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  1. Can we start a topic of listing where and what levels JOBS are located? You must be no lower than 15 level OL to take advantage of these jobs. For example lvl 50 jobs you must be OL 35 or higher to do jobs. NET 7 50 margesi 75 somerled 105 Endargo 105 f7 135 omp 135 xipe totec 150
  2. I formatted my drive and installed windows 7 ultimate. Works like a champ now. omorbpw
  3. I tried setup that Tienbau described and it works for me. Thanks for doing that Tienbau!
  4. re-installed client code and updated and re-installed netproxy. I still have to force update and when i kill something on a job misson, i get below message. Error in mission #426, stage #1.
  5. Well mostly. I now have to run force update everytime i start enb. I did a net7 re-install .. no help thanks
  6. did a force update and now I am working thanks
  7. I am now working.. forced update on net and all is well thanks
  8. tried all those, no help. I have been playing since ST3 with no problems until 2 patches ago. Now I cannot play. I am running vist X64 thanks
  9. yes, I did try fix above. I am running Vista 64
  10. Since latest patch, I cant get logged in. After I put in my password I am kicked back to the Netproxy screen. I never get beyond this point. I have compapability set properly. please fix! thanks omorbpw
  11. I have been found and am good to go!
  12. I have jumped in to swooping eagle, and I cannot warp, set distanations or do much of anything, can someone please move me out? thanks omorbpw is the char
  13. Phaethon Thank you very much, your suggestion fixed me also .. Merry Christmas!
  14. Latest and greatest.. Level 3.0 lIke I said, XP works great, just ENB hangs after 5 minutes.. thanks
  15. I am running vmware, xp and enb for a 2nd account. All works great for about 2 minutes then enb hangs. xp still in working order.Anyone else using this combo successfully? thanks bromott
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