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  3. Anyone having gating issues? I keep losing connection when gating. Every time now.
  4. Hatu

    Hello EnB!!

    Long time no see! Welcome Back mate
  5. Ok, lets see if the fix is sticky or we need to take care next tuesday again after autmatic/spooled server restart...
  6. Ya..its losing DNS connection regulary. Not sure why, checking it now...
  7. Just in case your not aware server is down
  8. private message me with names of any avatars you remember and account names do I can look up them. sorry about being afk on Monday, wife had me busy grilling and working outside. ill be online on Wednesday wife will be at work that night
  9. I have TeamSpeak, i am usually on or at least on the computer after 4pm pacific time
  10. Is it not in your mission log?
  11. Earlier
  12. Hey the thing is I don't remember my login/password. Was hoping for some help in that department if it was at all possible. Do you have a Teamspeak or Ventrillo or Discord?
  13. If you have not played since before nov2012 you will have to recreate all as that's when the last player wipe was, the wipe occurred when we went from test status to live status, if you have played since then you can change your own game passwords on the Net-7.org portal page under accounts, you can also change your own forums and net-7 portal pages passwords on the forums under your account profile.
  14. HI and welcome back 😃
  15. I played a while ago. A Long while ago. I remember there being a player wipe and then things went "live". Had a few toons that I can't remember the login info for. Was just wondering if there was any possibility of getting some help getting old accounts back. EA Sucks. -Spekkio
  16. DaveOMac


    You can see them on the map http://enbmaps.de/ * Dahin (Capella) * Swooping Eagle (Sirius) * Grissom (Beta Hydri) * Inverness (Tau Ceti) * Arduinne (Tau Ceti) * Zweihander (Alpha Centauri) * Primus (Vega) * Nostrand Vor (Altair) * Endriago (Gallina) * Risco (Legarto's Moon, Gallina)
  17. Ya...3rd week now, always after restart - but problem is, the NIC goes south...which is based on a deeper problem. Server stays in the unreachable state now so we can investigate. Will inform u if/when/asap...
  18. Just in case your not aware server is down
  19. Dipolar


    Hey guys I was wondering if someone could give me a few landable planets in this game and their location possibly
  20. Many Thanks Karu for your response, I didn't realize you could not Help me with my Issue since it was Woodie that sent me here in the First Place! I guess I'll need to contact Woody Again
  21. skitszo


    you know google is erasing the internet.. you can't really find stuff with google anymore.
  22. S22K TH2 K26 N21R TH2 R3NGS seek the key near the rings................ which rings............. problem with this game is you get one time quest chats.... you never get to see again....
  23. been trying to catch up on this..... i left for year or so in the middle of this and i'm not sure where i am. but i seem to catch up at Ester McCabe at Net7; problem is i see no artifact i'm suppose to buy? but i did get some yellow quest pop up.... she asked me about the antiquated codex.... i assume... as thats not quite the words used by others...ok yaa. i checked she definatley asks for that. but when i say trade it shows nothing in her trade window. to be honest someone else making a guide woud be helpful. this one doesn't give enough details to be honest...unless i'm just daft...
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