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  1. OK, Genghis Bob .. first of all, this was an honest question about the possibility of gaining "experience" in building items to gain greater quality.  I asked a question .. A QUESTION .. usually a question is followed by ANSWERS .. not some judgement based on some ridiculous notion that someone is exploiting anything.  How does one gain better manufacturing quality if they don't get recipes and make things?  It seems to me that the more things you make, the better you get at it.    
  2. Several people have commented online that they are building between 2000-3000 low level weapons like beams or crossbows in order to make their build quality much better for the highest level items.  To do this requires a substantial outlay of credits (9-10M) since many stacks of comps will need to be purchased.  Is there any way that my progress (build quality) can be monitored so I might be able to purchase just enough comps to acquire the desired quality goal?  I know that I can monitor the number of the items I have made through the Net-7 database, but how can I tell if its affecting my overall build abilities for everything else?
  3. Still can't stay logged in.  I get to the game login screen, type in my accounts name and password, hit accept and instead of going to my character selection screen I am immediately kicked out of the game.  Any ideas?
  4. Hey Ayv, this is Cyric (Saurron was my original account in Live). Sure do miss not having you in game. It's not the same without you buddy.

  5. Guys, I just checked the date when I received the activation email for the old account and it was 12/14/2009. That may have been before the last player wipe.
  6. Hey guys, I created a 2nd account many months ago and called it "Saursclones". I cannot remember the password for it. Since I don't want to delete any of the characters under my main login "Saurron", I would love to get this one going again so I can get to some of the stuff in the vaults for the 2 characters I had created with it as well as create new characters. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Saurron
  7. I just heard about this and am greatly saddened by it. Cudos to the devs for creating a memorial to Richard's character. My prayers are with Richard and his family.
  8. btw .. thanks should go to VonBon for coming up with this idea and getting everything scheduled and pulled together. great idea Von and loads of fun for all that participated Cyric VonCorp Lieutenant
  9. 8.5 ( a solid 10 without the lag) The only negative was due to the lag that was experienced. I had the pleasure of leading one of the groups that was composed of members of my guild as well as other guilds. It was great to see as many as 6 full groups (maybe more at various times) all working together for a common purpose ... FUN and comradeship!!! Many people were able to get items they probably would not have had the chance to get otherwise. If you participated and did not receive anything never fear ... there will be more raids in the future. Your time will come This is the 2nd large scale FB raid my guild has participated in and each one is a learning experience. Hope to see some of you at the next one. For all of those that did participate ... my personal thanks for a great time. Cyric VonCorp Lieutenant
  10. I totally agree. If the faction settings are going to be reset at anytime while devs are working faction probs out that's fine. But tell people that and they won't try and work towards changing them.
  11. I just started participating in an event from Net 7 when I saw a member of my guild return with the final item and then get repeatedly passed up by the GM even though it was his turn in line. As a result, my guildmate lost out on the possibility of getting a hellbore which could have been his. I find this conduct by a GM to be quite disturbing. To allow my guildmate to participate in a long, time-consuming quest and then to ignore him at the end is completely over-the-top abuse of power. You guys always hold us to a level of conduct and then abuse the same rules you enforce on us. Shameful behavior. Saurron/Cyric
  12. Let me start out by saying that my main toon is a PW named Cyric. He is a member of the VonCorp guild and has been since ST3. Officers in VonCorp (including Von) have always told us never to KS. As a consequence (and also because I find it highly distateful) I don't do it. I have always found Von to be one of the most helpful and respectful players in the game. Because of his leadership and the commitment of the guild officers in always trying to help each and every member, I am extremely proud to be part of this fine guild. On many occasions, I and other members of the guild have given weapons and equipment freely to members of other guilds. We have grouped with members of other guilds and shared the bounty equally amongst them. Are there times when some members over-react to certain events .. of course. All guilds and individual players are guilty of this on occasion. It happens! Part of the problem lies with the fact that resources are highly contrained and the dropping of prized loot is so rare. Case in point: someone wil always be camping Nav 6 in Slayton hoping to kill the L27 there and get a Tani Pride, one of the most sought after of devices. That particular L27 is the only one that drops it and he doesn't drop it often. Therefore there is always going to be contention for that device. One of our members just told us about an incident where he has been camping that spot for quite a long time when a group came in just as the L27 spawned and killed him because of their superior numbers. You can say all you want about thats fine to do because they had the dps edge but the fact is, it causes problems between the players. It's human nature. Our member had spent quite a bit of personal time waiting to be rewarded and had it taken right away. That type of behavior does not cause harmony between players. I personally camped the BBG spawn back in ST3 for a period of over 2 weeks in hopes of getting a black spitter. I killed BBG (and ALL his minions) at least 25 times and NEVER got it. If I had waited all that time and someone came in and killed him when he spawned, I'm sure I would have been offended. On the other hand, if they had been camping the spot and I saw them there when I arrived, I would have left. It isn't hard to have respect for other players. Sometimes we have to put our own personal wants and desires out of the way and just do what is right. In conclusion let me say this. In my experience, Von has always been a fair and generous leader who has taught his guild members to love the game and be respectful of other players. That is a fact. I have also always found Jack to be a generous and giving person who has been willing to share valuable combat xp with lesser players from other guilds (including myself). I do not know Af-vet, but I must say that his comments seem very personal to me. The wording of his post seems almost like a contrived vendetta against VonBon. While I have the utmost respect for all of the Devs/GMs and the incredible job they have done in keeping this game alive, I have to say that from my own personal experience I have found them to sometimes jump to conclusions and exhibit behavior that is questionable. We are all human and we can all make mistakes. Sometimes we just have to overlook wrong behavior and realize it is the exception and not the rule. Saurron/Cyric
  13. I feel your pain .. very frustrating indeed. I get the same error message. In the Net7 window, do you also get a line that says you failed to connect to Athorization Server on port 443?
  14. I get an error message in the net7 window which says that I'm: Unable to connect to Authorization Server on port 443
  15. I tried this Slayer .. but it didnt work. I'm obviously missing something and have no idea what it is. When I use the activation link I get this message: Your account is already activated •No username entered Thoughts?
  16. Could someone please post the steps that are necessary to follow to get registered and login to play? Assume we know nothing. There is a ton of confusion out there and people are getting in sometimes through trial and arror and sometimes luck. There has to be a set of concise, easily understood instructions that people can follow to get this to work. Posting just a link to the signup website is OBVIOUSLY not enough. When we get the registration popup tell us which is the account we login to the game with and which is the one we login into the website with (I assume that is the one that says forum user). If there are things we need to change in the net7 screen then tell us what they are. Don't assume we already know. If there is a different port we need to use then tell us what it is. If the server and hosts are different then tell us what they should be. There are many of us that love the game, contribute to the upkeep of the servers and want desperately to play .. but we can't.
  17. For the life of me I do not understand why a simple authorization process must be so complicated. First of all, the activation link I received in an email was not a hotlink and therefore did not work. I copied and pasted it into an email which I sent to myself (making it a hotlink) and got the following error when I tried executing it. Your account is already activated •No username entered Now I see that there is another hostname that I need specify. I substitute this in the net7 window and it says cannot connect to authentication server. OK .. can someone tell me what Im doing wrong: which server, which hostname, which port, and what else do I need to do to register the name I want to login to the game server with?
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