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  1. Hey Bitman. Happy B-Day Man! I still remember you from live. The Scorend forever mate :)
    (Was Sunrutas JE / Saturnus TE back then)
  2. My PC's only last like one Year, then i have to upgrade something Specs: Asus Crosshair IV Formula 3.4GhZ AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition @ 3.75Ghz 8GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 RAM Asus GTX-295 Dual-GPU Super Flower 1200W PSU All silenty water chilled
  3. The lv30 mission had two glitches in it: - I got the first inspiration after leaving the Dock instantly without doing anything. - I could not meditate on (whatsthename) Planet Statue. Had to get a GM to skip this Step. Rest worked as intended i'd say.
  4. I just got the Mission on Joves Fury. I WH then to Swooping Eagle to do other stuff first. After the WH i get Questupdate to step 4, after warping to Beta Hydri Gate steps 5 and 6 and after Gating to BH the step 7. Now i can return to Joves without doing any Step at all... Does not work as intended i guess
  5. Had just the same issue yesterday. GM skipped the buggy step for me and i was fine. Just remind him to give you the 2nd part of the 4th Inspiration. Otherwise you will get stuck later in the Questseries.
  6. Damn! Thats me looking for my Contact lens on the Ground!
  7. What can i say...These Pics still make me laugh ^^ Tada-O forever P.S: Just move this Threat if i picked the wrong Forum
  8. Hey Redd I (we) joined KoWW from "The Scorned" once our Guild was gone. Had like 2 active Toons: - Saturnus the TE - Sunrutas the JE I still remember Towtruck and Bitman. I used to hang out with these guys quite often. So nice to be rememberd at these fine Times! It was my first MMO and still the best of them all! By the way, i almost got a tear in my Eyes as i went to Warp again yesterday after like ten Years! I hope you will find the Time to at least smell the Goold old E&b Air again!! Greez Saturnus
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