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  1. when clicking on Net-7 it goes to task bar so I cant login, wont open in the main window. Has anyone else seen this issue? Have removed and reinstalled Net-7. Works fine on my laptop. windows 7
  2. Thanks for the update. Hope it runs long enough my guys all get a chance to take part in the fun.
  3. Question, I just got the first mission but I am worrying it is too hard, My Explorer is only a CL 16. Should I bring a Defender with me?
  4. Is anyone taking MS up on the offer? I have 3 computers 1XP PRO and 2 Win 7 64bit and everything works fine. Not sure if I want to a bug tester for them.
  5. Just started today on my laptop. No issues on my PC. Both machines have windows 7 64 bit with the lates updates. So today I just kept my Guys in one sector trying to get my red faction in the green so I can go to BBW. In live I could only go there with my JD and JE...so Died a lot.
  6. They all started with AZ....AZwoodie, AZwoodman ECT....Guild+ United sapce allaince and Brethern of the wolf  JD and JE mostly
  7. On one PCM I have to keep removing some files. Not at home now but think they were MH6 midi files. (Something like that, do a search in tech support)
  8. [quote name='Stanig' timestamp='1353888935' post='67157'] We are sorry for the inconvenience, but bugs are bugs and show up more often under heavy load. Just think of it this way, each and every time this happens, is another bug that is being squashed. [/quote] actually I enjoyed it, lots of game play discussion between the crashes....and long time since 400 ppl been on at once...
  9. [quote name='duvel' timestamp='1353880854' post='67142'] i guess the server could not handle the building-issue chat [/quote] I liked the talk...now instead of picking the highest paying jobs I look at faction increases and decreases...
  10. what just happen?? Crash ?? and my toons are locked not moving
  11. Phoenix rising never said die never give up....ooops too long
  12. [quote name='Blacklung' timestamp='1351118416' post='64629'] Faction has been turned off to all gates to Smugglers Run temporarily. Enjoy [/quote] WOW for how long? Have to dust off my enforcer and trader...
  13. been gone for awhile playing other games...what has changed? I know we are in beta...which is GREAT~!~ We hunting Scotty yet, any new areas open yet? I started playing during the Christmas release long time ago until sunset so every Christmas I stop playing...C&C, EVE, and now Battle Pirates to come back and donate to EnB. Whats new??
  14. [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1342667072' post='60635'] oh jeez, it's just a bit of fun. We're not bringing PvP to the game. Like Terrell said, there are very strict restrictions on the usage of the cannons, and the mining crystal is so far out of the way that you will never see it unless you want to go there. So far there are no rewards either, and when there are rewards they will probably tend to be more on the visual side rather than anything else (other than a bit of XP, the same as what you could get doing anything else) ... Drop by at the next test and see what the go is to make an informed desicion. cheers, TB [/quote] I get the feeling others would like to see a full blown PVP based EnB.
  15. whens the next raid?? I am sure I could use some of that floating gear...
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