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  1. Happy Birthday !!! To Us :)

  2. Is this really needed? (start again) If you're more than level 10 there's no way to get the mission?
  3. Yeah, maybe it's cultural difference. It just sounded (to me) like you was making fun of the server situation, or of someone, something like that. Oh, and don't mind. Considering that you could be my grandpa (not really =P), I'm learning from you. =) I thought that too (and hoped he was kidding or making fun of a friend mod of him), but the way he said sounded offensive. It can be the culture thing. Yeah I've noticed the donation system and I totally agree with it. It looks well implemented, so well that something like a "chart of products" was the last thing I would think about. I'm not saying that it exists but, the fact that the donations are actually happening makes such a demand for specific services unnecessary by the donators themselves, in my point of view.
  4. o.O Wow, I'll not quote your "whisper" hoping that you edit it, but, before starting a conversation about copyright infringements and personal offense, I ask you how old are you? Because that sentence looks very offensive to me. And if this is not a personal attack to someone's previous behaviour regarding copyright infringements, it's just a damn stupid thing to say... Maybe I'm just new here and don't know how the things works, but that's a great lack of politeness usually seen only in immature levels of age.
  5. Rogue

    Poll Mission?

    Just to add a different opinion. There's no something like a "center message" on screen (not on the chat screen) by the GMs like in almost any other game like this? They do that for events, for example. You guys can start by simply inviting the players to important polls or something. If there's no result, try the hard path...
  6. I don't like it... =) And I think that the emptiness feeling should be encouraged... it's the space!
  7. As a purist I think that's evil (lol not really). Now serious, I like to play with only one character and I enjoy the game being hard. So I'll never do such thing. But interesting points by these people who use it. If you guys don't feel that you are "hurting" the gameplay by playing mainly "as a single player game", there's no problem. I know that you all know that the game wasn't intended that way, so...
  8. Well... any other game is not working properly? If it's just this game, it must be its files. Try running defrag or delete everything and unzip again... Another possibility could be a weird new software that you installed recently. There's some spywares pretending to be anti-viruses around. If you said that you used the game in the same computer, it's very likely that's just software. And don't need to think about exotic possibilities, it's just a 2002 game. (at least I think it is. maybe I'm wrong and this client is modified in some way...?)
  9. My first contact with the game was in a teaser trailer (the opening movie) included in the Battlefield 1942 game disc, years ago. I was expecting a great game. Well, the game was never released in my country (even WoW wasn't released). But I didn't expected that the game was going to last just 2 years. I tought, well, if it was so bad received by the usa people, it can be a bad game, but I was going to try anyway. I know that almost every mmorpg out there eventually get its "private" servers. So the time has passed. My first contact with the game was with this site. And my surprise is that the game is superb. I'm loving it. I'm not into mmorpgs, but this game is so cool. The sci-fi mood is the best. So I want to play for a long time. The guys here are doing a great job. It's good to know that there is people who like this game so much to bring it back. I couldn't help yet, I'm here just for some time (some days, I think) but I will. So, that's it! =)
  10. Well, seeing here, these commands are already there. They were there already or you just put them there now? The /time thing works pretty fine to me. A full time diplayed clock would not be very cool, imo... =) Now I'll try those ship moves commands. =P
  11. Fullscreen for me. But I'm a newbie and I'm still enchanted by the sci-fi mood of the game. Well, but I usually (only) play games in fullscreen. So even if I was a pro I would play in fullscreen. And about the clock, there's no way to make a command for time, like in Diablo "/time"? (I'm not used to the chat commands yet. It took me some minutes to figure how to reply a private message lol)
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