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  1. Sigh. It's just unplayable after about 5 minutes. I can fly around, but the 5-10 second delay makes battle impossible. Going to work with Cisco on my firewall, but I don't think it's going to do any good. Just going to have to wait for Comcast to build out in the neighborhood. Plenty of bandwidth to console game online, watch Netflix/Disney+, or play games on this PC, but something with EnB just isn't working (for me). Something my PC or security setup just hates.
  2. I will add these to firewall exceptions for that IP, see what happens. I can gate now, so that's good. But the latency/lag for me is too much to play. Literally a 5-second delay between any button pushed and the action taking place. Initially, it's normal. But after about 5-10 minutes, super delay. Bandwidth usage is almost nothing, which is great - I just must be in a horribly latent spot. But thanks for the tips and things to try. I'll keep trying - maybe install on another pc, too, see if the same thing happens. Spoke too soon. Can't gate anymore. Looks like I can play 5 minutes at a time. lol
  3. I will give it a try - but what I am seeing is that during transition, the server is trying to communicate back to me on port 3544, which isn't the port outbound, therefore my firewall is dropping it. This is easily reproducible, so that's good. Not sure why it would try to come back to me on a port I am not already communicating on, and I don't know about allowing that IP to transmit anything to me it wants.
  4. Might just be my crappy ISP, but the lag is pretty harsh this morning. I cannot dock or gate without the client hanging at the map screen and never completing. Arx Forgus and gate from Witberg to Zweihander- both just bring up the galaxy map and just sit there. Has been 15 minutes with no change. If everyone else is fine, I'll presume ISP, but figured I'd ask. They are finally building out fiber in my neighborhood, so in the 30-60 days this should be a non-issue altogether. Edit: Same issues in 5G connection. Hm.
  5. Found the reset, and can log in now. Will play a bit later hopefully. Thank you all for the help, suggestions and perseverance!
  6. I wish I could say I knew exactly why, but...I was able to launch this morning, reset updates and update again after being able to download these two files. Game launches now! But my site password apparently isn't my in-game password. Is that resettable?
  7. Guess so. Oh well. Maybe someone else will have an idea or a working site to download the update from.
  8. A/V isn't blocking it, it would create alerts if it did so. The site is stating unreadable, from Chrome, Firefox and Edge. My hosts file is empty of any entries that would supersede DNS.
  9. Cannot download from that link. Any browser I use states Network Error and won't download it. Is there an alternate location or download area?
  10. Deleted that folder, no change in result when launching directly from the Net-7 directory (LaunchNet7 or Net7proxy). .Net 3.5 and 4.8 are both installed already. Net7proxy.exe causes them "Server failed to respond to login attempt" LaunchNet7.exe launches, but clicking Play results in the error shown previously - Incompatible version of Net7Proxy. Latest version is 2.42, then the server error above. Is there a newer version of the LaunchNet7 somewhere other than from it updating itself? It's still v1.9.9 from anything I've downloaded. Maybe it should update itself, but I guess that is where I am getting stuck since it won't.
  11. Sorry to be such a pain with this, just can't figure out what I am doing wrong here. Seems pretty simple and straightforward - it was before when I tried last (granted, it has probably been a couple years).
  12. LaunchNet7.exe from the C:\Program Files (x86)\Net-7\bin directory nd then doing Launcher > Reset Updates brings me Capture attached. Second screenshot is where it errors, then the next is the result after the error, which then takes me to the original problem. And now LaunchNet7 no longer works, until I remove all of it, and reinstall from scratch.
  13. eandb_demo.exe installed (run as admin used) Net-7_Install.exe completed (run as admin used) First update running as in Capture image. (shortcut set to run as admin) Second launch after completion in CaptureB and CaptureC image.
  14. Appreciate the idea, but that takes me back to the original "Can't run on this PC" issue. I am noticing however, that LaunchNet7 is v1.9.9 no matter what I have updated. Is it supposed to be updating itself to v2.2.0 or is there another download/update for it separately?
  15. Rip/replace has helped, so that's good. But now the launcher generates an error when I hit Play (after it fully updated), stating Incompatible version of Net7Proxy, latest version is 2.42. (then a Server Failed to respond to login attempt message)
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