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New item suggestion


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Temporary mission specific devices, of several types.



One of the factions give you a mission to smuggle an item from one location to another.  On the way there you have to avoid having the item detected by a particular other faction.  If the item is detected the mission fails, and you lose standing with the faction that detects your item.   You may pick the item up in space or at a starbase, but the NPC you must deliver to is in space in a particular sector, but you must find him.  The device shields your cargo.  The shielding of the contraband, works from a distance, but if the faction that doesn't want you smuggling the item gets too close they can either detect the shielding or see through it, either one would cause you to fail.  If you are successful you return to a specific member of the faction you were smuggling for, and return the device for your reward (Trade XP, Explore XP, and faction).  If you fail, the device is taken from you.


Such missions would be more likely to be from "rogue" factions,  but it's possible that "legitimate" factions would have such missions as well.  +5000 faction required to get such a mission.


Other missions could also have temporary devices to use to help accomplish the mission.  Said devices would be appropriate to the mission in question, and turned in upon successful completions, or lost on failure.

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You could take this a stage further and a SET buff, once all items are aquired/equipped.


Nice Idea :)

+15 deflects all stats.

or depending on the Class, Warp buffs or reactor buffs.

I like it Legendlee

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