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  1. Can a GM spawn santa for us please, lots of players waiting over an hour all afternoon, santa no show...... tyvm
  2. Same problem here this morning, after updating the patch
  3. Thanks Zackman, I made contact with one and now been promoted to Lieutenant, cant go higher because he only a Lieutenant Commander, we could do with losing a few Admirals though that are no longer playing so hopefully we can get something sorted out for the future of this guild and at least get the rank of Admiral so we can reorganise ourselves into a fairly active guild again. Mik MikeyTT MikeyJE
  4. Ok thanks anyway, Perhaps one of the other gm's can help me.
  5. Hi Woodstock, thanks for the reply, No that dont work because I am one of the lowest ranks in game, If you take a look at our roster you will see that ALL the Admirals last logged in 2013 thats 4 years ago, Prehaps if no FOUNDER rank it could be an Admirals rank, at least i can sort out the members rank we do have and change the message of the day etc. Thanks. Mik
  6. Hi again, would it be possible to get my founders rank back please, Mikeytt formed the guild RebelsofEarth years ago, a few of us have returned, but most of the high ranks are still AWOL, so cant get ourselfs better ranks or change the message of the day, Thanks. Mik
  7. Hi, I have come back in game a few days ago, but can't remember one of my accounts username and password for Britishbabe, last logged on was in 2013, Any possible chance someone PM me the details please ? TYVM. Mike
  8. So what is the mono and draco for then, it says, it recharges reactor, one equip and one activate ?   It has never happened before, now i cant do combat jobs because i run out of power to quick, i just upgraded my draco to a 200% lvl 6, still running out of power trying to kill one mob .   There must have been a change in the last patch, but no notes on it.   Please check it out.
  9. Can a dev look into the JD's reactor recharge please, I'm trying to do lvl 75 combat jobs, I have a 200% Mono lvl 6 also a lvl 6  200% Draco reactor,  When i use combat cloak, the reactor just stopps rechargeing and never used to, has it been changed recently as been away for 5 days ?
  10. I agree with the posts above, there is not much fun in playing anymore, as a mostly solo player, all i can do is jobs to level, both explore and combat, cant do combat cos either the mobs are to high or to hard to kill, which leaves me explore jobs to do, all day long, dosen't give me much insentive to log on each day does it, the job terms are still not working properly, it refreshes then says, job expired or job taken by another player, when no other player is there.   My 150 TT cant enjoy myself because of the healing problem, so no raids or fun there.   My JE used to enjoy the hulk fields and mining, now, no hulk fields and cant mine cos i only have lvl 4 beams to protect myself.   My PW is stuck because i still cant kill the lvl 75 combat jobs, even though i now have 5 weapons, the weapons dont do enough damage, or the mobs are to overpowered.   Started a JD, now hit the same problem, cant lvl with combat jobs cos i die to quick, only choice i have is to carry on doing explore jobs untill im lvl 150.   I been playing this game from the beta stage 12 or so years ago, i have been through all the stress tests on this emu project, but for the first time ever, I must admit, The fun has somehow gone from this wonderfull game, and i'm getting very bored with all the changes.   If only more players would be honest and post there concerns, prehaps the devs would listen to our crys for help, and return the game to mostly how it was in old live and not something that they dreamed up while sleeping lol.   I cant be the only one thats having these problems, Now is the time to speak UP, and have your say, before we end up with only a dozen players left.
  11. Well Said Pakkrat :)   I think all the devs should play the game, without all there special commands, so they can see for thereselfs what we are up againist, regards to mobs, jobs, missions etc, and to test out the TT in a high lvl raid with a full group or 2 lol.   Then we TT's, might see some changes. :P
  12. Still cant get our decal for RebelsofEarth Guild, Spose to be red and a black background, but not on list yet, Can you take a look please Zack ?
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