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L144 Red dragon?!?!

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Almost certainly a bug of some sort.  Now if it were OL144 that would make sense at CL48, EL48, TL48.  That, of course would make it possible to solo the mob for most L150 characters.

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..... group bonus )


hmmmmm   this looks edited to me  ?


and why do you have 5 warp speed buff's ?? or am i not seeing the pic right ?


and why is sandtiger not in the member list ?

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The screenshot is showing the OL of the mob (bug?).


Mob OL is always CL * 3.

Shuk Foo Novice Red Dragon is CL 48.

48 * 3 = 144 ;)  


The Target Gadget normally shows "Combat Level 48" - not the word "Level" and also no dash ( - ) .

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