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  1. Name New Game AMster Has much as I would love to clone Woodstock it's impossible and unlike @Kyp he show up and does his job on his limited time. Thing his a Head game master also create events , create game surprise and his there to help at all 3 time zone. Money is not an option at this time due to @Kyp communistic views. So we would need 2 Volunteer to cover and help with GM abling events and Player help. Even Do wodstock saying he has not enough job has it his , it,s annoying to see people unanswered call when he his not around.
  2. Name New 5 Chairgroup Sadly @Kyp LDEV and lack of time his not the only problem of the EMU There is technically a Chairgroup that are supposed to work on the project to make it better. My understanding is that the Guy who did most of the JOB died. Sadly again he was not replaced And the other we never hear or see or know if they are even around. The new Chairgroup I propose are like board of a company. A leader CEO who His the face of the project and show up and make decision A CFO that deal with the pesky tax and money problems a COO that would and could be the LDEV who make the content happen and flow a Crowdfunding guy , to set goal for the player base to attain to hire contract based developper for thing the community want. A Player elected Chairperson who represent player interest and can't get kicked out of meeting because they don't like or understand what he ask of them This his the basic of what a working and progressing proect need. The EMU used to have a working one, sadly now we don't know.
  3. Hi , this is Moulinneuf on his brother Account You may remember me as the idiot who try and help other in the game and make bad jokes. Other know me as Builder Inc remaining player that got Kicked up to it's Guild leadership. And has the Last former Player advocate before the Project manager Kyp and his hidden cabal decided that it was no longer needed And Hide all his past promises and the Player Advocate thread. I am using my brother account because instead of replying to my concern which was, in part , here : https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9052-server-status-current/page/45/&tab=comments#comment-102945 KYP decide to pre-post MODERATE me. ------ After 3 years of almost no new content and 25 incident with the server this year alone I broke my silence to FIX and offer solutions. @Kyp decided to play dumb to a problem I am sure he his aware of that ZACKMAN is anti-social ( many people have told me he his a nazi , former player advocate , dev who left contributing because of him and other Guild Masters ) and is looking for an excuse to not respond to player request as SERVER Dev which is the JOB he choose to Volunteer for completely. Not just when he feel like it or when he his the mood to reply to players. ------- By his own admission ( 4 time now ) @KYP does not have the time or strenght or even health to fulfill is full duty as LDEV. This has been shown for the past 3 years by his showing up once in a 3 month publicly. - The Donation are not met by player and yet he make no call to the player base to fulfill them. This is important because without $ the server go down , the service like website and name registry go unpaid. - The CONTENT goes missing , due to @KYP micromanagement technique, he his left with 5 people showing up to contribute. for a 16 plus year project. People who ask to volunteer time to contribue are turned away and even left unasnwered. This his unaceptable. We need as a community a LDEV who show up and play the game regularly and do content development tasking to his dev and do some of his own By his own admission , again @KYP does not have the time , the strength or even health it seem to do it. I personnaly Love Kyp , the guy saved my favorite game of all time and he has kept it alive and us warping around the universe for 16 plus years. But as all good thing must come to an end his time has LDEV has sadly come , because the guy can contribute and do magic when he shows up. But he can't anymore. So I politely request that the community Thank Him for his hard work has LDEV and give him the well deserved and lifetime position of Chairman of the EMU.
  4. @Kyp You are still on your yearly tour ? You , Kyp have sadly never been honest or direct with me at all. I saw it first hand as a player advocate. Also as a Dev applicant and has a player. You do know that I have the Discord channel the Reddit Eearth and beyond under MY total control ? and many other site to help get new player you never heard of ? If has you attack me and lie about me suggest I was intended to do so I would Blast your problem for all to see ! I don't , I am not you. That Bulshit NC southerner redneck with language issue is mostlhy ONLY on your end. I Write and speak in English without any issue all over internet and have over 250 Wiki and 328 Post here with Zero issue beside YOU. Threating Staff Badly ? 1. You are not staff You are Project leader. 2. You leave an Idiot ( Zackman) insult publicly the player base and do his job wich is related to server when he feel like it that crash every 2-3 days is whitout putting someone between him and the player community, since there is a hidden Forum and teling him not to do any damage Publicly is a HUGE problem! Even if he his your Alt-right nazi republican personnal good friend! 1. Your Real Life repeated excuse don't fly with the DONATOR of the emu nor with any regular player. 2. I did not call you or anyone else a NAZI I was warned , by former advocate and other Guild owners who have dealth with is temper that he was one. 3. Read the reply to that thread you mention or better yet have someone who is not upset explain them to you as posted there CLEALRY I said : ------- 1. Sorry for your family's trouble , hope you and them are well 2. It's not a NEW issue it has been goin on for multiple years ( your lack of presence and participation that end up micro managing the Devs and content upgrades.) Wich amount to nothing! I don't get upset over 1 day or two. It's a recurring Problem 26 Case this year alone since January 1 , that frankly if you where around would have noticed and hopefully tried to fix or ask for donation. Not my fault if all other administrator either left or sadly died and YOU did not replace them. No PM you don't work at all has seen by your ignoring them. You are the one abusing US at the moment. YOU don't have the time to be here. that's really really fine Not naming or giving control to a replacement for the LDEV is YOUR problem DO Zackman clearly has ISSUE. And has sole ( what a shame for a 16 year project) Server dev due to the rest leaving because of him. You should have Put someone between HIM and the player base so that : "Do NOT(!) chat here, this topic is for server related messages (crash, restarts etc.) so please post status reports for the live server only " Do not appear publicly. You are the LDEV .. don't look at me I tried, multiple time to be a contributing DEV and you blocked me. You are the Project leader , Someone Else , actually many person by now ( 16 plus years ) should have replaced you as LDEV by now. Already adressed in other post , that you don't read or understand due to your lack of interest. The ONLY working solution is to remove ZACKMAN from public space ( here ) and leave this public space without alert and have a few regular player given access to a WARNING server is down on the HIDDEN dev Forum here Including Woodstock ( forget about my past push button offer server he his afraid to probably get his head chewep up by ZACMAN and want NOTHING to do with servers here. I WIL NEVER EVER respond to you by PM again. Yes YOU never get back to most post PM post about problems ( I asked others. ) How is your authoritahrian Measure working ? - Moulinneuf ( thats my real, full life name ) not Mouli , that is for my friends not Dictator who don't do their jobs. Be warned I am Gonna write soemthign else you won't like.
  5. You can only use one toon per horizontal accounts If you select 2 fromthe same account / horizontal line you get logged off.
  6. Off course as soin as i finish writing my internet Line for a off On bros cell and acvount Mouli
  7. Hi, If you go To a build terminal Can you look up the shield Blueprint if you have the Blueprint for Amplector Omega Shield , please?
  8. My Brother guild looks like a cool bunch of people.
  9. Old Guide and Powerleveling guide that is still current : http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/community/coolstuff/index.html
  10. When in the live game, a player wanted to increase one faction it needed only to do some faction hunting. V'rix is not a problem. Red Dragon is not a problem Chavez is not a problem. Collegia trader is a problem, not any good concentration of Sharim Traders. Psionics is a problem, the InfinitiCorp Traders and.Centuriata warriors are not available in group at lower levels
  11. Welcome Back. If you need any help the community is there to help in the game in the new Player chat or in General chat.
  12. Zarg is right Cypher made the change so that the new classes are available by moving the arrow. They don't yet show with button or by profession/class yet
  13. Are you pressing the right Launchnet7? C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Net-7 Entertainment\EnB Emulator I use to have the same problem when I used the one here instead : C:\Program Files (x86)\Net-7\bin
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