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  1. are both mouses wireless? and do you have your bluetooth on? Dit you also disable your mouse pad on the laptop. i have the same laptop and do not have the problem.
  2. http://i44.tinypic.com/25ezgwj.png   here is the link to th pic cant post it in the forums
  3. the last public raid i have seen was at Troller raid. and yea im from BI and i had my Healer there because they needed one. but as Epic gamers in not one of the big 3 and if they fill up almost a full raid wit just Epic gamers its still an public raid. And we from BI have agreed with magoo if we help them out we can not roll on any items and the times i was there to help out i have never seen that a BI person gets loot. I people from VGE and Static wont belive that just sent out one person of your guild and join the raid so you can control it.
  4. as you know at the GR and the FB they say the items are rare drops. well if you got about 10 people farming for them from a guild. so if you got so many people farming for them to do raids with a guild they are not so rare any more. And i think if they make the big 3 raids an item activation this wil only get more and people wil complain about the big 3 guilds farming the spots again. so if we down one problem we make the next problem again. Thats wy i think its not a good thing to make it a trigger event.   Greedz jamoos
  5. if the devs are going to make it an device activation these raids wil be farmed like hell by the big guilds. but now they can only do it for 3 or 4 times a week. so the super items are still abit rare on the server.
  6. damm server is unstable this week is this a problem from the host or the game?
  7. server is down now and restarting shoud help with the problems
  8. i got the same problem here   https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/van14t1f0ek2rx5/Net-7_Install.exe?dl=1 thats where its sending me
  9. normaly the yellow and blue shield is from your windows protection. you can lower the protection ( what i dont advice).
  10. what kind of virus scanner and maleware program are you running. if we know that makes it a bit easyer to help you out. you told us you are using windows 7 are you running the launcher and the game in admin mode? that can be one of the problems aswell.
  11. Thx to Blacklung for helping me this topic can now be closed
  12. Wy would i ask about the raid info im in one of the Big 3 and one of the main tanks. So if you need any info about it let me know and i wil explaine it to you.
  13. needed to lower quality on second pic er els the file was to big.
  14. i was doing my 135 HU mission but it wont accept my scan of the Factory already tryed /fmu and restarting my client but nothing works. i got 2 pics one is before the scan and one is after the scan. Got this problem on my PS Tridents this one is before the scan [attachment=2679:before scan.png]   this one is afther the scan [attachment=2680:afther the scans.gif]   this shows you i scaned the station but still nothing happens.
  15. well i just got intell about the controller raid it was killed on Monday 2PM est and VGE kiled it again Yesterday around 5PM. so that triger is stil working
  16. in last patch Notes: Server: Added: Certain raid timers will now "survive" the regulary server shutdown on patch day. oke they dit im happy for that i know Static and BI dit an raid on sunday. but i think the patch broke the normal spawn times. because we ( static and BI) dit not do a raid any more from sunday and no one have seen a trigger to start the raid. is there a chance that the time the server went down the triggers are buged?
  17. we at BI almost only talk in guild chat. For builds we ask in the guild chat because we can build almost all items. If we need information most of the time there is some one who knows it. And when we talk outsite of the guild chat its to help some one els.
  18. some are lucky some are less lucky some are lucky some are less lucky
  19.   dude you where don on this thread so quit it.
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