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Zoning Causes Internet Conection To Drop 75-90% Of The Time

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I looked i couldn't find this problem, i apologize if i missed it, i very well could have.

First of all this might be a coincidence however this is a very VERY suspicious coincidence.

SOOO up to a day or so ago i had the game working fine. Now it seems like most of the time when i try to go between zones the following happens. The Taskbar icon for the program sticks at waiting for server. Then THEN!!!! if i try to even refresh a webpage my internet fails like i have a connection problem. So far this has only happened to me while playing E&B, and only while zoning.

Anyone have a clue as to what my issue is?
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More information

After 100 Attempts at zoning here are some statistics from a count. (100 inst as many as you would think, especially when doing trade runs) this also includes going into and out of Star bases)

30 Fails at zoning
Not one during initial Log in
All of them Failed at Waiting for server Step in the system tray

70 successful Zoning attempts

Not one crash that wasn't associated with zoning
Always came back into the zone i was attempting to zone into, never the zone i was leaving.
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Well...sort of like that, but maybe differing cause.
If I log on to my comp clean and don't access the internet, then I can log on to the game fine, and even a multibox second and often third (don;t often log a third)

If however I access the internet before logging onto the game, then often trying to log on to the game fails after hitting the "play" button from client, just pops up windows "application failed want to trouble shoot or report it" window. Its a hit or miss on the first log on, but ALWAYS a fail on second account after accessing the internet.

If after I have gotten completely logged on I open a internet window behind the client it runs fine both net and game, if I'm dueling a second account however, sometimes it crashes while zoning, and won't let me relog second account without a full reboot of sysytem.

I wonder if that could be related to barachius's problems, seems to be while zoning but net connection is fine like his, I've run connection checks etc. and its always good on my end, and never have problem logging multi windows on anything else, have a good fast system etc.

Barrachius, do what I do, run the game clean before you access any internet functions, run from system boot, see if it stops your problems from happening, if it does then my bug may be associated with yours.

It didn't always do that to me, it started the patch following the one that second packet reorder optimization check box went in, I worked around it with clean boots so didn't say anything until now.
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Funny you should mention that...I had a new one happen (at least for me), I left my comp on stand by mode while connected to the net today. When I returned from the store, my relation was attempting to access netflixs via the Wii. It wouldn't let them, kept freezing up. Since the Wii uses WiFi and my comp was linked via it as well I decided to disconnect and see if it was WiFi causing the problem for them.

Low and behold when my screen came back up, before I logged off, it popped up a window saying "windows had detected a IP conflict, that some other device or computer was trying to use the same IP as my comp and windows had dropped the net in defense, if it persisted contact the IP company."

Coincidence? IDK, just seemed odd the timing there....
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Sector handoff failures during gating happen pretty rarely to me. If I had to put a percentage on it, say 1-2%. I put it down to packet loss, turn the air blue for a few seconds, login and carry on. I don't think I could cope with trying to travel if it was 20-30% failure rate.

What could cause it? Packet loss, routing flaps, fragmentation - even memory paging.

Not much you can do about the network may be see if the path is consistent or try to see if there are any busy routing nodes. And then raise an issue with your ISP to deal with it. May be check UDP packet fragmentation finding out what the size limit is along the path. Quitting other applications while playing will help with memory paging. But network is likely to be the major cause.
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