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  1. i have read the logs, 1.a private pm would have been best and a private response to the gm in return. 2. no player may at anytime be abusive to any member of the earth and beyond team, especially in open chat, read the eula u agreed to evaluate your actions, if u do not agree with our stated rules and regulations, it is your right to find another game that will allow total freedom of language used, this emulator requires we all be responsible for our actions and words we use while guests.
  2. was not logged to see what chat log messages were live, that said, i firmly beleive, all language in chat that is not within reasonable language for young people, belongs on a private channel. 2nd i also feel if any enb team member were to issue a warning to any ingame player it should be a private PM. also before live enb team might want to try a chat filter to allow those that forget themselves occasionally a safety net. Lets keep enb family, free, fun and a great place to spend a few hours with a great community, Have a great earth and beyond experience.
  3. Kraken - [b]Kraken[/b] are legendary sea monsters of giant proportions , Ancient gate replica - The first stargate, an ancient artifact built by an unknown people. This discovery triggered a 9 year war.
  4. idea sounds great how about taking the newly explored area a step further, for a starbase to be in the sector all races must have a mission specific to the race and all races must bring ores and parts together to build the station. also could have a small supply platform like kitara veil trader, of course this must also be built by players plus have a ton of new ideas for future expansion for new sectors. this could dynamically become the first live sector to need items and trade to function. How about forming a team to bring these ideas forward to devs. let the game become dynamic in the new frontiers
  5. just a passing thought with all the new items on job terminals. how about a toggle on HUD instead of notifying station for assist, you click on a button that notifys job terminal, that relays a space message a player is in need of a js, and a means of accepting the sos, and when u js the player u can gain xp and the player receives gets xp for using sos ingame
  6. Told Byahkee those agrippa missions were dangerous, sending a progen through a secret gate, this time they blew up the server rofl
  7. told them 100 times damn pop rocks were too powerfull
  8. If you read all of the forums you would see that a dev stated he would try to enter all of march items that were completed late, and also some of tienbaus late submissions this weekend bring march updates all up to present
  9. For the defender class, an aoe skill that can be used if a je,tt, were in group, The defender would take all the damage being done to group and distribute it evenly among the entire party. with a 15 minute cooldown.
  10. point of fact, when the other group chose to start a new team, this was not the problem, when a specific member of their team continued to harass, berate and make public comments, about members of this emulator, and then insult this whole team with comments, like eat your hearts out and make it incomfortable for either team, to keep channels open to work together, this team continued to leave the original source open and available, but new content and storyline and software code was held within the team to be tested and before it was moved from dev server to live, this was done so that transition to our main server would be smooth, and this information would be released on a bi monthly date, rather then as peicemeal and untested. it is still the enb emulators, goal to make the game open source and free for the public. We just do not want to be dragged into debates that occur daily, their is too much work being tested and developed, to waste time responding to repetitive forum discussions. fact the originator of the other enb team is no longer with the other team as they found problems with his leadership and goals and daily comments. we wish the other teams trying to bring earth and beyond back to life all the best, and would gladly work within a civilized communication, without all the drama.
  11. i think the psi and the vrix should work peaceably together, and the psi should have an npc that will allow you to form a toon, that allows you to play a new race in game. this new race would invariable not use fighting ships but trade fleets, and they could have new race skills that develop new items that specific races could purchase , as the psi only can learn and create these new items. the vrix would assist the psi fleets trading thruout the galaxy, and escort them when necessary. i have other ideas, but what do u think of this as a start of a new race?
  12. you agreed to abide by the eula rules and regulations, if you cant, just delete your account, the emulator is not the place for discussing sex, pot, drugs, illegal selling or buying. and if any gm is on duty they will also abide by adding infractions to your account.
  13. altho EA retains copyright, the game itself is now legally abandonware, per usa law. plus the game was sold in many foreign countries and each if not a member of specific legal copyright entities that are under the controlling countries guidelines are open to legal differences. Each country has their own length of copyright, and the overall copyright is enforced by the country game was purchased. Yet, this too is open to court interpretation on the international level. Now under abandonware the united states retains that the copyright remains with the original individual, company purchase et ownership via outright purchase of original content. Here is where emulator comes into play. Anyone can keep the game alive without bringing EA down upon the project, as long as copyright is not infringed upon in any form, and if this happens they can notify the emulator to cease, without penalty or lawsuit of any kind if the emulator were to be terminated voluntarily. Laws are now being formulated and justified in the courts that will change the face of legality after a product is abandoned, (not sold or supported in anyway). As to copyright only 1 case has ever made it to the courts, as no company finds it justifies, their is no compensation to be gained under present laws.
  14. Who are the Undine and what drives them? How can we better exploit the Genesis System to create even more compelling content? Where can we boldly go next? Where shall we take exploratory missions, as there's so much potential there? Which faction should be playable next? Romulan? Cardassian? Pakled? Dominion? Horta? Okay, not so much the Pakleds. And that’s not even the start of it! Ship interiors, more bridges, crew quarters, First Officers, Fleet advancement... You have subscribed to a service that delivers a universe unending, and we shall see that universe populated with compelling content or, by the Prophets, we will die trying
  15. http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/aarp.asp
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