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  1. As alot are already 150(with multiple characters)  i had an idea of what skill points could be used in for varations in trying to get out of the classic Progens use Projectiles, Jenquai for beams and Terrans for Missile Launchers   Create a new set of weapons Lvl 8 with class restrictions     Lvl 8 - Beams - Jenquai Restricted Lvl 8 - Projectiles - Progen Restricted Lvl 8 - Missile Launchers - Terran Restricted   Then make the new lvl 8 weapons the equivalent damage to the normal lvl 9 weapons     Just thought it would make a nice variation to the classic Class/Weapon type we see everyday....    
  2. You could take this a stage further and a SET buff, once all items are aquired/equipped.   Nice Idea :)
  3. It is a new item..............but agreed it would change game mechanics
  4. Ullydian - As Blacklung said....This is OUR chance to be a part of the creation process......   Plus if a bot/afker macros warp travel then they could do so now very easily, with simple mouse clicks because as it stands now you only need one click to travel to a gate. At least with a Planner (if designed correctly) i.e. does not save your last route, have to create your route on each system, clicking through each nav etc.. it would actually make it harder for a bot as the macro would be much much longer as they would have to click every nav they are travelling to.....   You comment is duely noted but incorrect
  5. Ever wondered what it would be like to actually fly your own ship?   Ever been frustrated with having to stop / start when doing a tour?   Look no further as Navigation Planner lvl 1 is here       ......'Plan the route You want to take'         Subject to a 50 mil payout Deteriorates over time....
  6. A device that converts all Activated Buffs to allow simultaneous group Buffs   i.e. a JE with LVL 9 Sextans or a Turtle Shell  -  could buff everyone in their group in just one hit and not have to do it individually    This could be taken a stage further to allow extra skills to be group enabled - i.e -  Group PSI, Group Enviro Shield
  7. Excellent concept, but i fail to see how the Gunslinger (under the DPS section for PW)  would out DPS the Sharpshooter (focused) which has the 30% to Weapon Damage - Surely DPS specialization should have the 30% weapon damage?
  8. Even adding to the above, maybe just more searchable features   Like if your searching engines you could also include Min Warp - ....., or Min Sig - ..... Or Shields Min Recharge,,,,   And you could insert your preferences
  9. Just a thought, but any thoughts on adding another searchable column, for type of weapon damage?    Would make it alot easier to look at if you are only looking for specific weapons - e.g. Beam - Plasma...or Energy   Legend
  10. Is it me or has the server been very laggy lately.   I am currently on a 10 second delay to typing in chat, and i wont even bother warping, as i seem to continue warping and never stop.     Unplayable............................
  11. Agree with Basileus - massive lag, unplayable
  12. i found this thread https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/8581-in-net7proxy-i-recieve-the-error-server-failed-to-respond-to-login-attempt/ appears this is same problem as myself. My other two accounts appear to be locked, but every time i write a ticket the ticket keeps getting closed!
  13. I have done a bit of reading through various posts and i think the answer is due to the fact i crashed as they replaced my virgin media router.  This has caused my characters to still appear logged on when i look at the Avatar Transfer page.  Can they be kicked off please?
  14. Just an update, the only change since i was logged in this morning, is i have a new Virgin Media router.
  15. Hi, i have looked across the various threads, but couldnt find an answer.   When i log in, for the first time, as soon as i see the Map loading page, the game just closes   Any thoughts or suggestions?     Thanks Legend
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