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  1. sorry fpr all the questions lol just make sure i do this right here goes agin on sunrise server 65 people online is that max ?? for reason i cant get on ? i saw pack op box and prtototype box do i need to check those off ? the 2 other servers were off line i saw thats it pls let me know thx
  2. ok here goes agin i went ahead filly got the anti viruse to work and unlock all to free game up yay the rest i found and did the updates and to run it a few times and yes it finally got the net7 laucher icon on desk top yay when i ran it to play it still got stock on connection retry later ? what did i miss ?
  3. hi agin dont know what u mean on the packets and disabling mouse lock and so on to deleting thats were u lost me lol ? and dont know were that is thx : )
  4. hi man ty for the info when i launched it it said''cant connect to server ?
  5. hi all, i am useing win7 i made account and dpwn loaded what i needed it . it didnt put the desk top icon to start game and couldnt finde the ebexe luncher start help thx : )
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