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  1. The reason it was shot down is the fact you get exp from making ammo. If you got enough components you could level your trade just by making ammo. What would fix that, "exploit" for lack of a better term, would be a code disabling expierence for using the mass build commands. I'd love to see this command in the game. Even in live it was brought up alot. Along those lines, making the "build last items" box would be sweet also.
  2. I've been playing Rift and when I'm not I'm playing EnB. I posted in Trion's forums about the emulator and got some old hard core EnBers to come back. Recruited a couple of them too!! I try to get the word out as much as possible, however I think there is to much draw to the new games coming out. There is a handful of us die hard EnBers that will never go away though!
  3. Stray! Nice to see you back bud. Yeah most of us played on 56k Modems back then too! haha - Game is smooth and having a blast. Ask in market channel for a Static member to get you an invite.
  4. Trapt


    I miss you guys...wish I could hit the lottery so I could quit my job and play games all the time!!
  5. Firstly Hello!!! Hope things are well. I've been deep in work and raising a family, so i've taken a break from gaming. I've thought about the game and miss playing. I'm in the process of getting the game installed and updated, as I upgraded to windows 7 and fdisk'd all of my computers and need to reinstall. I'm just curious what has changed since i've been gone? I've looked for patch notes but I can't find any. I've been gone for about 4 or 5 months to give you a time frame. Many thanks ahead of time for the info!!
  6. Contact a Static member online and get a guild invite, we would be glad to have you. Thanks for your interest.
  7. I'm not 100% sure how it worked live but I do remember progens having the ability to Link their inversions creating a huge arch between them making the damage even more. If they had max SI it would automatically do it for them. The light shows Progens used to put on were amazing haha..
  8. I pre-ordered and still waited in line for 4 hours and 36 min. Something needs to changed with that. It was horrible. I think next time ill have it sent to my house.
  9. What part of the country are you from? I pre-ordered mine today and got right through. Mine will be there in the store on the morning of the 24th to pick up. I think you got shafted cuz of where you live..
  10. Giving the situation, either we test and help them with bugs, or the server gets wiped, I'm sure I can convince a good portion of Static to help you Kyp. Most of us have 5-6 150's and need something to occupy our time with anyway. Let me know when/if this happens and I'll be one of the first to create a toon and help you test stuff.
  11. That usually occurs when your account has not been activated properly. I'd request your activation email again and try again.
  12. All mine are in my sig!
  13. Do the slash commands work? If so anyone have a list of them? I'd like to be able to demote, remove inactive people and clean up the guild roster a bit. The guild command buttons them selfs don't work.
  14. The way people leveled after ST4 started: 1. Suicide trade runs - Fixed 2. Progen self destruct trade runs - Fixed 3. Jenquai Return to base trade runs - Fixed Those were the 3 "quick" ways people were leveling after the start of ST4. As for me now, I've leveled 3 toons to 150 after those fixes. Plan and simple hard work and grinding is the only way I know of to level now. I think what needs to be addressed is it's obvious each class has their strengths and weaknesses. Traders, Warriors, Explorers. I think there should be bonuses for each of those classes focusing on their chosen profession. IE: Warriors should get bonus to combat experience for killing mobs, explorers bonus exp to exploring, mining, etc and the same for traders (Trade runs). Right now, Most people grind trade runs to level their toons and then use spillover when reaching TL50. Most of the reasons there is alot of anti-wipe comments here, is most of us don't want to go through that again. I am happy with where I am in the game, minus the lack of end game content. I am currently working on my 5th level 150 toon, doing his missions and leveling him up. I report bugs, I find bugs, I work with dev's testing stuff, I donate funds to the server, which is really all we can do at this point until the game is pushed live. I promise, if you wipe toons again before the game goes live, It will do nothing but hurt the game. I can personally say we lost at least 10 very active Static guild members after the last wipe because they did not want to level again. I bet other guilds can say the same. Short of their being game breaking, server crashing items or mechanics in the game, I don't see any reason to wipe the server again until the game goes live.
  15. Same place you get the other sigs. There is a link at the bottom for the smaller version.
  16. I've seen some people with the smaller forum sigs, anyone know where to get them or who makes them?
  17. Daves in IRC, he will be back soon so hopefully he can work on it. I suggest going into irc using the http://www.net-7.org/index.php link....
  18. I can't log in for some reason. Getting the ea.com is temporarily unavailable error (INV-300). Just started tonight. What options need to be checked on the launcher? currently and have had only Packet Optimization and Secure Auth checked.
  19. I see it when I browse the forums on my Iphone. I think it may be a safari issue?
  20. I'm interested in seeing what the pros/cons are to wiping the server again before the next stress test. I know the reasons the wipes occurred prior, but honestly at this point I think it would do more harm than good. The main reason, there are alot of us that don't feel like leveling up our characters and going through all that stuff again. I know there are alot that will come back, but I've seen a dramatic decline in how many people still play vs in the past. So, I ask you to please consider all angles and at least tell us why, if anything you are going to wipe the server again. As for me, if there is another server wipe, I won't be back until the game is live and no other wipes will happen again. Pros - Clean server, no bugged items, incorrect items, deleted inactive accounts Cons - starting over, losing players, losing funding Those are just the ones I can come up with, I'm sure there are many more that will have some input on this subject.
  21. Trapt

    Devastating Gaze

    Hey all, DG finally drops. I can make the beam and the comps. So get the ores/eyes/lenses and send me a tell in game and I'll build ya one, free of course!
  22. It would be nice to have the ability to flag and item in your inventory as "no sale" to prevent accidentally selling them to a vendor. I've sold devices, (that can be remade thankfully) mistaking them for another. If I accidentally sold a drop only item or something valuable, it would suck!
  23. Trapt

    Brimstone Ammo

    Just looking at Brimstone ammo, the cost and other factors arn't really on par with other ammo of the same level and type. Don't get me wrong, the Projectile Launcher is very nice and has some amazing buffs, but I just don't think it's on par. 1. 143 Million for a stack of cement bags (stack of 150 not even 240) 2. The ammo itself only stacks in stacks of 1200, whereas Bile & Spit are in stacks of 2000. I'm not so concerned with it being in stacks of 1200 as I am the price of the ammo comps. Not to mention, two of the ammo comps are PM only, so...I'd suggest lowering the price of cement bags, and possibly making the stacks of ammo 2000 like the rest of the level 9 ammo in the same class.
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