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  3. Just a FYI, on noticing that winpcap (www.winpcap.org) is no longer being updated and that the developers are pointing people to a replacement called npcap (nmap.org/npcap/), I went and upgraded (on Windows 10). Noticed later that ENB refused to start (initial LaunchNet7 window appeared as usual, but susequently the game client wouldn't start or even play the intro video), throwing up the error message 'Server Failed to respond to Login attempt' - even though LaunchNet7 stated the server was online, and ENB started successfully on another computer. The npcap installation being the only significant change apart from the usual Microsoft hotfixes, I decided to unstall it to see if it might be the cause. Presto! ENB sprang back into life without any problem. Npcap has four options you can select when installing. I have performed a number of re-installations, selecting one different option each time. I've discovered that if you select the npcap installation option "Legacy loopback support for Nmap 7.80 and older", this feature will prevent ENB from starting up. ENB will run happily with npcap installed, just as long as you don't select the above Legacy Loopback option when installing it. Probably won't affect many people, but just thought I'd share here, just in case it helps save someone some frustration.
  4. Hm.. nothing I know of, because the issues that change have to do with the certificate and how they work. I mean, you can relay any error message back since we obviously don't test with this and if I can think of something I would let you know but honestly it's not the safest thing in the world. I would hope that PC is hella firewalled, because I'd be surprised if it wasn't hacked within a few seconds of being on the internet in today's age with the limitations of 2K.
  5. Hey folks, new here. I'm into a bit a little niche hobby, Retro PC Gaming, the PC equivalent to playing old games on old consoles. I have a Windows 2000 PC, essentially period accurate, and I've always been a huge fan of Westwood Studios, and it was my dream to play this game. I missed out on it way back when, and I thought all was lost until I decided to google Earth & Beyond Private server. Sure enough, here I am. My question is, (and yeah, I saw the Win XP no longer supported post) but is there any way, even if should leave ME vulnerable/unsafe, to use this game with my Win2K/DX8.1 PC? Crossing all my fingers!
  6. No because it is outside of the game, you have to do it from char to char. Also once you do it via the account vault it loses all xp i think. So you can't then try doing it from char to char.
  7. I had a big stack of looted components I moved from one character to another using the account vault. Will I get trade xp?
  8. http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/game_info/helpful_commands.html https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Slash_commands
  9. I saw a few screenshots on the Wiki that showed damage numbers in the chat box. Is there a command for that or am I missing something in the chat options?
  10. Earlier
  11. I found the effect id table I made a while ago that list's the visual effect id's for all the buffs and de-buffs in game. Not sure if the server bosses still have a copy or not but here it is. effect id's.xlsx
  12. For some reason the video on youtbe showing Earth and beyond install got removed / private ,so sorry o video. Have you tried to uninstall the game with the windows 10 app system ? and reinstall with the earth & beyond emulator installer from ( have to be logged in to net-7 toget it ,I think) https://www.net-7.org/?#downloads once you do on the net7 launcher make sure the client line says : C:\Program Files (x86)\Net-7\bin\LaunchNet7.exe
  13. Very nice welcome to the Game Which race/class ddi you decide to start with?
  14. Not sure why I'm having such issues but even going through all the stuff in this topic that I still get the EA response when trying to log in. typically I install the enb and then run the net7 installer and all is well but on this laptop I'm having to jump through hoops. Maybe throw a video recorded install would solve my troubles if possible? if not no biggie. thanks for the help though.
  15. Figured it out. When I tried to install it I used custom locations (Just moving it from my C drive to my B drive) but for some reason by doing that, even though i put them in the same Program Files folder, it caused the Net-7 installation to not trigger the client update. I just tried reinstalling via the default directories and its working now.
  16. Got a fresh install on Win8.1, trying to play this game again but whenever it attempts to Download Patch Information during launch it says "Couldn't connect to the update server. Try again later." and closes. Any ideas?
  17. I'll try that out when I get home tonight mouli thanks
  18. Just started first time playing
  19. not as often as I want but yes.
  20. Weekends seem to be more busy. But if your waiting for population to play, the population won't go up. It's easier if you drag a family member or friend in with you. Note for those that may not know. The community here is as awesome as it used to be back in the live server days. Super helpful / nice.
  21. What would be the best way about farming V'rix faction?
  22. Machinegunbob , Press windows key on keyboard / or windows icon on default taksbar laucnh bar then windows tab open up press the spacebar type **launchnet7** ( without the * ) open te app in menu or click on netlauncher7 pin the opened app to your taskbar by overing over it with mouse and clicking on right button for the hidden menu hope this help
  23. Wanted to start playing again, but it seems every time i look at the numbers of online players there is no more than 15 connections
  24. I made a post in another thread but got no response. Installed to my gf's laptop after I did a fresh win10 install and everything is good except it gives me the EA response when I try to log in. I installed everything like I always have and this is the first time I've had this issue.
  25. Thank you so much. I've racked my brains out on this.
  26. https://www.net-7.org/?#item/Ward+of+Muck ?? https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Ward_of_Muck Mabonae Balrog cl 28 Varen's Girdle btw Navs 5 & 6
  27. Years ago when the game was first out, before Sundown, I conquered a large creature and salvaged a "Bucket of Muck." It was a device that doubled shield capacity. I've not come across it in recent years and wonder if anyone has come across it and what Creature it comes from.
  28. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!! Just down loaded it and its running great. Thanks a million Huron.
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