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  1. I still think there is something wrong with the newbie missions. I did as suggested when entering Arx Bursa and talked to Imperator Brook. Got the Lost Freighter mission and completed it. But that is about it. Chronos Christoffer will not give me the waste disposal mission and Mathis Alexander will not give me a mission either.
  2. [quote name='Darkwolfe' timestamp='1309050502' post='42601'] I may try it out later, but as of right now i'm more interested in EnB [/quote] Same here... And server update says STARTING!!!
  3. [quote name='Darkwolfe' timestamp='1309045540' post='42590'] Is it any good? [/quote] Hmmm... I'm not sure I like it. But I'm not gonna ditch it.. The GUI is very confusing in the beginning... Graphics are OK (although bear in mind it is a Java game). The idea of bringing the Battlestar Galactica universe into a MMORPG is awesome. Soundscape? Well, it is not like what we are used to from Enb that is for sure. I did expect that. No one IMHO can match Westwood in that aspect . And they say it is a free game, but it is not... You can pay RL money to get ahead of the competition. Just like Puzzle Pirates and games like that. I have not yet figured out what it is that you have to pay for. But I'm afraid it is fuel for your boat . I did not spend much time in that menu because I was busy trying just to figure out how to fly my Raptor. Oh! In the beginning of the game you can choose if you want to fly a Raptor or a Viper. Raptors can do scouting, EW and mining etc .. Vipers are pure fighting machines as far as I can see. Later on in game. I do not know when. You can buy additional ships/boats.. I'm not sure if it is for RL money or some kind of credits you have to pay RL money for. E.g. your first ship is a Raptor then you can buy a Viper and vice versa... There are also other ships you can buy. But go an try it our for yourself. It is a 'free' game Overall I like the feel of Raptor.. She is a nice boat. You can equip her - AFIK - with all kinds of survey, EW, comms bays and God knows what. And in the noob-setting she can hold her own in firepower. That is why I'm not ready to ditch the game yet. I've always wanted to fly a Raptor! Also the game seemed sluggish. But it maybe because I played the game on my ASUS EB1501 with an ATOM processor. Will try it out on my laptop which is more powerful, before I make the decision to ditch the game. Hope this answers your question. But do try it out for yourself. I have only spend an hour in the game.
  4. Well I'm trying to figure out how to play Battlestar Gallactica... Brand new browser based Java game.
  5. [quote name='Ekko' timestamp='1308405093' post='42277'] Guess this is good a time as any to go to the store [/quote] Yup! And get on with the laundry :-)
  6. Quite alright. The pubs are still open on this side of the pond. Soooo I'll go down and have me a couple of beers. Edit: Thanks for the update!
  7. This used to happen to me also. Maybe I'm telling the obvious, but have you put a check mark in Packet Optimization on your LauncNet7? (It is right beside the server choise) I did and the stability of the game changed to the better dramatically.
  8. Ok. Thanks for the quick answer! And now I'm worried. What do you mean by Evil Navigate Mission?
  9. Hello Fellow Traders! Orkael Lazarra will not give me the Learn Build Shields mission. I have tried several times and he keeps talking about the upcomming Nomos hunting season. Another TT told me to finish all noob skill missions (even Befriend) before talking to Orkael. I did what he suggested, but there is still no joy. Is there a work around I have missed?
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