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  1. Woodstock DGM

    Evil Pumpkin dude lives!

    Soon (TM) it will be taken care of
  2. Woodstock DGM

    Hello Issac Ozzman I have Started a Letsplay.

    I'm glad i wasn't the only one
  3. Do not use the the EA Launcher. Down load and install the net-7 launcher there is a link on the net- 7 portal page to download. Also if this is your first time logging in to game you will need to create a game account on the net-7 portal page.
  4. Woodstock DGM

    Hello Issac Ozzman I have Started a Letsplay.

    A few things i noticed while watching, you two should start the group in station also if you haven't down so book mark the site www.enbmaps.de. also go under options camera and deselect the top 4 camera this will stop the warp camera jump i usually use camera position 7 when warping then in combat or impulse moving switch to cockpit 1st person view unless i am using a missile user then i use out side view in order to see the target as i maneuver around to keep out of mob range. Woodstock HGM
  5. Woodstock DGM

    Where has everyone gone?

    I am on almost every day after i get home from work Woodstock HGM
  6. Woodstock DGM

    Celestial Horizon

    Sorry to inform you but GM's cant add you to a guild it is out side the realm of the GM's. Woodstock HGM
  7. Woodstock DGM

    Mission log issues

    Sorry for the delay in answering i am just home from R/L job, you can try the command /fmu. and follow what the mission it gives you says Woodstock HGM
  8. Woodstock DGM

    Account seems to have been altered

    do you remember when you last logged prior to a couple of days ago? Woodstock HGM
  9. one thing that helps is ensure you have the block "prototype reorder" on the net 7 launcher marked. also ensure that your faire wall and anti virus are set to white list or ignore both the net-7 launcher and the EnB clients. Woodstock HGM
  10. Woodstock DGM

    Account seems to have been altered

    I am currently at work I'll be home in 10 hours I'll look at your account and issue then. Woodstock DGM I looked at both of your accounts and see that you logged each of your characters in oct 28 2018, since you did this i can not tell when the last time you logged them in, We have not rolled back any toons since Nov 12 2012 when we went from testing to live status, IF any of your characters have not been logged in since the status change those toons do not exist to the server, if you have logged them in they would be in the system, if you could provide the names of your characters i could see if they are still listed in the avatar listings
  11. Woodstock DGM

    loging on

    a few questions first, 1) are you a new or returning player? 2) did you create a game account in the account tab on the net-7.org page. must be signed in using forum credentials.? 3) are you running the net-7 launcher and not the old EA game launcher (Ea game launcher will not work as EA does not have the servers) 4) you must only use the net-7 launcher to launch the game using the game account created on the net-7 portal page accounts tab, Ensure that the target window on the net-7 launcher is pointed the Client .exe. it should look like this C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe Woodstock DGM
  12. Woodstock DGM

    Unplanned time away from EnB

    This morning I woke up to the sou d of heavy equipment in my driveway. The phone company was replacing the connection box for the street located between my and the neighbors driveways. They did not give any warning so either my portal got fried when disconnected and reconnected the lines. Or they did not connect us correctly. So no internet broadband signal or land line phone. Next available appointment is Thursday after noon.
  13. Woodstock DGM

    Unplanned time away from EnB

    The area is cox/continental/I forget who else. They raise the rates every few weeks.for a very garbage low res signal in this area.
  14. Woodstock DGM

    Unplanned time away from EnB

    *****Update*********** I am back online AT&T came out i explained we didn't have any signals or phone since they changed the box on Tuesday. they found when the crew that replaced the box in the yard had broke several wired , which, of course, fed my house the internet and phone signals. so now i am back after a two day break, Woodstock DGM
  15. Woodstock DGM

    Lost in game log in info

    As soon as I can I will check this out as soon as my connection gets fixed tomorrow
  16. Woodstock DGM

    Cannot get past the Map screen

    Avast doesn't like net-7 or enb. I had about for awhile it had a update then it ate my entire net-7 and enb directories. I removed it completely. Make sure I had added rules in the wondo this a firewall for both programs. I rarely have issues any more.
  17. Woodstock DGM

    Cannot get past the Map screen

    Ensure that the net-7 launcher and the enb client files are set to runs as administrator. And also ensure they are set to be exempted from firewall and anti virus.
  18. Woodstock DGM

    Cannot get past the Map screen

    Its something I do from my gmtools. I ran it on the 4 tons you said on your ticket that had the map screen lock up. It usually helps. Did it? Woodstock DGM
  19. Woodstock DGM

    login error INV-300 [can't get in]

    I Just bought a new computer Installed EnB, then installed the Net-7 Launcher, rebooted computer then launched the Net-7 launcher and made sure that it was pointing to ENB client, and that the ip address was correct then started the update routine and go through all the updates and launched the game and had no problems, i do know that the ip address can cause problems also not point the client line to the correct file also causes problem, Woodstock DGM
  20. Woodstock DGM

    Revenge: In Triplicate

    I just got home from work and turned on my computer Systems and saw this, i have fixed your issue i advanced the mission one step past the point your having the issue with. Woodstock DGM
  21. Woodstock DGM

    Assistance please

    OK no race or professions restrictions, but the level is the only restriction it is =150 not >/=150 i went and tried to get the mission on my Gm toon and go the same standard npc message, So I am assuming that the mission my not be available or in active at this time i will check with the devs to check. .. .. .. .. I received notification for the devs this mission for Wallace is not yet in game, it is not ready at this time, Woodstock DGM
  22. Woodstock DGM

    Assistance please

    You know I didn't even check that. I will look into that when I get home from work tonight. In about 7 hours. Woodstock. Dgm
  23. Woodstock DGM

    Assistance please

    he does have a mission and it is lvl =150 the only reason i can see why your not getting this mission is that you have a full mission list of 12 missions and you cant get any more missions, my suggestions is to complete a few of your missions then talk to him again and see if you can get this mission. Woodstock DGM
  24. Woodstock DGM

    Report for Lady : Moire Archer

    Glad to be of service Woodstock DGM.
  25. Woodstock DGM

    Report for Lady : Moire Archer

    OK, I gave you a new report for this mission use the command /getgmitems to retrieve the report, i also answered this on your ticket. Woodstock DGM