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  1. run the config as administrator and also in compatibility mode for xp or win 8 for windows or full screen you must select/deselect to block for windows mode for full screen. ensure that you run the resolution test to ensure the selection is set for the game Woodstock HGM
  2. oh and the top of my balding head is sunburned from the hot sun
  3. well i did see.... not a whole lot in the buildings but my daughters desk screens turned off so we couldn't see what she was working on, we did some burgers one of the many eateries on campus there. they also announced that android 10 has been released and is in the wilds. we did have fun and lots of free food
  4. Ill be away Wednesday Thursday and Friday, traveling to see daughter, She works at google and they are having a bring your parents to work day on Thursday. I gotta Go, (bucket list item). I ll have laptop with me so ill still be able to do tickets and answer questions, i might be able to log in on the chat tool, Yes I will take some pictures of things i can take pictures of. ill post a picture or two Thursday from my cell Woodstock HGM
  5. there has been a lot of work going on Stability issues and alot of backround fixes and bug squashes
  6. the server gets a restart almost every Tuesdays, sometime these restarts may take longer then normal for updates to the server software or updates to the game
  7. Cool, It was really nice physically meeting another EnB'er as well good luck on the work hours, I'll be on later on Tuesday evening, my wife and i are both off work and have a movie date (Lion King) when we get home ill more than likely get on, sure thing on posting the pic Thats ME in the Blue shirt i had just got off of work and drove across town to meet up.
  8. Here it is the Middle of July and its a Cool 92 Degrees here we are a bit below our normal July temps, how ever the weather reports is calling for Triple digits here for the next week or so due to a retro grade Hi pressure zone over Arizona and Nevada that is projected to move back west over California, So now we will be Shaking (earthquake After & Fore shocks) and Baking from the extra heat, but hey that's the summer in central california, you get used to it, just Don't drink the water here if you ever visit, very High mineral and sulfur content . Woodstock HGM /me is sitting in the AC drinking a large Iced Tea.
  9. Moved to a more proper thread
  10. you MUST pay Harvey the money for the mission to continue if you don't pay the mission is dropped you must return to Anusha to pick the mission up again. Woodstock HGM
  11. right click on the file in the EBCONFIG sub-directory on the game folders the select properties and compatibility run the test and select what it recommends then run the E&BConfig and administrator rights, then run the test for the resolution you want and make sure you deselect the windowed box for full screen you have to run the test for the resolution and OK the results for the change to take effect
  12. Are asking the number browser windows/tabs?. If so on each of my 4 computers I open the net-7 main page for avatar info, a database page. The net-7 map pages. The enbmaps.de page. The main wiki page. The wiki job terminal page. The wiki / commands page and a couple of other pages . Each computer has a different account signed in so I ca. See info on all accounts with out having to sign out and back in to switch accounts. To look up items.
  13. ensure the game is downloaded and installed (the original install disks work, DO NOT Repeat DO NOT use the EA Enb Launcher IT WILL NOT WORK, down load and install the Net-7 EnB Launcher from the Net-7.org Portal page under the Main tab then the Downloads menu choice. always run this Launcher to play the game. it will update the launcher and the game the first time you launch it, if you do not have a game account or a forum account Go the the ENB Emulator Forums and create an account this same account will be used to access the NET-7.org Portal page, once you are on the portal page if you do not have a game account, you will need to create on under the accounts tab, use this info to sign in the game, The portal page will show all your accounts and avatars on your current Email (future reference) if you have an account go to game and sign in you may need to link the account under the account tab o the portal page this is just a quick response i hope it helps Woodstock HGM
  14. It's due north of the Inverness/arduinne gate. Make sure you warp to the gate.
  15. Sometimes you need to fly away from the gate and warp back to get the spawn to start
  16. kk like we discussed use the wiki for the mission so you can follow along the mission as your on each of the steps Woodstock HGM
  17. i see those 5 you listed and the Mission to get worm hole "to go boldly..." did you try scrolling your mission list down to see your mission it will display a total of 12 missions but you should never have that many in your log Woodstock HGM
  18. I see all three missions for the extended wormhole line in your mission list mission one "boldly go where no one". step one see honey doo on ishuan station, which as it should be at this time, Mission two "green initiative: why did the chicken cross the road" on step 6 which also where it should be at this time and mission Three "Green initiative you would forget your head if it wasn't attached" which is one step 7 take the wormhole on endriago planet to the riscoe moon do not use Jenquai wormhole on riscoe moon scan the getco ship and return thru the wormhole to endriago planet and dock on the station, when you finish this mission you will need to finish mission two then finish mission one dont forget to get 3 eggs from somerled station before going to paren station Woodstock HGM PS check the wiki about the missions it will help you a bit to see what and where to go
  19. use the command /getgmitems to retrieve the glamour goo required for this step in the mission . Woodstock HGM
  20. Shakti moon is not in the game its just background announcements to fill out the environment of the galaxy Woodstock P.S. its a trap
  21. Whats is your characters name, So that we can help you? Woodstock HGM
  22. the Net-7.org portal pages has pages covering each of your characters when you sign in, you can see all the missions that you are working on or have completed see where you last parked them, see all of your inventory both cargo and vault, see all of your recipes broken down to the component level if you can build components, it list weapon, engines, etc also you can search in the Net-7 Database if you own it or can build it it will show the characters under that master sign in that have or can build it, you can also see the recipes of items in the Database so you can plan ahead and gather items, and also the database will show builders of items Woodstock HGM
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