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  1. Hey   So my windows 8 laptop had updated to 8.1   and i had went to run net7 launcher and it gave me a .net framework error, so i installed .net 4.5 i belive it was. and its still giving me this error. i have tried installed 3 and 3.5 but they wont download because of 4.5 being installed already. anyone know how to fix this? it worked perfectly fine playing E&B before the update.     thanks for help  malthizor
  2. hope the server is up soon :) back to my 30 PW promo again lol
  3. i have a windows 7 laptop and i have all my .exe's to run as Win XP SP3 and run as admin, I get to the login screen and put my credentials in and i CTD with a net7proxy error to come up shortly after. Can anyone help me resolve this issue please.   Thanks Malthizor
  4. Hey guys,  I have seen this ptr.net-7.org server on the launcher for long time... What is it for? I have never been able to figure it out...   Malthizor   Public Test Realm maybe?
  5. Hi Dev/staff team, Thanks for adding my Guild logo ingame. Much appreciated. ~Guild Admiral of Blackhawk Federation Malthizor
  6. were do we upload logos to?>
  7. Dark just saying at this rate if the numbers get about 450 id suggest increasing cap on server to 1000 atleast and start doing serious promotioning of the server. *Last i chkd cap is 500*
  8. Hi everyone, Is your guild not much fun any more or not the "raiding" guild you want? Maybe you want a guild who likes to mine or do jobs or just have fun? If you want a guild who likes to do everything let us know today. Don't miss your chance to become a top pilot in this game.      *We have a guild decal for our ship and a Guild Webpage (below)* Blackhawk Federation, a guild back from live in 02-04 on Andromeda is now back up. Family oriented looking for anyone and everyone to join up in our forces. We will eventually become a raiding guild as members join, and we get a well developed raiding system planned with all raiding members. For more info private message me, or /t me (Malthizor or Monzeek or Balthizor) in game for an invite. Our webpage for our guild is below in a link. We would like for people who want to join to register and sign up on our guild page if possible. Thanks and hope to see you in game.  http://www.blackhawk...uildportal.com/ Blackhawk Federation Fleet Admiral Malthizor
  9. okay. well i hope its possible would be really amazing to have that effect back in. that was actually one reason why i loved the JE so much lol
  10. i found this on youtube. and i think it should be put back in.. at 1:14 to about 1:18 and several other parts throughout the video [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWZ9kYA-3Lc&feature=g-vrec[/media] That X when you thrust on a JE in space should still be in cause this vid is from Live (EA Live) and i remembered it since i was a JE back then and when i had a Grandmaster in ST4 i didnt see that X and thought it should be put back in. Just my opinion in things would look cooler Malthizor
  11. is there a possible ETA for server restart time?
  12. okay cool. so it should go moderately faster then back in live?
  13. Hey guys (staff), Just curious really,... How fast is the story line and make up of the game going to progress? Like as it was in Live were it was slow and right before Sunset in 2004 they added Ardus like that slow progress? Or... Will it be a pretty fast or moderate progress speed were it will take just a few months? Malthizor
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