the developers to design maps just for PvP, with features that might be annoying or problematic in PvE. And my personal inclinations: 4. Mixing PvP and PvE annoys the heck out of me, as someone who mostly does PvE. I hated it in EVE and DAOC. 5. Mixing PvP and PvE is problematic. As a programmer, it also requires handling the cases where non-combatants will buff and/or heal combatants. Even in EVE, which continues many years of open-world PvP, it's not really clean and clear. 6. As a player in AC and EVE, there was always the risk of accidentally getting red-flagged. Even a small chance was too much. And some of the gankers live to prey on noobs, and figure out ways to trick them into PvP-flagging themselves. 7. The Guild Wars model constrains fights to being fair ones. You knew you were getting into a fight, and didn't have to worry about getting ganked by someone much higher level. To summarise: I dislike free-ranging 'flag' based PvP. I've seen too many cases of it enabling people who like to grief noobs. I like PvP when it's fenced off in separate areas, especially in ways that balance the sides as Guild Wars does it. Imbalanced sides/experience levels made PvP in DAOC much less enjoyable. It's especially good when limits engender a metagame of builds, the way it does in Guild Wars.
  10. This looks interesting! I particularly like adding stages to it for Trader and Warrior. Thanks, Redoc!
  11. In response to a plea for bugs and suggestions, [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1338516831' post='58424'] Some of mine that I started threads on in the past.... (snip) [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/5504-traders-explorers/page__hl__%2Btraders+%2Band+%2Bexplorers__fromsearch__1"]Traders & Explorers.[/url] (snip) [/quote] A lot of the suggestions in the above thread were pretty specific, and seemed to start from existing tech and habits. Once comment really stood out, about how there was little to do with the Trader and Explorer skills except to follow a couple well-worn paths. The suggestions didn't wander far off those paths, either. Some hashed over content from Live that was enjoyable, others were for 'bigger, better' versions of current things. Here's a challenge: Starting with the skills for Traders and Explorers, can we come up with some off-the-wall, unusual ways that we could use those skills? Stuff you've seen in other computer games, board games, real life? Things that would really scratch the 'trader' itch or the 'explorer' itch (as opposed to the power-levelling or grinding itch). For example: Explorers in real life were out to discover, and to achieve fame. I grew up with a copy of "In Darkest Africa" by Stanley of "Dr. Livingston, I presume." fame, on the family bookshelves. It had a wonderful map of Africa, with the center covered in a featureless green forest, crossed by one lone blue river (Stanley's path up the Congo). Exploration led to adventure, to things no one had ever seen; strange and wondrous animals, plants, natural wonders, peoples, and even lost civilizations! How can we put something like [i]that [/i]into the game, besides adding reams of new content? Something that used Explorers Navigation, Scanning, or Prospecting skills? EVE Online's wormholes were supposed to do this, but ended up (at least to me) fairly routine and predictable. The only thing I've seen that's come close were the monthly updates in Asheron's Call (they deliberately left a lot of story-related stuff out of the patch notes), and that was adding reams of new content. People would wander around looking for new things, and race to post the first descriptions and screenshots of the newly-discovered content.
  12. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1338516831' post='58424'] Some of mine that I started threads on in the past.... (snip) [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/5504-traders-explorers/page__hl__%2Btraders+%2Band+%2Bexplorers__fromsearch__1"]Traders & Explorers.[/url] (snip) [/quote] Both Traders and Explorers need some examination and thinking. MMOs have been focused on combat, story, and levelling, with exploration and commerce taking a back seat, and it shows. It's going to be interesting to see if Guild Wars 2 adds anything to exploration (they're behind the curve for manufacturing and commerce, so I don't expect much there). For exploration, is it worth discussing what EVE did (wormhole space, archaeology, specialized content)? (edit) This small comment turned into something that really needs its own post, so It's going there.
  13. Daulnay


    Brack, 1 and 2. Because we don't have the code for the game client, it's very difficult, often impossible, to change client-side things (#1 and 2). The web team build amazingly good workarounds of this limitation for the mail and vault features found in more modern MMOs. In some ways, they are better - you can transfer stuff between your characters' storage without needing to log them in. 3. Personal nav points are more of a database/server thing, and in theory possible. That's Tienbau's area of expertise.
  14. Rather than a hide skill, I'd like to see the TS get a 'Launch Decoy' skill - call it illusion, if you need to. Being able to launch a decoy that would take aggro for some period and lead enemies off in another direction would be useful in groups, as well as helping the scout when it got into trouble. The group utility would make it better than a straight hide skill.
  15. There's a route that's somewhat better than Charon<->Earth, if you're not at the jobbing stage: Charon->Earth [Castor Creature Research Crates IV] 4 jumps Earth->ABG/Onorom [empty] 3 jumps Optional: stop at Net7 with [Sol Grain IV] on the way to Onorom Onorom Prison ->Jot/Arx Ymir [Secured Container V] 4 jumps Arx Ymir -> Charon [empty] 3 jumps At Negotiate 4/TL 24, it gives 180% of the xp that the pure Earth<->Charon run gives, and adds only 6 jumps to the circuit. If you stop at Net7 with Sol Grain, it adds another 30% to your xp for 210% of the pure Earth<->Charon run for 160% of the jumps and twice the stops.
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