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  1. Sorry, my wife got me caught up in Rift and I haven't checked back. It looks like the last time I edited my post I forgot to attach the file. I added what I had last edited, I have no clue how accurate it is anymore though.
  2. Terran Trader's group profit buff isn't working. Did a trade run while grouped, sold the crate at 2249 credits, ungrouped, let buff wear off, re-initiated trade and still sold the same crate at 2249 credits.
  3. Always recruiting. Just ask for an officer in market or new players.
  4. [quote name='Seeker' timestamp='1303912218' post='39866'] But that is all part of the game. Learning your way around. [/quote] In what way are you being cheated out of content by having vendor levels added? You still have to figure out which station you need to get to in order to access those vendors.
  5. [quote name='Rezwalker' timestamp='1303847003' post='39795'] I strongly dough anybody left the game because of a few cuss words in game but I wouldn't be surprised if after looking at TS and seeing half the DEVs playing EVE or LOTRO instead of working on the EMU to wonder. [/quote] /facepalm. We just don't know though.
  6. [quote name='Kumquat' timestamp='1303839632' post='39789'] So what would be wrong with an optional chat filter? That way people can turn it on or off to suit their needs. If it has to be one way or the other I of course prefer unfiltered but I don't see having a choice being so bad. [/quote] The problem with an optional chat filter is it may filter the letters, but I don't think I've had any issues putting 2 and 2 together since I was about 10 years old. I think we're all on the same page but portraying ourselves inaccurately. No one ever said the use of one foul word would cause the ban hammer to come down. It's the [b]excessive[/b] use of foul and offensive language that the mods are trying to limit and control here. The intent behind this whole thread,[b] I think[/b], is to maintain and increase server population. You may not have any issues with language, I may not, Mimir may not, and Kyp may not, but there may be that 1 or 2 out there that does. The highest online I've seen at once was about 205, if you offend 5 people to the point they no longer log in, then you just caused 2.5% of the active server population to drop the game. Right now we simply don't have the player base to be able to afford a drop of 2.5% due to something as easily avoidable as offensive language. It's the 26th in a 30 day month, and we're still 35% away from having enough donations to cover the monthly costs of running the emulator, how many of those could/would have contributed a little to keep the emu running? In other words (not aimed directly at kumquat, completely rhetorical) Is being able to swear worth the cost of the continued operation of the emulator? (Yes I understand people quit the emulator for various reasons, lack of content, slow updates, poor support/interoperability, having differing views than the developers and what not. Fine, those are acceptable reasons, but is swearing and talking nasty in chat an acceptable reason?)
  7. Regardless of how fast I type. My thought is still faster. If you only think at 60 ish wpm, I feel for you.
  8. Anyone else with multiple accounts having issues updating past their first account? I tried and even if I move to an account that is associated with a 2nd e-mail address I still get the initial account information for the first toon. For example account1 - strayslayer account2 - strayslayerts account3 - strayslayerpp account4 - strayslayertt etc. Even if I try to log into net-7.org with account4, I get all the user settings for account1. Even though, since following the 3 accounts per e-mail address rule, it's associated with a separate e-mail account.
  9. Another week goes by, another update. Eventually I might get this to the point where I want it to be. Reason these updates are rolling by so slowly is because I picked up my next class about a month ago and they've been keeping me busy between instructing and administrative work. Which means, unfortunately, that this project has taken a backseat to once a weekend or every other weekend when I can spare some time. So with this update we have the required level column associated with skill rank for the following classes; Progen Privateer Terran Enforcer Terran Trader Terran Scout Jenquai Seeker Jenquai Explorer Please feel free to correct me on anything I may have made a mistake on, and I'm also looking for some guidance on the PS and JD as to which element levels which skill (combat, explore or trade).
  10. You're going to have to dismantle it.
  11. This is what I was quoting. https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/forum-4/announcement-5-net-7-entertainment-earth-beyond-emulator-code-of-conduct-rules-regulations/ Not the EA eula
  12. Honestly, I don't really know which I prefer. I have two of each race, just missing the PS, TE and JD from my lineup and I'm really considering making a TE and PS, but for some reason the JD has no appeal to me even though, from what I hear, they can really melt the mobs down quick. So, for the simple need to declare a single choice I'll go with Progen Warrior. It's what I played in live and what has prompted me to play a tank class as my main in every MMO I've played since. In my experience a tank either makes or breaks the group.
  13. [quote name='Talroc' timestamp='1302992992' post='39247'] I want everything right now and I dont want to have to do anything to get it! I believe this is what you were trying to say. [/quote] completely off-topic, but that reminds me of the no child left behind school program.
  14. Hmmm, I'm sorry to hear that. hang in there, tienbau will get you figured out soon.
  15. When I multi-box on the same pc, this sometimes happens to me. I close the command prompt associated with that avatar and relaunch net-7 proxy. I'm using win7 x64 as well. I initially had issues when I first started boxing and just letting my command prompt windows build up, but for the last month or so if one of my characters crashes I just restart the whole process. It costs me at most 2 minutes of play time before I have the toon back in, grouped, buffed, and the null item bug taken care of. K.I.S.S. Is my motto.
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