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  1. :ph34r:           I do understand the ZPC was setup with those buffs in live. I am just sorry you would need to level far beyond a lvl 150. To aquire enough points as a PW to have say Guns 9 and Missles 7 to take advantage of these buffs. I feel the Origional Dev's screwed up or was just having a little fun screwing with the players when they set up those odd buffs.                                                                          :mad: 
  2. Zenshai Power Canon   Change Bonus Effects!      This Level 7 Gun seems to have worthless Bonus Effects.  I believe the ZPC is one of the most powerful lvl 7 guns currently available. However it seems to have missle bonuses and not usable Gun Bonuses...   Would you please correct this... I would like to see some fun added back in this game!    
  3. :unsure:   Builder's,Inc    Founder   Devilmagoo
  4. The person who keeps saying make the PW's and JE's shield sap/leech cool down time longer is insane. Example: Let's put a big engine in this race car and add a governor that restricts it to 55 miles per hour. People in the name of FUN! We should be adding to all class skills and work on the AI that make those mobs more of a challenge to fight. Rcently I was fighting a mob that was using several different skills on me. They sapped my shield, drained my reactor and had a warp gravity hold on me. It was great I almost died and barely got free.... So bottom line GIVE US BETTER SKILLS!!! and NOT SCREW with THEM! MAKE SUPER AI MOBS!!!
  5. Sorry I do not like this restriction As a PW grouped fighting a mob my shield inversion my be the only thing keeping me alive. I would like to see the timer lowered so I can use this skill again faster not be put on hold for 2 mins. I would be dead everytime... If you want a bigger challange just have one less member in your group in the fishbowl. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1294631390' post='31819'] If this is changed, can Shield Leech be based on Explore Levels rather than Combat Levels, since JE's usually level up Combat last? Not to mention all JE's skills, except Builds & Weapons are EL based. [/quote]
  6. [font="Times New Roman"][size="4"]Hello Everyone, As a bonus after you level a Toon to Lv150 I would like to have my other new Toons start at level 50 or 75... This must be on the same account as the lvl 150. [/size][/font]
  7. First I did not say to add uber items to vendors. A MX SURGE STITCHER componet is not an uber item. Basic shields, reactors, engines should have matts available for upgrading as you level. I needed a simple level 6 componet that was not available. If we do not make the Dev's aware of these issues then how can they make this a better game. If anyone does not like the idea of being able to upgrade your shields and reactors you worked hard to get from a basis level 5 to a level 6 then I am sorry.
  8. The Station at Sulani Highport is not available to players. Vendor Harry Pewter carries a lot of needed matts that may not be purchased anywhere else. True you can kill a much higher level mob and strip down another device to get your needed parts. I do not like the idea of having to beg a higher level player for the part and another to strip down the device. Would you please temp move this vendor to a station players do have access to. After spending hours killing mobs to get a wonderful shield, etc.... drop you have been after and to find out later that you can not upgrade it because the matt is not availble is a big disapointment. If you can not move the vendor then move the compontes to another vendor. (MX SURGE STITCHER) is one of those componets.
  9. Yep I get the same error also. I can not sign up for ST4
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