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Instructions to access the PTR:

  • Download LaunchNet7-PTR.exe (attached to the bottom of this post) and place it into it's own folder. It doesn't matter where you choose to put it, but it must be placed into it's own folder.
  • Register a PTR game account at https://ptr.net-7.org:80
  • Run LaunchNet7-PTR
    • At the top, click Browse and point it to client.exe in <E&BInstall/release/client.exe> (This is the same path as in the normal Launcher)
    • Make sure that your Local IP is correct in the drop-down menu below (You can check what you use in the normal Launcher as well)
    • Once it has finished downloading initial files/updating you should be good to launch.


If you get an error about MSVC120.dll or similar missing:

  • Download and run "vcredist_x86.exe" (attached to the bottom of this post.


Setting up your character(s):

  • Since the current PTR goals involve frequent travel and raiding we have created a command to help you set your character up for the content. Once you've created a new character, use "/ptrsetupcharacter"; this will give you level 150, max all of your skills, fully upgrade your hull, and drop some high-level equipment in your inventory.
  • Ammo samples for your starter weapons are placed in your vault in addition to non-purchaseable comps for your ammo. Use these to create more ammo for yourself.


Some useful stuff:

  • You start out with 9,999 Chavez & Red Dragon faction (after ptrsetupcharacter), but if you need more then you can use "/ptrfaction" again to set them back up to 9,999.
  • The PTR has a special sector which contains space vendors for some commonly needed items such as raid triggers and various mission-locked equipment. You can find the gate to this sector in Saturn (Ancient PTR Gate).


Current Goals of the PTR:

  • Extensive testing of raids (stressful, lots of packets) and trade runs (sector transition has always been problematic).
    • If you want to just jump around different sectors exploring, that'll work too. We just threw in trade runs because we need to test sector transitions.
  • We are looking to eliminate lag and disconnects (crash-to-login/desktop/etc) from all sources.


If you encounter lag, crashes, or lock-ups:

  • Fully exit out of the client and create a new thread with the proxylog.dat file attached before you re-launch the game. This file contains a log of everything the game was trying to do when the problem occurred and is crucial to helping us identify and fix the causes of network issues and other bugs.
    • You can find the proxylog.dat file in the same folder as LaunchNet7-PTR.
    • When creating your post, please provide the following information:
      • Roughly how long you were playing before the problem occurred.
      • What you were doing at the time that the problem occurred ("Gating from X to Y", "Docking at station X", etc).
    • Note that you won't really be able to compress the log file (it's encrypted with high entropy), so if you're over your attachment limit then you might try uploading it somewhere else or just simply explaining what type of crash you encountered (straight up client crash to desktop, stuck at loading screen, etc).


About multi-boxing

  • We do not and will not support multiboxing, especially on the PTR. If you decide to try multiboxing on the PTR then please launch each client from a separate LaunchNet7-PTR folder. If you launch multiple clients from the same folder we will not be able to gather your log file which helps us diagnose any problems.



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crash/freeze on character creation 3 out of 7 created, screen frame rate needs some more tweaking,  when in combat experience some jumping of enemies. otherwise game play is very smooth and fast, no problems with gating or wormholes, multi-boxing 7 characters.

_2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_17.log _2019_04_16.log _2019_04_15.log _2019_04_14.log _2019_04_16.log _2019_04_17.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_16.log _2019_04_17.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log

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I tried to launch the PTR version. The window goes away and nothing ever comes up. I followed the instructions completely.

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6 hours ago, Woodstock DGM said:

Currently down status


Any idea as to when it will be back up?

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not sure the server devs is working on it at this time he will tell us when its back 


Woodstock HGM


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