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Group Invite Timer

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Howdy Folks,


Simple suggestion to fix something that was annoying even back in the old Westwood days.  Add a time out timer on group invites so that they expire/cancel after 30 seconds the player who gets invited doesn't respond.



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Yeah the group invite system is really screwy if someone misses the invite (due to gating),  or logs with a pending invite and now the group can't invite anyone new.

Also I've seen times where /invite   fails wiht the message 'you are not in a group'.  DUH, thats why I'm trying to invite someone.   Get in targeting range of them and click on the 'invite' button and it works fine.    Maybe a slash command to rescind an invitation if someone didn't accept it -- like say /uninvite ?   And even if they do have a pending invitation, /group accept doesn't always work.


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16 hours ago, Zackman said:

Isnt there such command already?

CHeck ingame help menue, i am pretty sure there is something like /decline


If player is unable or unwilling to execute the command, then timeout would be useful.

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Added 60s time out timer.

If player wont click any button (Reject or Accept), a group invitation will be canceled after 60s..

Group leader gets a message in the system chat like "Timed out group invitation for <NAME>"


The invited player will still ses the invitation dialog on the screen, even if canceled already, since we cannot control the client interface.

If invited player is clicking REJECT or ACCEPT after(!) the invitation has timed out, it will simply do nothing, so ask for re-invite please.


If the invited player got the time out and the group leader will send another invitation and this invitation will also time out, the invited player has stacking invite-dialogs on the screen. This is unavoidable based on the lack of client-control (serverwise).


Live with next patch.

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