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  1. bolt212

    Mail System

    also. instead of instant delivery make it take a random 2 - 5 hours before the recover gets it. . makes no sense to have the item magically appear instantly. also makes it so that trades do not go obsolete.
  2. I think the jt should get a mobile manufacture terminal that fits in a device slot and there is 9 different levels of it. it would be only able to build ammo and comps with negotiation having no effect in costs and costs will be naturally a bit higher than using a station. I think this fits the pt because they are the more technologically advanced race and it can't be abused by them in solo play because they are the only trader that doesn't need ammo.
  3. I thought only hull damage interrupted skills. shield damage never did unless it was a critical. at least that's how I remember it.
  4. I sent you an email. Let me know if there is anything I can do for the project!
  5. I'm on step 2 of The Missing Transport 4/4 and I have killed the red dragon frieghter (level 8) about 10 times now and It still won't update the mission to let me move on to step 3. Am I doing something obviously wrong or has anyone else had trouble with this mission?
  6. This is my opinion though I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. I havent played this emu for nearly 2 years because I'm sick of starting the SAME character over and over again. Personally, I pretty much hate sub level 120 or so leveling, the game doesn't really get fun for me till level 8-9 weapons and equipment. before that there is just not much exciment because everyone has the exact same loadout with the exact same equipment because it is so easy for someone to build you the best of everything early on. at least with level 8 and 9 there are a TON of options and no one build is 100% better in every situation than another. Wipe the equipment, credits, and all extra skill points, all mission data, all nav locations. Hell, you can even wipe my EL down to 0 and CL down to 36 or 42, but please please don't make me start back at level 000 again and please leave my TL the hell alone. The grind in this game is too damn boring and the only thing that gets me through it is knowing i'll get to have fun when its over, but not if you guys keep resetting me back to square one! Even if this game does eventually go live I'll probably be to bored of the grind for the 5 or 6th damn time to ever come back and play it!
  7. couldn't you fix that by only allowing so many corpses spawn in the same area at a time? Such as if there are only a few corps then they all have a 10 minute timer. If once a certain number of corpses appear, say like 15 or 20, then the older ones start to insta pop as new ones are created. Boss corpses are excluded from this list and are on a 30 minute timer.
  8. Fold space + summon is also a pretty good tactic.
  9. Wow... the story line is almost exactly like EnB. Progen Vs Jenquia Unknown alien race (V'rix) How original. Looks pretty though.
  10. While I know there will be a wipe when we go to "live" I still wish there wouldn't be. I absolutely hate leveling in this game for the first 120 levels or so. I don't think I can force my self to start over for the 5th friggen time, even if the end game is still the ENB I love. I just don't think I can force myself to stick around that long.
  11. I don't get why level IX devices have to have a negative buff. For this reason I keep my JD at devices 8 because non of the level 9s are worth the draw backs for such a slight increase in power.
  12. I had this same issue, try intalling using win xpSP 2 compatibility mode. Also If you are on a user account try running the installer as administrator.
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