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Intent For The Resolute & Aspiration Of The Faithfull Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough for the Intent for the Resolute and Aspiration of the Faithfull print Mission.
Actually its the exact same mission for both but it all depends on the toon that performs the mission.
All Toons with L9 engine building and L9 Reactor building will be able to get the mission and the corresponding print.

It all starts with the Mordana Data Disk the Mordana Purifier Philosopher (MPP) drops.

Both the engine and the reactor prints have no restrictions so all engine building classes can perform the mission and get the print. Same goes with the reactor, Jenquai and Progen can map it. Remember you got to have max skill.... just CF something else and max the skill to be able to do the mission.

Anyway, in the item description it says the information contained is encrypted so apparently you have to find an NPC that will do that for you. With barely a hassle i found out that the person for this action is Ome Dzagi at Paren Station (Kaliiasa). You can find her in the Lounge (left room) of the station.

With the disk in your inventory talk to her and there should be an option to her dialogue that you need something decrypted. She apparently needs more info so she sends you out to hack Tabernacle at Kitaras Veil.

The mission is an easy one for a maxed toon but can be done in a group if you need help. Just warp to Tabernacle nav and 2xL44 Tabernacle Protectors spawn that you have to defeat. After that there is kind of a hacking mini game with the nav where you got to match a username and a password (4 options each so 16 total possible solutions) to complete the hacking process. You may not find it on the very first try like Efi did but please be patient. [img]http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_cool.gif[/img]

The only consideration here is that if you have bad mordana faction you have to stay clear of the Mordana cruisers patrolling the nav. A low sig can help or a group that can heal you while you do your thing.

Straight back to Paren after that where you talk to Ome again to obtain the print. Make certain to have the disk in your inventory before you talk to her again just to be safe.

By now many have done the mission and obtained the prints from my guild and outside of it.
Contact me in game to give you the cube for the missions.
Hope you Having Fun out there.
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I have found that you must do the "Search for Ancients" mission first.  She runs you thru Dahin, Akerons, Xipe, Swoop, and back.


Then she will give you the chat option that has the word "decrypt' in it, and Efi's walkthrough is perfect :)


Now ya gotta get a crystal and do the raid to Imbue it ;)

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I have done the mission with my PP to get the reactor print.. The only problem I had with the mission was to guess the password at the mordona tabernackle,

other than that is was fun////Im going to do the mission with my TS next because of his maxed engine builds. Enjoy the game I do!!!!!!!!

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