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  1. How can I sign into the PTR as well?
  2. Hey   So my windows 8 laptop had updated to 8.1   and i had went to run net7 launcher and it gave me a .net framework error, so i installed .net 4.5 i belive it was. and its still giving me this error. i have tried installed 3 and 3.5 but they wont download because of 4.5 being installed already. anyone know how to fix this? it worked perfectly fine playing E&B before the update.     thanks for help  malthizor
  3. hope the server is up soon :) back to my 30 PW promo again lol
  4. i have a windows 7 laptop and i have all my .exe's to run as Win XP SP3 and run as admin, I get to the login screen and put my credentials in and i CTD with a net7proxy error to come up shortly after. Can anyone help me resolve this issue please.   Thanks Malthizor
  5. Hey guys,  I have seen this ptr.net-7.org server on the launcher for long time... What is it for? I have never been able to figure it out...   Malthizor   Public Test Realm maybe?
  6. Hi Dev/staff team, Thanks for adding my Guild logo ingame. Much appreciated. ~Guild Admiral of Blackhawk Federation Malthizor
  7. were do we upload logos to?>
  8. Dark just saying at this rate if the numbers get about 450 id suggest increasing cap on server to 1000 atleast and start doing serious promotioning of the server. *Last i chkd cap is 500*
  9. Hi everyone, Is your guild not much fun any more or not the "raiding" guild you want? Maybe you want a guild who likes to mine or do jobs or just have fun? If you want a guild who likes to do everything let us know today. Don't miss your chance to become a top pilot in this game.      *We have a guild decal for our ship and a Guild Webpage (below)* Blackhawk Federation, a guild back from live in 02-04 on Andromeda is now back up. Family oriented looking for anyone and everyone to join up in our forces. We will eventually become a raiding guild as members join, and we get a well developed raiding system planned with all raiding members. For more info private message me, or /t me (Malthizor or Monzeek or Balthizor) in game for an invite. Our webpage for our guild is below in a link. We would like for people who want to join to register and sign up on our guild page if possible. Thanks and hope to see you in game.  http://www.blackhawk...uildportal.com/ Blackhawk Federation Fleet Admiral Malthizor
  10. okay. well i hope its possible would be really amazing to have that effect back in. that was actually one reason why i loved the JE so much lol
  11. i found this on youtube. and i think it should be put back in.. at 1:14 to about 1:18 and several other parts throughout the video [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWZ9kYA-3Lc&feature=g-vrec[/media] That X when you thrust on a JE in space should still be in cause this vid is from Live (EA Live) and i remembered it since i was a JE back then and when i had a Grandmaster in ST4 i didnt see that X and thought it should be put back in. Just my opinion in things would look cooler Malthizor
  12. is there a possible ETA for server restart time?
  13. okay cool. so it should go moderately faster then back in live?
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