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  2. Cool, It was really nice physically meeting another EnB'er as well good luck on the work hours, I'll be on later on Tuesday evening, my wife and i are both off work and have a movie date (Lion King) when we get home ill more than likely get on, sure thing on posting the pic Thats ME in the Blue shirt i had just got off of work and drove across town to meet up.
  3. Woodstock, It was nice to see another EBer in person. If and when my brutal hours change at work I hope to be back playing and working on the game, if the DEVs will still have me. They say will be on a 3 shift routine by the end of July, I'm not going to hold my breath. Have fun with your JD, they are a fun class to play. I may try to get on this Tuesday. Feel free to post your pictures from the other day if you would like.
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  6. True, I see a lot of errors, in this case seeing as it could be a suggestion that 'could' be looked at, it should be correct as best as can be in my eyes. I can see what is being suggested and having a monolog of their time in EnB would be an interesting read through.
  7. French may be his native tongue.... Just saying, Mim P.S. teh I've seen a lot.
  8. Speed typing?? a few errors. suggestion, story, their, contribution, Their, the. Nothing against you Moulinneuf, just saying a few corrections would be nice
  9. Here it is the Middle of July and its a Cool 92 Degrees here we are a bit below our normal July temps, how ever the weather reports is calling for Triple digits here for the next week or so due to a retro grade Hi pressure zone over Arizona and Nevada that is projected to move back west over California, So now we will be Shaking (earthquake After & Fore shocks) and Baking from the extra heat, but hey that's the summer in central california, you get used to it, just Don't drink the water here if you ever visit, very High mineral and sulfur content . Woodstock HGM /me is sitting in the AC drinking a large Iced Tea.
  10. ++ TRIBUTE to dead DEV and Player who Died recently ++ It would be nice to have two new sectors in Adriel region of Universe with NPC controlled entry with a credit sink fee One sector would be level 1 to 4 mining the other sector 5 to 9 mining ----- The entry to the new sector would be controlled by a key sold by the nearby NPC suggestion of NPC name could be players and dev who died recently and be a tribute to them and a quick storyline to listen to about there time and contribution to the universe. Their Ships could be posted as a guard to the special mining sector or inside the sector as explore points.
  11. The PRS systems as only the existing raids in an offer right now. Offering for blueprint designs by giving access to the Mobs that are no longer in-game for example, the V'rix dropping the https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Blindingstrike or the hard to find Mobs in a raid form with all level 50 plus Mobs instead of there usual low value with 15 million credits entree point could be a nice credit sink and nice raid change option that would entice builder to play raids ...
  12. It would be nice if at level 150 or max engine build an engine builder could start a Polar express engine type reasearch line. For level 1 he could have afull trader engine with 4k speed ( meaning doubling all the cargo space for trade tiem unlike the only 16+ of the polar express BY first collecting high level engine to study and dismantling get exotic parts from all over the universe do some level 1 and level 2 engine gathering and giving to npc For level 2 increse warp speed by 250k and cargo doubler by 50% Same as above for learning to build it , lots of running around to get level 2 and 3 engines and exotic part in the universe For level 3 ncrese warp speed by 250k and cargo doubler by 50% Same as above for learning to build it , lots of running around to get level 3 and 4 engines and exotic part in the universe For level 4 increae warp speed to 5k and cargo tripled Same as above for learning to build it , lots of running around to get level 4 and 5 engines and exotic part in the universe For level 5 and 6 have faction giving 10k engine 10k pro for red dragon 10k for chavez 10k for Bogeril 10k for v'rix each dfferent 10k faction on a different building print with different task to acquire the blueprint. for level 7 have engine that quaruple the shield for healers first one as to get level 7 8 nd 9 shield that can be dismantled get different parts from them in a list to build level 7 engine require help from other class and player with shield if the player did not get them Level 8 could be one for increase range for warrior one for increase reator for healers one ofr 5 cargo for traders on for increase speed and reactor for explorer/miners.
  13. Need to post 1 more times before I can change username.
  14. Need to post 2 more times before I can change username.
  15. Need to post 3 more times before I can change username.
  16. Need to post 4 more times before I can change username.
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  18. Special char in username gives problems. Forum has historically done unholy things for username/password which wiki auth plugin tries to replicate and obviously failing. Your only option is to change forum display name.
  19. I am unable to log into the wiki. Every attempt returns "No user found matching the given credentials." error. I'm using the exact same username and password that I use here on the forums.
  20. Sorry for the late response. It happened on Sunrise. I don't think it's an E&B problem because it's happened with a couple other games recently. Think it has something to do with the Windows security permissions for the Program files (x86) folder. All of a sudden, I was no longer able to save any files in any of its subfolders. I had to modify the permissions for certain groups.
  21. Moved to a more proper thread
  22. Spa

    Hi all

    You will find a lot more content than what was in live. So much more to do. If you are unsure ask in forums, in-game and check the wiki. A lot of missions are in the wiki.
  23. bothouse.com is my site, and I've been hosting the ENB files for multiple years now. If you're having issues downloading perhaps I can help. I just did a test download on the ENB files, and all worked fine for me.
  24. Falkor

    Hi all

    UPDATE: WOW. Just got the game installed, and account set-up. It really does work!!! Earth & Beyond Lives !! I got to go away for a bit. When I come back, I'm going to try this thing out. You can count on my support on this game. FOR REAL. Until next time. Fly safe.
  25. you MUST pay Harvey the money for the mission to continue if you don't pay the mission is dropped you must return to Anusha to pick the mission up again. Woodstock HGM
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