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  5. I tried to submit a ticket on this but not sure if it went through. On my Avasarala toon I have had several times, over the last week, where equipped gear and gear in hold was duplicated while other gear was gone from my ship. The last few times the gear was just L6 devices, easy to replace, but when I logged in today I was missing my Polar Express engine and my Unicorn reactor. My Foedius reactor was duplicated, as was my Haley DDO engine (all 200% player made and easy to replace). When I re-logged, hoping to have my engine pop back into place, it did not. I had this happened a few months back and after speaking with a GM they replaced the two items that had disappeared but they mentioned that there was no information in the log showing anything. I know a few people mentioned they have had similar issues. Just wondering if the 'devs' are aware that this is occurring.
  6. Depends on the time of day. and this being a holiday weekend it may be a little slow until Sunday. And Welcome Back
  7. Hey peeps, Just re-downloaded and fired E&B up after about 5 years. Is Static still in the mix? Launcher says about 40 or so people online, but I didn't see anyone at OMP (usually a busy hub).
  8. Earlier
  9. For both the Terran Alliance and Progen Combine factions, there are terminal jobs for faction gain,
  10. Warp to and Stop at Nav Net-7 Beacon to start the mission series make sure you have space in your cargo
  11. I still have my E & B disks and the strategy guide book. But yeah I must have collected 50+ of those disks bad in the late 90's early 2000's.
  12. For faction gain with the Progen Combine. I approached Esther McCabe in the Net-7 Bazaar to try to start the mission and she doesn't give any indiction to start the mission. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks.
  13. Looks like sunrise is offline 😞 Responding to ping though
  14. Today there are windows patches so it takes a bit longer.
  15. (Apologies if the server usually takes this long to restart, still fairly new here) The server has shutdown for the weekly restart, and the message says it should be back up after around five minutes, but it's been nearly an hour according to LaunchNet7.
  16. ok Kyp and Woodstock thanks for all u guys help but I think we have tried it all, and all my windows disc's are genuine from windows 101 to windows 11 but nothing is working, but for the life of me why is the same thing happening on 3 diff laptops and 1 desktop I'ts got me stumped. Thank you guys for all your time and work, maybe one day it'll get worked out, but for now i'll do something else. Thank you again.
  17. Tyrellius AKA Ty leader of the TerraJen Foundation on Andromeda. I was UK based and before retail I got to level 75 in 25 straight hours. Had to do that as it took about 2 or 3 weeks to get the CD imported. I am sure if I look in my storage, I still have the original box and CD. We had one of the largest guilds, I think we hit max numbers and had to make a second one. had some of the best crafters too:) Would be nice to hear from some of the people if they have ever got here. P.S. I am ashamed to say that I did sell my E&B account just before the game went kaput. Had the founders logo too and got like £300 for it.
  18. if that doesn't do it you might also consider running an elevated command prompt i.e. So it says "Administrator: " at the front of the cmd window title bar and then running: dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth This should cause it to check with your local component store and then MS to return you to the correct value for most/all system files for Windows with your installed version.
  19. Try this (assuming the version of Windows is genuine): Stop the Windows Installer service and ensure it remains disabled (don't forget to turn it back on after testing): Navigate to this path on the computer(s): C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files (or equivalent) Look for an InstallShield folder. Rename this to something like InstallShield 1 Reboot the computer and bring up the Windows Installer service. Try again and see if it repeats. 1628 is an error from the installshield installer saying the script setup failed to complete so it's either corruption in your local installshield files or a corrupt installation file.
  20. I can download the client or use my disc's and its all the same and it wont let me get an install on any computer, and I have 4 with windows XP, windows 7, windows 10 and windows 11, they all say the same thing, ( 1628bsetup failed to complete ) i've ran every malware and virus scanner known to man and all come back as clean. i can download other software and set it up with no problem but the client wont do an install, so i/m baffled.
  21. I'll down load a desktop picture capture thig and try that but i can D/L from other sites and i don't have any problems except when I try at Net 7. Anyway it says exactly this: (1628 setup failed to complete)
  22. Can you post a screenshot of that error message assuming Woody's note didn't help?
  23. Having the same issue on a laptop of mine. I do not have a problem on another PC. I wish you would've linked the post that had your solution, it could of helped. I will keep looking for the solution.
  24. There is a critical error in that info, with regards to tour routes. The most xp, per nav, is from gates. Focus on hitting every gate and the navs between are just bonus. I prefer to use Jen with Gallina's, for the recharge, and L2 proto engines with an RR+. All of that other stuff will not increase speed....just more gear to have to keep track of for no real time benefit. The brown dwarf reactor is not the best recharge even for Terrans at that level (supergiant). Its a nice 'route' but its neither efficient nor the most xp for 1 to 1.5 hours of time. Either do starting areas to Antares or starting areas to Fenris Prime. If you need more xp add Cooper. The rest doesn't have enough gates to give enough xp per minute IMO.
  25. Thanks, not sure how I missed the raw data at the end of that Wiki page, but sorting by column 17 gives exactly the answer I was looking for. Sadly I've done some of the higher level sectors too early, but it probably won't matter too much in the grand scheme of leveling.
  26. A bit late on the response, but there is a page in the E&B Wiki on this -- https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Tour_Routes
  27. you might want to check Prototype reorder box it will help with some issues
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