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  1. I've had non EnB related discussions with staff members on general chat before. It sounds like the GM was bored and looking for anything to get a power trip...
  2. If you are going to add orefields to areas away from navpoints that require freewarping, can you fix the auto level hotkey? It is under the controls menu and does not seem to work while it is pretty important for freewarping especially now that the sector height has be raised to something like 20k-25k. Also, as an alternative or addition to making freqently looted orefields less interesting for ores, can you make them more dangerous to collect from? More ore guardians goes a long way into making a field less attractive. Also it can help create a need for miner escorts, something which has rarely been exploited in EnB and is actually a very cool form of grouping.
  3. [quote name='Blacklung' timestamp='1315251849' post='45735'] african? really? terran,progen,jenquai, choose one of those and darken them up if you feel better. other then that your out of luck [/quote] Darkening a terran is like darkening a caucasian, you end up with an indo-european (people from india and pakistan). Darken a Jenquai and you end up with a phillipino... Darken a Progen and you end up with a papua... Also it is not a playable character I'm asking for, more a sector kind of thing. I ask because japanese (jenquai), chinese (red dragon), Israelites (infiniticorp), americans (bogeril), germans (zweihander) and muslims (self-destruct) are already represented. Next logical step should be our african brethren.
  4. Thing that pissed me off this week was noticing the lack of an 'african themed' sector, as if africans remain palaeolithic in the 26th century???
  5. A doll identical to Dewinter, PLS. It should be under the terminal header 'build drones'. Please make it ''fully functional and trained in multiple techniques''.
  6. Please, add pop mobs that one shot kill lowbies giving them a reason to have better than L5 shields. Remove the peter north style roids - dozens of L9 ores is a bit too much. Change the colour of pop roids to be indistinguishable from normal ones. Otherwise lowbies can actively avoid them... ???? Suddenly a reason to level a miner past L80 is created.
  7. I agree with you cpwings. Also the lack of active players IMO is likely due to the planned p-wipes. Probably quite a few emu players have stopped because of that. They may be waiting for the final wipe. But since that is years away by the current path prepare to get lonelier yet... Unless ofcourse a different perhaps level 50 restricted wipe-free server is launched :facewhenclimaxing:
  8. Since part of the dev team is a graphics team... The hellbore torpedo launcher has an ML type zet skin. Like live I know, but what is up with that? It does not even look like a torpedo launcher. Would be nice if it had kinda the same skin as the real hellbore torpedo launcher mounted on RD carrier ships, only smaller. Or is this not what the graphics team does?
  9. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1314914808' post='45530']we could certainly wipe money without wiping p-data. If we wanted a strict economy wipe we could simply erase credits and recipe lists.[/quote] How would that work? Before an impending money-only p-wipe players could turn their money into items and still maintain a large portion of their wealth afterwards. Even if the sell-value of the items is reduced they will not be set back too much and the test will be influenced. So you probably would need to wipe items as well...
  10. When is the economy going to get balanced? Inevitably it will be associated with a p-wipe to see if it actually works. I ask because builders do not even charge you for services. And when I used L6 equipment I could already buy my L9 gear in advance. So a major feature of this game is still missing....
  11. For the same reasons Airwolf, Miami Vice, Knight Rider, The A-Team, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica and a lot of other older TV series are still cool to watch. The stunts are real and not some CG bs, they could have cheesey tunes and/or the main characters could have rediculous hairdo's and still be cool. EnB can get away with a lot because it's so old. And it being poorly designed compared to today's standards does not make it fun-exempt. It just means there is a limit to the amusement it can give you. Especially if you have already watched the episode, or in EnB's case, played the game before.
  12. [quote name='Kenu' timestamp='1314604922' post='45338'] I hear a lot that in live the grinding was there for the purpose of keeping people playing to keep them paying the monthly fee but grinding is really a part of all MMOs. If you turn the exp rates really high, people get to the max level quickly then they get bored. At the same time we don't want to force players to grind until they cry/get bored.[/quote] Grinding is not part of all MMO's, just poorly designed ones. Grinding is directly related to whether, or how much endgame content there is. EnB being an early MMO it lacks endgame content so they made the road to getting there longer to keep people paying. Raiding is not really sustainable endgame content because you are raiding to get uber gear to raid better. It is a cycle that can get boring quickly if you have enough raid gear or you can see through the cycle. The latter of which I'm unsure most players here can do. Other MMO's (not WOW) have good endgame PvP content without the need to grind your toon for weeks/months but this is completely incompatible with EnB. EnB does not have the required basis of balanced classes for pvp, nor does it have a proper arena or decent pvp objectives. Not to forget, ENB has too many old players who at the mere mention of pvp do what scuttlebugs do best So grinding for ages untill in the end you can raid a bit, those are the major milestones enb offers...
  13. To get to L150 in 2-3 days you tour lowbies. Unless this has been fixed already but I doubt that. Best way to do it is with 6 accounts as finding enough lowbies can be hard. It's bug abuse as that is clearly a form of power leveling that beats the need to play and grind normally for a few weeks to hit 150. Hope it will either be fixed, or all low level content is removed and replaced by 150 content as that is when the game really begins (I'm with you on that one).
  14. [quote name='Dragoncove' timestamp='1314465685' post='45303'] Again, that is not what I have heard. [/quote]^unsure what that is referring to... [quote name='Dragoncove' timestamp='1314465685' post='45303']As for Navigate and Afterburn, one is passive and the other active, so Afterburn has a greater effect, and their effects (I presume) stack. Also, Afterburn has more of an effect on non-warp speed with less skill point investment. I notice that both of you are talking about speed as if warp and non-warp are interchangable. As if the ability to get around the sectors faster helps you in combat.[/quote] The advantage gained from the scout's speed skills in combat is irrelevant and not a point here. Take the TW, it does not have navigate and afterburn but it is great at kiting. With the scout it just takes longer.
  15. [quote name='Dragoncove' timestamp='1314398772' post='45273'] Granted. I had just noticed that upgrading the Scout to 4/5 gave it the same weapon slots as the Sentinel, but obviously overreacted to that comparison. If the Scout is underpowered, then it's underpowered. Is that what you two are saying? That the Scout is too weak in combat, and cannot compete with the other classes? [/quote] Nobody said the scout is too weak at combat. I don't make posts with vague insinuations. If something is crap it will be said. That being said the scout is underpowered in other ways. Navigate and afterburn are basically the same skill, which goes to show how imaginative it's development has been:lol:. It has nothing over the PS or JE. The speed advantage it is supposed to have is negated by the JE's wormhole. In it's entirity, the Scout is a poorly designed class with no real upsides, yet. [quote name='Dragoncove' timestamp='1314398772' post='45273']So, remove Hull Patch and replace it with Power Down. I don't like the idea, but you seem to.[/quote] [img]http://www.reactionface.info/sites/default/files/images/1310408441466.jpg[/img] What the f...
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