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  1. Just Watched IT, Very Well done, i was laughing so hard my wife came from the kitchen to see what i was laughing about
  2. The Issue you are having can be solved by................ Increasing your weapons build skill it is too low Woodstock HGM
  3. I can look at this issue tonight when I get home fro. The real world job. What is your avatars name so I can look at the mission and your character Woodstock HGM
  4. Appears to be back up as i am now back in game
  5. I think we crashed again i was flying through 61 Cygni when i noticed that server status app on all my computers turned red and i was flying past the gate i was targeted on
  6. Glad to be assistance. Woodstock (HGM)
  7. If you have not done so navigate to the game directory. And to the enb config directory find the enb config execution file right click and select properties and run as administrator. Also run to comparability test and run as xps or win 8. (If I am wrong on that some please correct). At this point activate to config and then run. Through all the resolution settings. Be sure to run the test configuration and select or deselect the run in window button as needed.
  8. Something weird is going on i am losing connection to server/crashing out of the game it all started about 1:20 am pacific time for me both the chat tools and the active game clients would lock up and then the server status app light started looking like a Christmas tree blinking from green and red and back to green repeatedly
  9. I think we might have an issue either the login server is down or the game is reporting offline incorrectly its approx 1:30 am pacific time i am in game but afraid to log out also appears teamspeak down too Woodstock HGM
  10. oops i must have not deleted it i got it Done Woodstock HGM
  11. Moved and he has it Woodstock HGM
  12. I just saw this, I was going to suggest the client line might be wrong , but i see you solved it already.
  13. I took a TS in to Moto and cleared the hulk field no problems (this is on a Play toon not a GM toon) , i looked at your character i see you are only prospect 3 and using level 3 reactors and equipment its a little low to mine in a level 5/6 hulk field you are not high enough skill level and your reactor is to under powered for mining this field. Woodstock HGM
  14. there are fields of hulks that are decorations are you trying to prospect those ?
  15. That is good question I am at r/l work I can check when I get home in 6 hours. I have a TS near there. I can see if mine can also not mine/prospect there. I have only had a JE in Moto hulk hunting in the last couple of days. Give me you characters name if mine can then I can look at yours and see if there is something. Woodstock HGM
  16. Are you a new player or one with exiting accounts. If you are a new player you will need to create a game account on the net-7.org page under the account tab. You will use this signi. For the entry into the game.
  17. Exactly what Yeti said, it allow us to monitor the game with out having the game client open, you will see our avatar standing in which ever station that we were last logged in at, its helpful if i am working on help tickets and if the player whose ticket i am working on is on game i can chat with them quicker than logging in to the game to help them.
  18. yep, Deja vu I get inv-300 on all computers here that have the game installed. i can get Woodstock in game on the chat tool but not thru the game launcher
  19. at 1226 am Pacific time i am also in the same situation on multiple computers, but i was able to log in on the chat tool
  20. are you asking about the "Planet Eater Mob: it kind of looks like a big eyed big fluffy plushie?
  21. thank you for bringing this to us we will have to raise a virtual beer in tribute.
  22. run the config as administrator and also in compatibility mode for xp or win 8 for windows or full screen you must select/deselect to block for windows mode for full screen. ensure that you run the resolution test to ensure the selection is set for the game Woodstock HGM
  23. oh and the top of my balding head is sunburned from the hot sun
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