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  1. Lol at least I've only got 3 levels done, not the full nine! I'll go over Levels 1, 2, and 3 again. I hate it when the placeholders are all changed to numbers though.. I have to go very slowly and carefully to make sure I am in the right column and updating the right category of number. I hate to be bothersome, but...... are the PLs fixed too?!
  2. Hehe I hear you... several of us ENBers in The Dragoons guild reformed as a corporation in Eve, with me as the CEO. In the end, I found myself spending more and more time in our home station doing corp admin and inter-corp relations, while the rest of the guys were out in space actually doing stuff.. and creating more admin! One reviewer of the game resonated with me.. "Eve .. a second job you have to pay for!"
  3. Bear in mind that a TE can't recharge his shield, nor patch his hull, nor cloak, nor whip out an impervious Psi-shield, and he's got less hull resistance than a PW (who also has the ability to recharge his shield to some extent). Each class has something really nice. Why can't us TE's have something really nice that we can share with a group?! It's not like we hog the benefit for just ourselves! 🙂
  4. As a TE, I'm not at all keen on your nbr 2 idea, but the others are certainly interesting..!
  5. Thanks to returning pilot Famicom earlier today in the Server Status thread, is the following link to: EVE Online | Down the Rabbit Hole The video was Posted 21 hours ago (on 1 Nov 2023), and already has 590,765 views! 598,741 views from the time I finished this post! Duration: 5 hours, 55 minutes, 12 seconds. One of the comments says this comprehensive documentary about the history of EVE took 2 years to create. Earth and Beyond makes an appearance at this timestamp: https://youtu.be/BCSeISYcoyI?t=3694 I thought I would re-post Famicom's link here, as any discussion should be kept out of the Server Status thread as each comment there will ping the server admin and drive him nuts if a conversation takes off!
  6. The server seemed to be functioning normally for me, but when I tried logging another alt in, LaunchNet declared it was 'Offline".. there were 6 other toons (all not mine) logged in as well, a few minutes ago. Have logged off now, just in case stuff I do doesn't get saved.
  7. Some more game media links: Be here of watching for full Tada-O ad line! Big! Strong! Wow! Shakti Pleasure Moon Advert. Look for Commander Riker's business card on the Visitors' Board in the Lobby! The ENB Intro Trailer - Remastered in 1080p! posted to YouTube 8 June 2021 by SnazzyAI. He's converted the original 800x600 resolution, 15 Frames per Second (fps) video into 1920x1080 at 30 fps! The higher quality that this clip has long deserved! Cat at the end of the video approves! Terran Wander and Terran Battle music playlist at Youtube Collection of Jenquai Wander music at YouTube ----------- Off the topic of ENB music, to my pleasant surprise I just discovered that someone long ago uploaded a video from Sunset Day on the old my old server, Orion! I even was able to spot one of my old guild-mates from The Dragoons in one of the raiding-party shots. You never know what you'll find poking around in YouTube's attic! "Earth & Beyond Orion Server Sunset" at YouTube And here's a playlist with literally hours of ENB footage (not a recommendation as to each of the 184 videos, just a link to the first one, so you can find the playlist somebody assembled from the efforts of a variety of YouTubers). Assorted ENB videos - Playlist at YouTube
  8. Thanks Markemt - deselecting "Check for server certificate revocation" worked for me too. I was a little puzzled by the situation, as logins were failing on my Win10 computer, but on an old Win7 box I rarely use for ENB, logins worked fine. After doing your workaround and getting logged in on my Win10 machine, I looked at the settings on the Win7 PC and found the "Check for server certificate revocation" box IS ticked/checked — and logins were working without a hiccup. So this login issue seems to not affect ENB on Win7, but does affect ENB running on Win10 (and presumably Win11 too). Maybe these more modern O/Ses have tighter security.. Just my 2 cents, in case anyone with Win7 is saying "what are they all talking about?!"
  9. Hey hey...looking good! Launcher app is giving a server status of "ONLINE-0"! I tried to log in but my password wasn't recognised... Are things not ready yet and I am trying to log in too soon? Sorry if I jumped the gun..
  10. Currently listenting to: Earth and Beyond OST Music —it's only the Terran and Jenquai "wander" themes in this YouTube playlist (sorry, Progens), but it's helping fend off withdrawal symptoms!
  11. Like JayHiking (above) I too would be happy to help if some extra hands are needed. I'm not much of a programmer (the wiki is more my speed), but if there's some necessary drudgery that needs doing that's been pushed aside by more high-level tasks, give me a shout, guys! Best cheers & huge appreciation for all your dedication to ENB!
  12. Hi Devs! I'm sure you're all working hammer & tongs in your free time, trying to get ENB back online after moving to a new server, so I'm a bit hesitant to suggest this increase to your workload, but it's short and quick. It occurred to me that some folks might just go directly to the net-7.org web address and not think to check the Forum. My little suggestion is for a short default html file to be temporarily added to the web root folder, giving a brief one- or two-line announcement that the game is switching servers during Feb/Mar 2023 and will be back in a while; with perhaps a link to point people to the Forum. At the moment, net-7.org just displays a white page with the text "Error connecting to database 'Net7'" at the top. Best cheers & keep up the good work!
  13. Good one, JR! I just popped over and gave it a 5-hugs rating... only us 2 so far.. If anyone else is reading this post, support ENB's rating on that site and add a hug, please! It looks like you don't have to log in.. just go to https://oldgamesdownload.com/earth-beyond/ and click on a heart icon! Am wondering if there's a sub-reddit for old games... I haven't logged in there for ages, but perhaps another avenue for raising awareness..
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