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  1. Gee thanks, I literally play 6 out of 7 days some times 7 out of 7 unless i am sick or Wife Faction work is in the way.
  2. Under Launcher button at top left click reset updates then close the launcher and restart it, then click launcher again and click the check for updates this should update the launcher.
  3. I have Ghostdude in Zweihander to do some missions I find that i can not warp, as as soon as I go to warp warp dies and I get out of energy even though i have a full reactor lvl6 unicorn reactor, and lvl 5 polar express installed.
  4. Well it looks like the hard drive (SSD) crashed during the update, or it ate the drivers for the drive. I tried my recovery flash drive and it says no drive present now come the fun part typing to find the driver online.
  5. I was updating to the new windows update last night, it appears that on of my computers has been bricked, it only boots to Bios settings and when exiting goes back to Bios I will try a usb reinstall and see if that helps later. ill post further info later
  6. Cygni express available through the terran lvl 30 hull upgrade mission, optional mission for the TS after the TS hu Mission, yes it is worth doing.
  7. once your in the enbconfig, run the test selecting each resolution until you find the one you want, then once the test is complete press ok and it should set it in the game, if you want it to run in a window so you have a browser open select the window mode box.
  8. I am trying to log in on the chat tool I get booted after one minute. I tried logging in to the game and I am stuck on the map screen. had to manually shut client down( right click on task bar icon and select terminate client) to escape to desk top.
  9. There are in fact several Chavez stations dock able ingame at this time and have been for quite some time, you must have good Chavez faction to dock with them
  10. Ores List from the Wiki: https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Ore and from the forums:
  11. private message me with names of any avatars you remember and account names do I can look up them. sorry about being afk on Monday, wife had me busy grilling and working outside. ill be online on Wednesday wife will be at work that night
  12. I have TeamSpeak, i am usually on or at least on the computer after 4pm pacific time
  13. If you have not played since before nov2012 you will have to recreate all as that's when the last player wipe was, the wipe occurred when we went from test status to live status, if you have played since then you can change your own game passwords on the Net-7.org portal page under accounts, you can also change your own forums and net-7 portal pages passwords on the forums under your account profile.
  14. I see what looks like over 100 recipes for weapons and ammo on your avatar. they only thing I can see is maybe your out of sync, with the server after being gone for so long. I did a refresh on your avatar to see if that helped, you may have noticed a warning about being frozen when I did the refresh.
  15. Currently Praefect Plenticus doe not have any active missions for any players, he may be addressed in missions from other NPC's around the universe.
  16. what is the avatar name so that I can look into your issue
  17. AT&T came out and replaced the home gateway and all is well in the world, (My TV, Cable, Home Phone, and Internet all run through the same gateway) the old one was installed 7 years ago,. it was failing and popping multiple items plugged into the same IP even though it showed on the list as good. Since the replacement, all is really good, speed is up and connections are more stable.
  18. Update to my system ..... 20210220_174929.mp4
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