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  1. set the config to administrator, and run the compatibility and set it to what it suggests.
  2. I see your old account in the system (it hasn't been accessed since 6/21/2016, is it possible that you have forgotten the password you used, on the NEt-7.org page under account you can change the password your self, the forums and net-7 pages are different then the actual game sign in,
  3. i ll send you a new game password in a pm for security once you sign in and verify it works use this password on the net-7 page to change the password to one yo can associate with the account.
  4. is the game password the one you are having issues with or the forums/net-7.org password?
  5. Nice, I like how you broke each sector out into its own sub-page.
  6. are you using the net-7 launcher to start the game, the error you stat is common is you are using the EA launcher, DO NOT use the EA Launcher. if you are using the the NET-7 launcher , ensure that the server setting is pointed to the correct server in the host box, Sunrise.net-7.org.
  7. Last Tuesdays restart was just a weekly server restart, no changes were made to any ingame items. so its likely you are getting the lucky draw on poprocks. personally i try to avoid them.
  8. its ok i get one or two pre-wipe players a year returning that go through the same questions routine,
  9. as you have signed into four of your six accounts, i do not know when you last signed in to those four. the two you haven't signed in to, show that you last signed in Nov. 10, 2012, two days before we went live and all avatars were wiped just before the server was restarted on nov12 2012, the "temp" names saw last time logged in was also Nov. 10, 2012 i saw that all of the temps are slightly different spellings. since the wipe on and restart on Nov 12 2012 there has not been another player wipe. It looks like you will have to start each avatar over if the name is still available, We all started at level 0 when the server was restarted on Nov. 12, 2012
  10. the ten-gu cranium, ocular nerve and nerve bundles do drop from mobs in cooper as well as the Fishbowl and the PRS Fishbowl, I am not saying from which mobs but they do drop. the Ten-gu weapons DO drop from fishbowl and gate raid mobs, which are as they should. JRichards if you are relying on the wiki as your ONLY source of info, beware there are errors that need corrected.
  11. The update inly updated the file for guild icons it doesn't effect connectivity. the only things that give the error you stated are the server being down, or the client line on the net-7 launcher is not pointed at the correct file . or your trying to access the wrong server on the server line.
  12. the Progen Sentinel have a skill they can use on themselves and others called "Call Forward" that can respec skill points used on shills the basic skills are exempt from this skill. it requires the recipient to have a specific device to be installed ( this device is available from NPC Calliope Gans on Arx Spartoi in Endriago Sector of the Gallina System. you must buy the device (non Manufacturable) for the level of the skill being call forwarded. Reactor, Shield, Engine can not be recalled
  13. I would rather go through earthquakes then tornados and hurricanes, earthquakes are just for a moment or two and other that aftershocks many which are not even felt, its pretty much over and things go back to normal quickly after a quick cleanup, and a few drinks to calm nerves (just kidding in my case), hurricanes you know its coming so you have to prepare , safe your house and property and in some cases leave to a safe area then if your lucky a few days later or weeks you can go home maybe if it is still there. in an earthquake unless you are very near the fault or epicenter your just go back to normal, where i live we are near 40 from the San Andreas fault so we fell a lot of bigger shakes anything under 4 do not even feel it has to be a 6 or above to be felt where we live. as like most Californians do live on or near faults this part of california has only the San Andreas as the major fault and the last big nearby earthquake we had here was back in 1983 Coalinga earthquake, though We did feel the Northridge 1994 and the earthquake that happened during the world series in 1989, though I didn't feel it as I was in Virginia in the Navy on a Ship. We did feel two Earthquakes the hit near Ridgecrest last year and another 6 + a couple of years ago that hit in Nevada. other than that we Bake every summer. to day its supposed to be cool only 102 degrees Fahrenheit, we have a saying around here you can tell its summer as you cant see any kids outside, its to hot to play out side even the ice cream man comes before 8 am and after 9pm, lol
  14. Welcome Back, See You in Game
  15. I just logged SnoopyJE straight in no errors no security bypasses no problems
  16. keep all of us posted on your travel itinerary just incase you pass near one of us, you could meet up with the players
  17. can you sign into the forums and the portal pages, (Net-7.org) the portal pages will show your accounts and you can change passwords there also.
  18. We had 3 earthquakes located in three different areas almost at the same time two were 4.8 and one a bit further north of the two at a 5.9 quite a few after shocks. now on standby for more aftershocks or a larger quake(hopefully none show up) with the heat in the low 100's here now, you could call us shake and bake. (Groan) bad joke
  19. thanks i see the ticket, but cant work on it until the server comes back up
  20. Write a Gm Help ticket With name of avatar needing mission removed and i can remove it from your avatar
  21. Gee thanks, I literally play 6 out of 7 days some times 7 out of 7 unless i am sick or Wife Faction work is in the way.
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