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  1. his issue is not a GM area question is more game mechanics
  2. yes it is down, it appears we had a possible hardware failure i the domain controller, be patient it will be up as soon as its repaired.
  3. I just got home from work, i see the server is down, unfortunately i can not do anything about that, as I do not have server rights, the main server dev is in Europe so he should be getting up soon hopefully he will see the server is down and see whats up and restart us back up. hopefully the hamster fell off the wheel and didn't die from Covid 19.
  4. I just completed this mission on my Alt FriedaJD without any issues went straight through no lag no delays and no other issues Wun1one i saw your GM Help ticket and fix your mission Woodstock HGM
  5. the server showed some else that i was grouped with them when i was not in a group so i understand we just have to wait for one of the server devs to get the message
  6. i am aware of this issue i can not log in with out immediately having to restart, this how over is not a gm issue as GM's can not do serer work such as restating or troubleshooting server issues. Woodstock HGM
  7. its possible your faction with a specific faction changed and allowed the mission
  8. Wun1one what is your avatars name so i can look you up and see what i can see what is causing your issue Woodstock HGM
  9. I dont know how that happened i was not even in a group
  10. Is the server acting up or lagging out real bad right now i can not stay logged in either through the game client or through the chat tool with out getting disconnected in moments this is from the chat tool 6:29:35 Guild MOTD: Welcome to the staff room, please keep it tidy... 16:32:41 ! Received Logoff Packet from Server - Disconnecting ! 16:32:42 Disconnected from server. 16:33:25 Guild MOTD: Welcome to the staff room, please keep it tidy... 16:34:41 ! Received Logoff Packet from Server - Disconnecting ! 16:34:42 Disconnected from server. this has been happening for the last hour or so at the tim i am typing this Woodstock HGM
  11. set the enb client to administrator rights also this may or may not help but it couldn't hurt, was also going to suggest check your router some routers dont like the game and block the ports the game uses i set the gaming mode on on my router
  12. you are using an older version of the launcher, there is a thread about this issue here in the forums. i see you using v1.9.9 the current version is v2.2.0 this could be part of your problem.
  13. can you post a picture of you net-7 launcher screen
  14. this is the first time i have seen anything about your issue from you. if you can access the net-7 portal page under the account tab then avatar settings there is a block at the top of the page where you select the game account towards the bottom of the page there is a place to change your own passwords including forgot passwords. select the game account and change that password Woodstock HGM
  15. Are you using the net-7 launcher or the old EA Game Launcher which does not work?
  16. retry it appears the servers were not communicating with the inter-webs. its up now
  17. Web based map at www.enbmaps.de
  18. right click on the icon for E&Bconfig and select troubleshoot compatibility select winxp service pack 2 , ensure you run teh config as administrator also'
  19. Right click on the ENB Config icon and select troubleshoot compatibility or compatibility depends on your windows level, select run as Windows XP. ensure you run the config program as Administrator, and select the resolution and run the test if you don't run the test it doesn't set the resolution. if want to run in a window so you can tab out to the browser and back ensure that the windowed mode box is selected
  20. you need to link the accounts you have to the main one you use, using the account linking menu selection under the account on the portal page
  21. I recently had this same issue and this is what i did... Run the EnB config program i the under the ENB game directory in the ENB config folder. ensure you run it as administrator and run all the resolution test until you find the one that fits your monitor and desires, also ensure the play in window is marked if you want the game in a window and not full screen. . Woodstock HGM
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