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  1. This could be caused by a number of things such as you have old version of urlmon.dll or it's not registered or you've uninstalled IE, etc.   I can only suggest you search "The ordinal 459 could not be located in the dynamic link library urlmon.dll" and try the various fixes you find.
  2. SSL again.  Restarting in release mode.
  3. The dialog box is resizeable. Just drag the top of the box down to make it shorter then move the box up and you should see the play button.
  4. The server insisted on applying 0 counterstrike damage until it did some damage. I've explained why that's futile. Let's see if it listened to me. Restarting.
  5. Debating whether I should lollygag or dillydally.
  6. 1. Login - this is usually solved by checking the "Delete TH6 Files" check box.   2. No disk - I've had this happen to me also.  I have two hard drives and one of them sleeps when not in use.   I think the game sees the sleeping drive but can't access when it's sleeping.  I've gotten into the habit of running windows explorer and just getting a directory listing of that drive.  That wakes it up and the game runs.   3. Net7Proxy error - there's a problem in the proxy when shutting down.  It's a low priority issue as it doesn't affect the game.  Just ignore the error.
  7. Well since the servers' been up I'd say it looks like your communications is being blocked, perhaps by a firewall.
  8. Are you running our LaunchNet7 (v2.0.0)?    What Host have you chosen in the Server Host drop down?  It should be sunrise.net-7.org.   When sunrise.net-7.org is chosen, what do you see in the text box to the left of the Check button?  Should be something like ONLINE-381.   If you have chosen sunrise.net-7.org then your problem could be a DNS problem.  In a DOS box try running this command:  tracert sunrise.net-7.org.  What IP address does the sunrise.net-7.org name resolve to?  Are you able to trace a route all the way to the server?
  9. Ishuan station isn't showing in Castor/Ishuan.
  10. When you enter a price do not use a comma like 14,985. It will result it 14.00.
  11. I suppose it's possible your dns isn't working. Open a command prompt window and enter nslookup sunrise.net-7.org It should come back with an ip address. If it does then enter that ip address in the host combo box. If it doesn't then try using Then press the Check button.
  12. Try deleting "Program Files (x86)/EA GAMES/Earth & Beyond/Data/client/mixfiles/global.th6".
  13. I'm using FF 16.0.2. The pages were screwed up but now they look okay and I didn't do anything. The only page still screwed up is the Members page.
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