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  1. Welcome home Amonks! It's always nice to get players from old Live on the EMU.
  2. Server go poof? All 3 of my toons just locked up.
  3. The play server is still up but the login server is down. The play server is having issues but it's still up.
  4. Why would you be trying to do vault transfers when the server is down?
  5. The emulator is LIVE so no more wipes unless something major happens and nothing else can be done except to wipe. They said that another wipe is extremely unlikely however you can never really say that it will never happen again.   1. Character movement is really simple hold the right mouse button to move forward. While holding it move the mouse to turn. Keyboard A for forward and Z for backward movement with the arrow keys for turning. You can change the keyboard movement keys if you like.   2. With this emulator project being around as long as it has and the Dev's slow progression with the story and content of the game the playerbase fluctuates quite a bit. As players get bored and wander off but usually come back after a while. When the Dev's start getting things going and start adding more content we will be seeing the population grow again for a time.
  6. Like Woodstock said you need to run enbconfig to set your resolution. Enb will not run current resolutions without using the enbconfig program to set them.  :)
  7. www.enbmaps.de will help you find the ship. As for the report you will most likely need to open a ticket login at http://www.net-7.org/ tickets are under the web help tab.
  8. Thanks BL ya posted right before I did.
  9. I experienced that issue yesterday while doing the GoBB raid. Every time GoBB summoned my group it would cause the formation to break.
  10.    I do not know if it was the dev's intention to have RD faction affect the encryption turn in or not. As it sits right now stage 3 Agrippa is no longer worth doing as the PS's RD faction greatly affects the amount of stage 3 encryptions received from the exchange. Prior to "LIVE" the amount of stage 3 encryptions received from the trade was 10 with over 10k Collegia faction and RD faction was not a factor in the trade. Now with 10k Collegia faction and negative RD faction you receive 7 stage 3 encryptions. And this is where the suck begins everyone wants to get into BBW so they build their RD faction. If the PS has 10k Collegia faction and +2k or higher RD faction they only receive 3 stage 3 encryptions, so they have to turn in 10 Security Optimal Override Alpha's and on receive 3 stage 3 encryptions. That's a lot of work with virtually no reward and needs to be seriously looked into.
  11. wow the server was up long enough for 13 ppl to log in before poof... record?
  12. i'm not offended or arguing just stating the simple truth of the situation these things happen. I apologize for the get over it comment but i'm just getting tired of all the whining.
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