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Building 1000's of low level weapons to increase quality


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I wanted to follow up my earlier questions with some data from my experience.  I finally got my TT to build 200% level 9 items, by building approximately 2,400 White Dragonfly M1 missile launchers.  I chose this item to build pretty much at random, and because it was easy to find at the bottom of my build list at the terminal.  I assume any other lv1 item works just as well.  This was done on my lv150 TT with lv9 Build Weapons skill, at Earth Station with 8553 EarthCorp Warriors faction.


In order to check my progress, every 5 rounds of builds/dismantles, I would check my build % range for a lv9 Most Terrific ML Class Z3 (with both the lv8 launcher and the lv9 component being 100% items).


In general, I found that my expected quality went up ~5% - 6% for every ~200 lv1 launchers I built.  It seemed to flatten out a little towards the end though.



Table of Results


Rounds of Builds         Total Builds                     Expected Quality % Variation 
& Dismantles of           & Dismantles of               of Most Terriffic ML 
White Dragonfly M1*   White Dragonfly M1**      Class Z3***
2****                             74                                   137 - 144
5                                  185                                 140 - 148
10                                370                                 146 - 153
15                                555                                 152 - 156
20                                740                                 158 - 166
25                                925                                 163 - 170
30                               1110                                168 - 176
35                               1295                                174 - 181
40                               1480                                179 - 187
45                               1665                                185 - 192
50                               1850                                190 - 198
55                               2035                                194 - 200
60                               2220                                197 - 200
65                               2405                                200


* Each round of builds was 37 missile launchers (40 cargo spaces - 3 spaces for the components).

** Total builds = # in column A * 37.

*** Clicking the item to be built multiple times reshuffles the expected quality range. This is the highest and lowest I saw each go through.

**** I started counting after 2 full rounds of 37 launchers.


Component Recovery

The White Dragonfly M1 has the following components:  Proton Shielded Shell, Turbo2 Simplex MLS, Standard Launcher Tube.  That is the order they appear from left to right in the Analyse / Dismantle window.  Below is a table of how many of each part I had to purchase, and how many I ended up with after 2,400 builds.


Part Bought Ended With Proton Shielded Shell 240 236 Turbo2 Simplex MLS 480 27 Standard Launcher Tube 580 91


My 4 losses of the Proton Shielded Shell occurred during a particularly bad lag spike where I lost the missile launcher being built.  So I believe my recovery of that item should have been 100%.  If we assume you always recover at least 1 item, I can think of two reasons why the Proton Shielded Shell was always recovered:

1. It is the left-most item in the Analyse / Dismantle window, or

2. It is the most expensive of the 3 items that could be recovered.


My approximate total cost for this venture, after selling back extra components, was approximately 6 million credits.


Sub-200% Builds of lv1 Weapons

Another thing that I noticed was that even though my Build window said I would always build 200% White Dragonfly M1's, I still occasionally built launchers below 200%.  They ranged from 196% - 199%. Over the course of 2,400 builds, I built 41 of these sub-200% launchers, which comes out to about 1.7% of the time.  Anecdotally, they continued to happen over the entire course of my builds (i.e. they did not decrease in frequency as my lv9 build skill percentage increased).  So it looks like no matter your skill level and expected build %, there is always the chance for a sub-200% build.

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Thanks a lot for posting this information and taking the time to track it.


I wonder, does this also work for "harder" to build L9 items like Agrippa? I have heard on chat that it takes closer to 4,000 L1 builds to make that happen, but do not know if that has been checked as closely as you did. :)

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When it comes to L1 items and probably items up to about L5 or L6 give or take, simply maxing your build skill will get them up to 200% quality.  Now if building L9 items increases your quality for all levels below that need an increased quality, people will build the requisite items, provided, the number isn't too high, for reasons of cost.  I like that faction with the station owners has an effect on build quality.  Not sure if it has an effect on prices, but I'd like to see such an effect.  Said effect should be less than the Negotiate skill, but should apply to all station services.


I do think it makes sense that some items are harder to build.  The awesome items, whether they're devices, weapons, shields, engines, or Reactors should be more difficult to build.  Same for analysis and likelihood of getting a critical on said items.  Items that are "average" for their level should have similar build difficulties (analyze/dismantle), and items that aren't all that for their level should be easier when compared to items of the same level.


Would love to see more components show up on mobs or in hulks, outside of the major raids, even if they're uncommon.  I don't expect; however, that you'd find a Terror's Gaze in a L9 hulk, since it's the limiting part on DG production, and most Jenquai shouldn't have a DG.  Same for other parts that are on items that are intended to be relatively rare.

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@ Payne - You have done a rather in-depth analysis of what I have found to be the case in my more casual remembrances.  Thanks and job well done!  I believe it to be quite accurate regarding builders doing non-Agrippa builds.  I got my builders all up to 200% then did Agrippa with my 3 Progens  and needed to do at least an additional 1000 builds to consistently build 200% on Agrippa L9 items.  I am sure you know that when you click on the item name to be built, you get a expected result below.  ** If you click on the item name repeatedly you will get a different percentage each time, if you are not consistently over 200% on that item.**  One click on the item name does *not* tell the tale.


On component recovery I believe the correct answer is 2.  The higher cost item is the one you will get back 99.9999% of the time, barring malfunctions  (game crash/getting "stuck", et al.) .  I think it is coded that way so when ripping items that have just a one part upgrade in them, you don't lose the lower level completely built item.  While I have not checked, it is quite possible the most expensive item is placed into the #1 slot on all build displays in the terminal.  That would make your first reason also valid, although the true reason would be the items value.


Regarding Faction:  I heard from a Dev, who will remain nameless, that Faction over 10,000 is basically useless during analysis/building/disassembly.  I am not sure how accurate this info is, but I don't use build/analysis terminals at stations that I have less than10k faction with, and I am usually happy with the results, your millage may vary...


While I have not built the same number of items at L9 as I have at L1, I have not had any L9 items that were expected to be a solid 200% to be less than that percentage.  The same *cannot* be true of L1-8, however it is quite rare.  Your 1.7% seems to be accurate for me.


Dissasembly:  I ripped all my L1 builds for cost and because I heard that there is a "disassemble count" that helps you recover more items the more items you rip.  I am not sure if that is true, but i believe that it does make a difference, since my most prolific builder gets a surprising number of parts recovered versus my more casual builder.


Good Job, Payne ;)

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Throws all paperwork regarding pulling and building

Just saved me a lot of writing, you already did what I was starting to write down


And I was getting nearly the same results as you up to round 45 using a lvl 1 beam on my PW in Mars
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