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  1. Ok after an uninstall of Net7 and a Reinstall Im in business!
  2. Also from your pic I have launcher  LaunchNet7 v1.9.9, client has run fine till today, thanks
  3.  Hi, Im new but old, I recently tried the emulator as of thurs last week, I was thrilled to play EnB again I want to say. Im having this issue also, I tried deleting the exe file for Net7, resetting update via launcher window and also updating via launcher window, Launchers says Im up to date but I still get Incompatible version of net7proxy. latest version is 2.41. btw my computer crashed this morning is running windows 8 32 bit, any ideas? thank you
  4. Hi there. Yep its me the only real Bitman :) Also Fase in KOWW. Still playing EVE from time to time as bitman also. Hope to cya IG soon

  5. I thought I recognized the name, Kharak Augustus Var in Eve is still somewhat active there, I was Mikelsengen in Koww also. thought Id say Hi.

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