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  1. crash/freeze on character creation 3 out of 7 created, screen frame rate needs some more tweaking, when in combat experience some jumping of enemies. otherwise game play is very smooth and fast, no problems with gating or wormholes, multi-boxing 7 characters. _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_17.log _2019_04_16.log _2019_04_15.log _2019_04_14.log _2019_04_16.log _2019_04_17.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_16.log _2019_04_17.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log _2019_04_18.log _2019_04_19.log
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