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  1. Pineapples in Ardus were worst for range aggro, and the dudes that swarmed between navs there (cant remember their names) were bad. Many times I grouped with a PW or TT as a JD just to help them kill faster, wasnt that they needed the extra dps, but it let them get reset for next wave of stuff that came in. Solo there was Hull damage on PW and TT spent too much time repairing to kill efficiently. Tengu, Chavez, Voltai, ect... were easily dismissed after players got raid gear. Were they tough in leveling gear? yeah they were, but thats part of the evolution of the players gear. Mind you these were players that knew what they were doing and didn't just swoop in and try and kill everything around them, they used tactics to get their objectives done.
  2. can also alt/tab and use notepad to make these notes if a pen and paper is not handy. Also of note, there is a "captains log" which is an in-game notepad that you can jot stuff down on.
  3. so there's times the server goes down for whatever reason. Instead of getting upset, why not think of clever old school star trek references to at least make it more enjoyable til it comes back up All this is meant in fun so please don't take offense as it isn't meant to be offensive just good clean sci-fi fun. i 'll start, hehe Damnit Jim, Im a doctor not a hamster specialist!
  4. [quote name='Stanig' timestamp='1353911495' post='67204'] Yeah we dont need a video. Zack and I talked at the dev meeting today along with the rest of the devs and he does have a solution in mind, just sit tight a few days or so and see how he gets it going. I am confident the changes he proposed to make to address this will make things much less severe. You will still gain aggro when you heal, but the idea is to make it possible for the tank to get aggro back. That wasnt occurring properly. [/quote] Gotcha Aggro i don't mind when warranted, this was kinda bad though as you saw. Glad you all are on top of it and I'll be happy to check the fix out! Thank you again for looking into this
  5. [quote name='Stanig' timestamp='1353850038' post='67108'] I was doing some testing with a player group yesterday, observing on my dev toon as they fought some of the nagifars and sults in freya, and noticed some behaviors that likely will have to be adjusted. Enrage and Grav link arent really doing much hate generation at all, and sap/shield recharge are dominating the hate lists. DPS seems to take a complete back seat. So i will speak with the rest of the team at the next development meeting about my results, and see if we can get some adjustment on the "aggro" skills, which I can see right now are not doing a whole lot of good. I might also propose halving the hate a heal generates, as at the level I was observing, a single heal was generating more than twice the hate of a 10-15 second buildup with DPS alone. [/quote] Do I need to make a video? or were you able to see what i was talking about? What i saw in a low lvl zone was me able to just heal myself while another killed without fear of drawing agro off me. We were ungrouped, so all comabt/kill xp went to them. Rather not post how easy it is with a high sig engine and just self heals in a video like this as it could be an exploit.
  6. The problem is, is that tank focus tends to be directed to 1 mob...If a good tank manages to aggro a group of say 5, then everything is cool and we all kill and heal and have joyous victory and do a happy dance in space, and later on the station. However If a different group close by sees the happy healer throw a heal, then all bets are off and the tank in his splendor has already popped his load on the first group, and can do nothing but but spew forth the famous line from Star Wars Episode 3 and say...Nooooooooooooo. As the healer gets bombarded by all the other group that was only aggro'ed by the healer agro and ends up spending a wonderful evening at the station protecting his shoes from the terrans tryin to steal them in lock up..... This scenario is what needs to be looked at...I like my shoes! i dont want them to be taken by builders (j/k. builders have better shoes, hehe ) And Im gonna steal them if theyre in dock from this
  7. I apologize for the tone of my last post, not going to make excuses, I was angry and should have waited til today to post. I am sorry if I upset anyone. I am wondering if it isn't just the heal agro that people are experiencing, but a combination of that and also the mob mentality that is newer. Seems like there's times where out of nowhere you have 6 additional mobs on you that weren't there before and of course since nobody has substantial agro yet, they go to the healer immediately. This is what has been frustrating for me to deal with. If i agro a group, I have no issues and can heal through it without a problem, but when the other groups around get agro'ed through my heal and chain pull their buddies, then it's overwhelming. So like I was saying, i think its a combination of the heal agro and chain mob mentality thats making this seem so bad. As far as solution, perhaps give healers an agro dump. This could be possibly on a 30 sec cooldown or something so it isnt abused. That in conjunction with tanks abilities should help alleviate some of the problems. The only other option i see is either tone down mob agro radius on heals, or heal agro. Or just have us deal with it. Again i want to say im sorry Devs, i shouldn't have reacted the way i did.
  8. Ok. You all need to fix your shit cause this is not how it was in 2002/2004. Having died on 3 toons due to everything being aggro'ed on 1 and then killing the others cause of 1 heal? Things are messed up. Ardus, things were based off heal agro to an extent, so was fishbowl, so was any high level area. NOT a lvl 20-50 area. Get it together and fix it because it is BROKEN. Say what you want about the code being the same, no, it is not the same, not at all. There is no way in hell that a healer should throw one heal and get aggro off everything around them. That is frikin absurd and not at all what happened in LIVE (2002) You know what, Im going to make a video and show you what I am talking about in the newbie zone where i can do nothing but heal and get aggro from everything around me and allow a lowbie to get the kills. Would that satisfy you? What do i need to do as a player to let you know things are borked andtotally frikin fubared (Oh man i wish i could say the words i want to to emphasize how screwed this is....and you dont even know it)? What do i need to do to make you go....yeah they are right, this is fubared and NOT what live was?
  9. For raids i see that as being ok. For group leveling? A bit too much. Example PW shoots 1 skuttle bug, nothing aggroed on PP...PP throws 1 heal on self, and 5 mobs (including the PW target) aggro PP. Was not like this in live until mordana raids which pretty much 1 shot TT's and made people adjust groups to include a rez'er(JE) and aditional healer (TT). I don't want an easy ride leveling so to speak as i do like challenges, however nothing should group taunt agro to a healer the way 1 non group self heal does now, that's just not right when you do not have all the lvl 150 skills or lvl 8/9 gear the way you do when you raid. just my opinion
  10. I don't mind missions with a minimum requirement however making it unobtainable at a higher level to me is a bit unfair. What if i just found out about the mission after i reached the high lvl cap? then I am pretty much unable to do that without rerolling, or making an alt. Gated content like that is something i will more than likely not experience. The goal of the game is to reach max level, and enjoy the journey to get there I know, but to spend time and resources on low to mid level missions that players don't know about until after the fact in some cases (like me) seems kind of wasteful when in the long term people will be looking for content @150 and higher. Just my thoughts on it so please don't think I am complaining.
  11. Taallonn

    Live Enb

    i died a few times in live on my JD starting out.....I admit the aggro range and spacing of multiple mobs is a bit much for most classes, especially starting out. I don't think they are too hard, 1 on 1, however 2-3 can be much when you don't have all the skills needed to survive. I just try to adapt to it and see if i can try different strategies.
  12. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1352745646' post='65851'] Wouldn't the original actors from Episodes 4-6 be a bit old to play their old roles? Remember episode IV came out in 1977. [/quote] When lucas planned the original 9 movies, the last trilogy was supposed to be 20 or so years after return of the jedi....So yeah they may be a little older than he planned, but makeup and effects can hide age quite a bit
  13. was searching youtube for the e&b sizzle video, and came across the emu back when they first got a ship to move. this was back before a game world itself existed. Ben keeping up with it ever since, hehe....can't remember the year, may have been 2005ish ?
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