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  1. I had to set net-7 launcher and the game both to admin as well as had them both in compatibility mode win x- sp 2. Also you may want to shut off that User Account Control its under Users in the control panel i have mine set to never notify seems to help alot. Anyway anymore issue keep posting everyone will help you get your issue resolved
  2. Ya Defiantly, Welcome back!! Hope you enjoy your play experience.
  3. [quote name='outfctrl' timestamp='1306494536' post='41252'] This is my computer room. I dedicated a bedroom to it, painted the walls dark blue, added a few black lights and put stars on everything. 24" monitor helps too. Really immerses me in space games: Jumpgate, Black Prohecy and now Earth and Beyond. [img]http://www.outfctrl.com/comproom3.jpg[/img] [/quote] AWESOME!! That is a very sweet set up my wife would kill me if i did that to our bedroom.
  4. [quote name='Rezwalker' timestamp='1306069091' post='41043'] Was just playing with you Gleek, you must do what needs to be done and besides, the timing was perfect, some of us need more sleep than just a face-plant on the keyboard [/quote] Its all good I apologize for reading more into than what you wrote, and i do remember the face plant on the keyboard days
  5. Server is starting back up guys
  6. Where u go bud
  7. [quote name='Rezwalker' timestamp='1306040518' post='41028'] seems some of our DEVs just don't get it, yet another server crash do to reloading missions lol, gn all [/quote] Sorry, guys I was tiring to fix something and unfortunately the server crashed, and unfortunately this is still a stress test and these things happen, all the Dev's and Gm's along with Beta's are tiring to make it a better game for all players. So try to have a little patience with us. I did send a pm to Tienbau so im sure it will be restarted soon.
  8. [quote name='Ahmut' timestamp='1305682628' post='40832'] With the new skills with the update comes great fears. The Gate turrets do not like us yet we like them. Until the Dev or GM fix it the gate turrets will shoot on site with no warning shots [/quote] This should be fixed now so all scouts should be safe now
  9. [quote name='abigbadzebra' timestamp='1305529191' post='40777'] I kept at it.. I had another quest I didn't even see. Why?, cause it appeared as a message at teh top of the screen in a blinking "Message" tab. When I clicked on the skill it said to see the First Sergeant, but I didn't see the quest which required you to buy or build two of the rocket launchers (which I had already done anyway). [/quote] Glad you got it fixed.
  10. Did you get unstuck yet? If not let me know on here or by a ingame ticket and i will un blackhole you.
  11. Submit a in game ticket for one of us and we will take a look and help you out.
  12. This mission is working, my suggestion is make sure you read the npc chat and try not to depend on mission log to get you where you need to go, mission log doesn't leave you enough bread crumbs most of the time.
  13. [quote name='Gonetrading' timestamp='1302390840' post='38686'] I keep getting server offline and have for the past several hours is this a launcher issue, or is the server really down? I went to net-7 portal and it says it is up and 153 ppl are on, but my launcher won't connect it keeps saying offline. [/quote] Put in this ip address in place of sunrise addy should get you in game
  14. Me too Im sure they are tring to resolve the issue. Hang in there guys.
  15. We have had several reports of certain players using foul/offensive/abusive language, in the New Players, Market, General and Broadcast channels, THIS IS NOT ALLOWED. If players want to talk like that please take it to OCC or private tell channels. This game is a place for all ages and we want it to be enjoyable for everyone to enjoy and have fun. From this point on ANYONE that cant seem to control their language will receive a 72hr ban. If you think this is unfair please refer to the Rules of Conduct that you agree to every time you start the game. So let's think before we speak and everyone please enjoy this great game. Side Note: For EVERYONE that is reporting this type of incident you need to have a screenshot of the player acting out in this offensive nature.
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