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  1. No, there is nothing in your guide about compiling net7SSL. Can you elaborate on that?
  2. Here is the original post from CDEL, i just saved the page as a local, and the screeshots on it wont work cause they linked back to the old forum. I can not fine net_con.exe or compensator.ini anywhere. Can anyone confirm they are still used today? EDIT: Thanks CDel...after reading your post I got to thinking and out of respect for the project I removed your old guide
  3. I apologize if this isn't the correct place to post this. I have been trying to get my own local net7 server going on my home network to play around with. Has anyone out there been able to get it to fully work? Going off CDEL's original instructions, I check out the repos with svn, create and instance with mysql, populate the data to net7 and net7_user, create my account in the sql command line, compile it with VC++, copy the databse from the repos to the net7 folder and modify the cfg and the sector_servers..I have done the routine on 3 different pcs, 2 with xp and one with 2003 server and i get the same result. Net7 launches and loads tables and data from sql and everything appears to be working. net7.exe server window says mailslot created successfully. Registering sector server: port=3502, max_sectors=300 then I launch the client..in this case same machine but i get the same results from a remote machine. I AM changing the host to and also checking local cert. I also made sure the local cert is the newer one that is not expired. upon lauching client, server net7.exe window shows: Received MVAS login [1] -- client IP addr is (the local IP of this machine) at the same time in the net7proxy.exe window it shows: RegisterSectorServer at IP address, port 3500 MVAS thread running I click I agree to the client and then i see on the net7proxy.exe (clientside) window: User 'jackrussell' logging in from IP: Sending username/password. Unable to connect to Sector Server: (local IP of this machine) Unable to establish login link to server ... MVAS thread running I DO have everything updated fully in windows, firewall is disabled. dot net is 3.5 sp1 fully updated, and the repos are the most recent as are the sql's and net7 laucher. I do get the same result launching the net7proxy from a command line "net7proxy /LC" Anybody been able to get past this? Any input from the staff? I would be most appreciative Thankyou for reading and sorry so long. PS. the line in the EA client's auth.ini for login: LKeyUrl=https://local.net-7.org/misc/touchsession.jsp?lkey=%s When I put this in a browser while net7.exe (server) is running, I get a page that says "success" so to my limited knowledge, I believe the login authentication process is running.
  4. I know I will be flamed and ridiculed for this post, well so be it. From a lvl 150 standpoint, IMO the end game has been ruined. As in ST3, at least for me, once my main PW has reached 150, its time to work on the "goodies" like a PB and Reaver, then things in the Fishbowl like a FOTM and HOTM etc...For me the biggest fun is creating a couple of alts, in this case a tt and a jd and getting them up to their higher stuff with my end goal in the games current state, to head to Paramis and BBW and work towards all the goodies in those systems. This is pretty much the end game content that I know of, and its very fun and usually a wipe will occur before i get everything Im looking for. Until this past weekend I was working my butt off whenever I could towards that same goal, and then they changed everything. NOW IF THIS WERE LIVE and we had MANY more players to form fishbowl raids and BB raids, then this recent change in the mob difficulty would be a VERY POSITIVE thing, encouraging organized groups of groups collaborating and using an honor system to distribute the "goodies" that drop, one of the biggest things I miss from live. In the games current state, I don't believe there are enough players to even accomplish this. The Fishbowl is pretty un-doable right now. I havent been able to try with a full group because i have NOT been able to find one. After this recent "update" I have gone from someone who races home from work to hop on my pw and get in the bowl and help others level and get "goodies", to someone who logs in and cant find anything to do with my powerful PW. I checked on desash, and 2 players were having trouble kiting him. I offered in broadcast to help, said "I dont need anything from him, Im just bored and want to help". I got no response. Now all the hours I've worked on my PW are for what? Going around begging for something to do? That's what it feels like now. IT really sucks and I feel like it's too early to up the difficulty on these mobs, and make it so that I have to kill over 7000 chavez or gsp's just to gain access to paramis/bbw where I would need a full group of others to even kill there? END GAME is ruined for me at least and I emplore the devs, please put it back. At least until there are more players to make it doable? The game really has become A LOT less fun for someone who has worked hard to get to 150. And all you up and coming players will have a heck of a time getting those wonderful items from the bowl now. And I suspect the 150's you will need to help you get them will be bored and not playing as much either. Go ahead and flame me...I expect it. But this is real and we should be able to say how we feel. I really really miss the game before this last update-specifically MOB DIFFICULTY INCREASE and the whole prarmis/bbw gate restriction..PLEASE UNDO THIS PLEASE!
  5. exactly..not a single announcement ever. Would be nice to have a pinned annoucement at the top letting us know something. A warning maybe that you will now get mopped by the mobs you used to be able to kill
  6. I am in total agreement here. The game has been ruined since this weekend. Please undo the difficulty increase and work on the existing issues and on getting more players in here. There are not enough players currently to support the level of difficulty the mobs now display. It is pretty unplayable for the casual player with limited time/no time to solicite groups. Personally I tried and it is not even fun anymore since the mobs are insanely harder. Why did you make them so damn difficult?
  7. Wish we got xp for clicking the "check" button in the launcher
  8. ill take bitching wife for 500 Alex. So many times i'd rather be playing my favorite game but don't because I don't want her to hate my favorite game. I was totaly single during live, and became accustomed to playing when I want and how long I want. Now it is unacceptable for me to play more that a 2 hour stint unless I want wife faction to decrease. And it seems every damn time I have a Long period of time to play with no wife around, the damn server is down for an insanely long amount of time. I hope things work out for you and the missus there mate! If you think there is a chance it's not over, don't let the game be the deciding factor. If it is over, play like hell...you earned it!
  9. Well put Seinar...the lack of status is what's frustrating. A simple message from someone in the know, server crashed hope to get it going this afternoon..or whatever.
  10. Im "wife free" and have all day to play..Im starting to see a pattern here...ugh!
  11. No, its my wife's fault. She's gone tonight and I would have had alone time to play. Blame my wife!
  12. dont know why i was logged out, but yes the above post was really from me. Didnt want there to be any doubt
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