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  1. theres little to do at 150 for anyone. you sit and wait for a spawn timer for hours for 25 minutes of fun. at most that happens 3x a week. it would be nice if there was some difficult group content but there isnt.
  2. you said its your job to police it and youre not. thats the issue. you have people (jamoos) making alt guilds with HIS characters trying to take away from the public. he continues to mock people and wonders why he gets retaliation.     and yeah, jamoos, when i see you abusing people i stop and inquire.  if you dont like it then stop doing it.
  3. its rare , ive got 1 but ive done probably 30+ FBs seen 3 total i think
  4. havent seen vaden at all. ive been here since sept
  5. yeah, guess GHB's post could be read a few different ways
  6. he was probably wonder where his sig and avatar were after the forum put up his post.         or it could be some conspiracy!
  7. having it as an option is the way to go
  8. this is the frustration i had with you a few weeks ago.  its so much easier getting people you know to get together and knock out raids as apposed to dealing with people ive never seen before. its a ton of work, most of it thankless.
  9. there needs to be a change. im seeing new guilds pop with players ive never heard of before...with full racks of bile weapons.   if a trade able drop is given to a player they need to equip it and keep it that way. i can see people abusing this by trading that stuff to their mains in the big 3.   those found trading big weapons like the spitter should be punished some how...like being banned from the public raid
  10. if big guild members can roll on stuff, like the spitter that went to a BI TS, then i will be attending and rolling on everything     daath, youll soon find out, when all 3 big guilds can loot and show up with every char they have, that the public raids really need to be for people who arent guilded.
  11. i dont think the player base is big enough to have an actual economy.
  12. the fact that my entire cargo hold has to be full of ammo completely nullifies  any downside to jen beams. over time jenqs make a lot more money solo than a pw
  13. 10k is fine.     what they had it set at would cause people to leave the game
  14. why should i be punished for my weapon type...its already bad on the pw and not being able to loot anything
  15.           i havent stepped off topic yet...people want to know the hold up, they got their answer.     youre going to have to define bashing. the only thing ive said is truth.
  16. i just dont want an open, socialist emu like that.   also, i still cant believe what im hearing from you " cant cant cant". if none of the big 3 show up on the pub week then i would still like to see the pubs attempt the raid.
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