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  1. It does on some files but not others...very weird.  I set it as xp service pack 3 when I could and so far it is working fine.   Also follow this post to get your custom screen sizes and notice the last post with win 10 notes:  https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/6404-net7configexe-for-running-custom-resolutions/
  2. I am replying to my own question so I don't forget it again and hopefully someone will find it useful.    First....I am doing a new install for Win 10 Pro 64.   Some of the files that we have to set for compatability mode do not have XP listed so I left that part alone and just checked the run as admin box near the bottom.     Two of files you have to give admin rights to do not have a tab under properties to do so to.  C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\gpatch.exe,  patch.exe   The step where you open C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG\net7config.exe   The largest screen option I have is 1440x900.  I opened it with admin rights and still have no option to make it higher.  I can lower it but I want it larger.  What I found was I had to open E&BConfig.exe (C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG) and change it in this box.  I have Windowed mode checked and made it 1600x1024 and then click OK and it gives you the choice to run a test which shows you the window size.  After that it is holding the window size and the game seems to work fine.  So far no bad gate or undocking/docking crashes or bad lag.   Thanks to Magoo for the basic instructions.  Everything else was spot on and works great for Win 10 Pro 64
  3. Well.....I have no idea why but that fixed it.  I had my right monitor(Which is listed as monitor 2) setup as my main monitor and monitor 1 to the left.  I moved to to the right on the config settings and it works fine now.  I made my right monotor my main after i realized this and they both seem to work fine now.     How did this fix it?  I didn't think that would make a difference.   Thanks for the help!!
  4. Yes both monitors are hooked up to the same GPU.
  5. Please keep in mind when I was running win 7 everything worked fine.   I have 2 monitors and Win 10 installed.  I play the game in windowed mode and not full screen (The screens are several inches smaller than my monitor so I can stack them and flip between then easier).  The game launches on my main monitor.  I can move the window around on the main monitor and it works fine after I move it.  If I move the window to my second monitor it has issues.  Not all of the commands work and it varies from time to time what doesn't work.  I may not be able to change the actions bars at the bottom or I may not be able to click on things like a gate or other objects or things on the action bar like my reactor buff don't work.  Sometimes I can't type in chat.  It varies every time.  If I move the window back to main monitor it works fine for awhile and then after several minutes it seems to freeze up (It does not do this every time).  it is just this window that is affected if I have several instances of EnB open the others keep working fine.   I have checked to make sure I have the game running with admin rights and all that and it all seems correct.  I assume if I had something like that set wrong after the win 10 upgrade then I would have other issues.    I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 and the drivers are up to date.  Win 10 Pro 64-bit is up to date also   Is anyone else having this issue?   Any help or advice would be appreciated   Thanks
  6. I am also unable to get the net7config above 1440x900.  I have Windowed mode checked so I can manually type in a size but it will not accept any larger.  With Windows mode unchecked 1440x900 is also the largest size available.  My actual screen resolution is 1920x1200 which is what I would like to be closer to.   Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?
  7. I was running the game and net7config file as admin.  I was missing the the run as admin on 2 of the .exe files so they would not save my settings I assume.  Once changed I was able to set the screen size to fit like yours does Magoo and it is good now.   Editing the reg. was a last resort.  I preferred to do it thru the interface which is working now.   Thanks for the help.    
  8. I do not have a display setting size that I like in the enbconfig so I tried changing them in the reg. like was suggested.  I cannot get that size to stick.  It will only launch the screen from the size listed in the enbconfig program.  Any thoughts?
  9. I have donated in the past but do not have the tag by my name when I post stating that I have.  Is there something I need to do for this to happen?  Also the December donation tracker is not working.  I took a break for a few months so I was wondering is this normal now or is it just not working?   Thanks    
  10. And the hamsters took a smoke break at 9:57am EST
  11. I think it has been down more then it has been up the last week or so....or at least it seems that way.  I thought we went live because all this was worked out?
  12. Thanks.  That helps me a lot.  Been looking for this info for awhile now.
  13. Does anyone have a station faction chart or a way to tell faction in a station?   Thanks  
  14. I agree! Thanks for bringing my favorite game back to life!
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