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  1. FOC still says non trade.
  2. Not sure if this has been posted or if its being addressed already so excuse if so. Rally is not working correctly. The graphics are showing level 1 or 2 even when its maxed. Also the defects and reduce sig is not working either. Sometimes you can relog and get it work a little better but not correctly.
  3. [quote name='Mattsacre' timestamp='1329882722' post='54213'] Sorry Gali, I'm quite sure the intent is there, but in practice it's not happening. The pact has the purest of intentions, I'm confident in that, knowing some of the members of those guilds as I do. Those guys wouldn't sign on if it was exclusionary to others. It's when it is put in practice that it fails, the pact has fostered the belief that it's "their" raid on such and such a time, and anyone else attempting it at that time are interlopers and it is fair to KS it from them since it's "their" raid that day. This I have seen and experienced personally. The pact is/was a laudable idea to stop inter guild friction, and probably does between the pact signers, in practice it fails when applied to non-pact signators, the spirit of the pact isn't adhered to. Communism is a wonderful CONCEPT, you work hard and produce as much of whatever you do best, using only what you need for yourself, and turning your excess over to the rest of community for thier needs, and everyone else does the same, it's when it is APPLIED that it breaks down. Someone will see that they can slide by doing squat and get just as much of what they need, so why work hard? Their neighbor sees that and says why the heck should I break a sweat so that clown can lay about, I'll take it easy myself, soon all output is effected. Now someone has to be in charge making sure everyone else is working to peek performance, but some tasks nobody wants to do..so the new person in charge has to make someone do it, since nobody is volunteering. So the new forced labor guy hates what they are forced to do, they have zero incentive to work hard at a task they dislike, so to increase output the new person in charge has to "incourage" them (torture). The new guy in charge starts to thinking that he deserves just a tad more than everyone else since he is so vital and important after all.... Geez, what happened to the concept of share your excess for the good of all? It crumbled in practice.. [/quote] OMG are you really comparing ENB raids to communism? That has to be the funniest thing I ever seen. I have an idea for you get off your lazy bum and raid (or we will torture you) because no one is stopping you. Its seems to me that all you want is someone to hold your hand and say comon lets go raid for you! Try playing the game instead of making 4 page long posts that most don't bother to read anyways. For the love of GOD please lock this post before the free world is invaded and taken over by communists.
  4. Wiping might signal the end is near for the EMU. I know many that would just stop playing this game. As for myself I am not sure if I would start over again as the game is now. Yes i realize the plan is to add more content before during and after the wipe, i am just saying if it happened today I am not sure I would start over. A wipe would really not change much. Maybe just the economics of the game is about it. The same players (if they keep playing) will always dominate in the areas they do now. Its simple they have the time to play enough to make it so.
  5. I would like to see the list as well. +1 agreed!
  6. [quote name='Phorlaug' timestamp='1326307020' post='51341'] IMO, Vaden is an ok guy and player he has helped out on builds once or twice,[u] but please tell how this will effect [/u] [u]everyone?[/u] If Vaden was Banned there must of been a good reason for it. 4 [/quote] Not even going to respond to your post. You know the reason as much as anyone does and if you don't then you must not actually play the game just read the forums.
  7. I would like to ask why is VadenTT banned? Is this a simple mistake or is this another round of drama from a person i will not name open. I think that this is a mistake and just imagine how this will effect the game play for everyone!!!
  8. really liked it the way it was, there is an old saying. [u][i][b]Don't fix what aint broke!!![/b][/i][/u]
  9. I was wondering if it was possible to move a build list from one toon to another. I have a TE that makes weapons and engines. My TT makes everything else. I made my TT last or it would build everything. Yeah I know i should have made him while I made the TE. lol I have no idea how much work this would involve for the DEV's so if its alot dont shot me. Shot Vaden instead.
  10. Hickory

    New Goal

    [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1325209621' post='50580'] The extra has hardly built up anything and its already in the fund. 2,200 is the additional funds needed to complete the build. As for the exact amount built up I'll have to get exhile to pull it all together. [/quote] Well there goes my idea then, LOL
  11. This one is hard to post about. I will try not to let personal feeling get involved. Vaden says his stuff is gone from his account and in that we must believe. I have never known him to lie about anything. As for who took it I would hold my tongue until the DEV's see who took them.
  12. Hickory

    New Goal

    I have been watching the donations close for a few months now. I noticed that every month we had a small amount extra. Why not use this extra money from the monthly to buy the new servers? How much is there saved up anyways?
  13. [quote name='Stoop' timestamp='1324752247' post='50247'] Just remember resistance is futile. [/quote] That is exactly what my ex-wife said.
  14. It does not show a complete build list. I have clicked the public builds but my TT still does not show as a builder for alot of item that can be made.
  15. God not another one of these post asking if we should wipe or not. Drama on board!
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