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  2. I've been busy for a while and logging back in with One Tab I see several sites are no more like EnB arsenal. I'm at loss to find information, such as a handy list of gear information and locations, drop points and NPC locations. Does anyone know of alternatives?
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  4. Very glad to hear it went well. Now for the speedy recovery part.
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  6. What you're really suggesting is "rationalizing" the entire matrix of race/class and related skills. For example: in current RL, hacking isn't a strong warrior skill -- it would be some non-warrior nerd closeted away in the background. That's more like the Terran Scout role rather than the front line fighter. The Terran Enforcer 'should' have a different top drawer skill, something more suited to her/his long range combat role [extended scan range coupled with extended missile range?] I wonder if the agreement with EA allows for that -- off hand, I'd suspect not.
  7. surgery update ... complete and recovering. left elbow dislikes some movements, this is thought to be normal for another month or so ... doesn't much impede gaming though thanks for the kind thoughts, guys
  8. crash/freeze on character creation 3 out of 7 created, screen frame rate needs some more tweaking, when in combat experience some jumping of enemies. otherwise game play is very smooth and fast, no problems with gating or wormholes, multi-boxing 7 characters. _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_17.log _2019_04_16.log _2019_04_15.log _2019_04_14.log _2019_04_16.log _2019_04_17.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_16.log _2019_04_17.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log
  9. aye, this is why I use the old alpha/beta rational naming convention that is not arbitrary and not ambiguous: TE TW TT PE PW PT JE JW JT ...or, I use only the profession single names such as Scout, Enforcer, Trader, Sentinel, Warrior, Privateer, Explorer, Defender (seriously, wtf do we actually defend?) or Seeker. I never combine those with the race, because they stand alone. It's something I rejected when WW changed to new "profession" names instead of the former race-class names back in the original game, and something I still reject about the game today. I have to.
  10. Good luck and God bless, matey. Hope everything comes out ok.
  11. Last night when i was playing i did take a couple hour break i had to take a nap full stomach and up for many hours so i left my avatar in the station on the docking bay when i got back i couldn't move or chat, i noticed the Net-7 tools launcher was on top of the game window (not set to be on top) I couldn't get the tools launcher to close so i had to open the task manager and close the tools launcher that way, when i did that i got full control of the game back and the only other issue i notices was in Antares was a little laggy i was the mob die once before my weapons fired. other that that i didn't have any issues Woodstock HGM
  12. Fixed the bug when rendering the embedded topics, let me know if you still see it bug out on your end.
  13. I ran a macro that built some 2400 Badger Claw 1 devices, discarding them as it went. No problems, crashes, or lockups encountered, though a few timing issues along the way where sometimes a build would take longer than usual.
  14. My first macro built a hold full of a lvl 1 device, when hold full, pulled out, ran to analyse terminal, inserted and disassembled. When all the devices were pulled down, pull out, run back to build terminal and repeat. I could get over 900 builds per stack until one of the components run out. I never struck the "Invalid Item" and that was building over 2500 on 5 avatars in Joves on the sunrise server. (I watched drinking coffee and tweaking the code, approx. 6 months ago) This week I ran my first avatar on PTR Server using the build/pull macro. Build and ripped 2500 before just coding a build/destroy macro (quicker and credits were easy to obtain) and never came across the "Invalid Item" Lucky I guess or you're just unlucky
  15. there is a place on the forms to down load the 2 files u need to login on new test server.works fine for me and wow no bugs works good.
  16. I have done something similar with analyzing; trying to get the terminal to give me one of the errors Sunrise gives. This scenario is: 1) you put in an item to dismantle into the terminal 2) it shows the comps it dismantles to, but also gives an error-message in green "Invalid item". 3a) you remove the item and re-insert it and things go fine 3b) you press analyze anyway and the terminal locks up and you have to relog (none of the tricks to get out of the terminal work) and you lose the item I put items into the terminal roughly 250 times, but did not get the error I would have run into on Sunrise nor any other lock ups. Either the current fixes to PTR have solved that problem or something else is going on. I'm hoping its fixed
  17. Yes, the current DEVs do read these forums. No, I very much doubt this is high on their priority list -- I think priority goes to making progress in the V'rix war. [Not to mention that there is an apparent shortage of volunteers to write the dialogue portions of missions. If you're interested in doing this, please see Kyp's post elsewhere in these forums.]
  18. Hmm alright, I'll look into this tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know.
  19. Ok it's the Dark theme, going to original.
  20. Oh dear; I'm not seeing this but perhaps others are? Try changing the Theme (at the very very bottom of the Forums) to something different then back to Default.
  21. That's pretty wild; happy that you didn't have any errors or glitches too. Thank you for running that!
  22. Ran 3 avatars thru Joves and Mars Build Terminals using an ACTools build macro I coded. 2 built over 2500 lvl 1 and lvl 2 devices. 1 built over 2500 lvl 1 weapons. All avatars preformed with no errors or glitches. (Apart from my Wireless Tower dropping me out ) Terminal Build V1.0.mac
  23. There might be other long quests, but they occur later in a character's development. The Build Ammo quest is not from the original game. It has been put in so far by one of the amateur volunteer devs in the Net-7.org team. EL by mining vs. exploring navs is not an issue at OL45, nor is any sort of "grinding" at this level. Levels still come fast by a variety of activity and missions. Exploration of navs for EL should occur by choice at one's own pace, not forced because of a "low level" mission. One can think of EnB character development in thirds: 1-50, 51-100, 101-150. Low, mid, high. At high levels is when ELs become a problem, and mining has to be supplemented with job terminals. Original live game had the same problem. I can't agree with this justification for such a long quest at OL45. No, not all quests need to as simple as "here, pay me 5000 creds and take this item to the terminal and analyze it to get your skill"... but they don't need to be this long, either, and force a low level player to pay out about 200k creds to buy L7 parts to build an L4 item at one quest step (one of about 40). aye, but not this long, and Call Forward was a late-game / high level skill. We're looking here at an OL45 early game / low level skill.
  24. ^ but we had an issue that we're following up on with the host provider. Seems like some sorta unscheduled maintenance occurred.
  25. was it the abort (0) error? Same is I put in the C++ runtime library thread?
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