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Progen Projectiles

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In live version I never got past OL65 on my PW using level 4 weapons and currently am OL35 using level 3 weapons but should be getting level 4 weapons shortly. I was never much into missiles or beams, and have preferred the musket to the blow gun at the early levels, but there is a wider range of weapons that you come across as you get farther into the galaxy during the lv30 HU.

I was wondering if anyone had a favorite projectile weapon at level 4 and above. Might be useful information to share with any of the other progens as they advance.

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I used the following. Different people will tell you different things but here is what I used.

Level 1-4 Bayonet's

Level 5-6 Rifles

Level 6-8 Mortars/Rifle Combos for buffs

Level 8 - Claw of the Dragon, Silver Hammer, Zet Projectile Launchers, (there are other rares but I can't recall name)

Level 9 - Tengu Bile Launchers, Spitter, Fury of Tengu, Tengu Reaver, (some other rares but I can't recall name)

www.enbdatabase.com has lot's of good info.

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Thanks for the enbdatabase.com info, hadn't been to that site yet. It appears though, that the bayonet is only available after lvl 3. Although you achieve lvl 3 pretty quickly in the game, and could get by even with the basic weapons until you get there.

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Ok, speaking of the Buckshot:  Where can one get one?  There are builders, so it must drop.  All the info I've seen points to it dropping in Deneb/Roc.  I drove out there last night, and the Appian gate appears to be defunct?  So did people get them before the gate went down? Are there other drops? Would love to pattern it & the ammo.  And: Will the Appian gate reopen? is this a temp measure? enquiring minds wish to know.

  Thanks for any light you can shine.

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Its wholly been my experience to find weapons and gear that interests you is the best way.  There are no absolutes in terms of weaponry at any level except maybe lvl 5 Rifles and Dirk/Claymore.


A couple of things to keep in mind as you decide on your weapon selection.  Player made ammo does much more damage than buying it from the vendor.  Some of your exotic weapons under lvl 9 require player made comps.  If you don't have access to a comp builder or ores, it can be a pain in the touche getting ammo.  Your basic weapons at lvl 9 will also require player made comps for superior ammo as well.  So, just be prepared.  Additionally, while the Claw of the Dragon is fantastic because of the turbo buff, obtaining ammo right now seems to be a near impossible task.


Here are a couple of selections that you may find useful or fun as well.


Lvl 5 Baron LaCroix Arun.   Gives a scan bonus that is handy as a blind a$$ progen.

Lvl 6-7 Longbow    Great Grapic.

Lvl 7 Zen power Cannon   Terrible buffs but best DPS per weapon

lvl 7-8 Flachettes   Good little weapons with some decent buffs to them

Lvl 9 Flachette   If you're not a raiding PW then there is nothing better for turbo.


A couple of other notes to ponder as well.  How you debuff your enemy is key.  Progens are designed to debuff impact and chem.  Many mobs have huge resistances to impact that it makes it almost worthless at higher levels, but chem is solid.  The Basilisks run from 3-9 and should be standard equipment on any progen.  Progen's can not debuff plasma (without a Bully eye from Roc----currently closed or a tatsu device) so unless you have a debuffer in your pocket not much point in getting hung up on it.  Just debuff impact or chem and get along with leveling and not worry about it. 


PW and PS with grav link 5 you get a debuff to impact and explosive.  It increases with GL 6-7 as well.  GL7 debuff stacks with the Skirmish debuff so it makes a fairly powerful combination.  But, the Skirmish debuff will be wiped off by any application of GL lower than 7.  Just some thoughts, hope you find them helpful.

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