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  1. You guys are crazy, 3 NEW WH's and they cost ya what 4 SP's????   Seems to generous to me......
  2. Trying to get the TT from being 1 shotted and the PW at max damage,  appears the 'Diff %' thing doesn't work on reactor/device?  wording is the same but % is diff
  3. How do you figure it out? Ive herd diff wording will stack, diff % will stack, reactor/wepon/device will stack  but when I try them out (remove 1 setup - relog - try new setup) I don't see any increase   What are the 'Rules' on stacking?
  4.    I have begun a 'quest' for AA devices, I have been told that they are in 'Rocky' roids, can be in any roid in any system and appear about as often as the blood moon. As I understand it as each roid respawns what it will contain is determined by a % chance, therefore the more respawns the better the odds in finding one.  "After a server restart" Im told is the best time, well those aren't common these days, the monthly one happens when Im at work so the grind is my 1st/best option, and trade for them?   yea   Ill find a few before that happens ......    So I have started to 'groom' fields, mining out the rockys over and over in a mindless 'grind'    My question to anyone is there a field that you think has better odds?  is large enough to keep me going without a 20 min pause as respawn happens? and if anyone happens to need 7-9 ores let me know and I wont vendor them
  5. My personal thoughts on the Lotto system   Lottoing items mid raid,  I understand the corpse timer issue but I usually miss these lottos cause Im busy with the raid. Is it possible for the GM's to increase the timers on corpses that have unique items in them?   Race specific items,  Castor, Spitter, Streak,  each of these favor a race,  why aren't they rolled on as such?    Unique loot only items,  Controller Core, Fury of the Master,ect ect,  Id like to see only those able to equipt the item be allowed to roll on the item.  If no one rolls then open it to others.  I feel if you want a specific item then bring the toon you want the item for. I can already her the comments "What if Im asked to bring my TT and I want the FotM", my reply is damn near every time Ive seen a Raid Forming announcement, there are posted replys of "What do you need me to bring".  Now on the off chance (very remote IMHO) that no healers show up at the forming point, then I will bow to allowing those who swap toons to roll for the item for their chosen toon.  Raid items should go to those who participate 1st, then to those who would pass the item to another (their own toons or other players)   OK  Got my rants out, flame away if you must
  6. Perhaps it would be best to list the 'current public lotto system' and then see what should apply and what should be changed     Looter     Looter is chosen before the raid, the looter must be trustworthy and have good knowledge of the drops for the raid. The looter is generally responsible for running the lotto, holds the loot and passes it out   The roll is done by using the slash command  /random 1 100 1   The looter (or other responsible for the lotto) will post the item in local chat and announce the roll, it will look like this Black Castor  110%     ROLL  ___________________________ after this is posted in local rolls begin,  1 roll per person  (some looters are more colorful and add comments as to the items function, class restrictions and value After rolls have stopped for a period of time the looter will ask if there are any more rolls, if no replies then the current high roll wins The item will be passed to the winner or if the item is unique the winners name will be added to the corpse so they may retrieve it   The next item is then set up for lotto   1 win per person per raid The Toon that was in the raid is the Toon used to make rolls   The order of items being lottoed is based upon corpse timer, their current value, their current demand by raiders   Anyone in the raid can bid on any item       This is the current process for lottery in the Public Raid Rotation, It can be a basis for the PRS  Please add comments, suggestions on changes or Improvements and errors
  7. PRS or Public Raid System My first comment is that this is not to be confused with the "Public Raid Rotation Slot"  This is a separate System in game for Raids for the Community as a whole   The Dev's have given us the community the PRS, during the past few weeks I have attended there seem to be the same questions asked at each raid and I think things would go a lot smoother if the info was posted so it is known beforehand. Please chime in with info or corrections if you notice any errors   The PRS Gate is near Abandoned Pathway 1  in Saturn  < X 228.94  Y -286.55  Z 0.00 >  once you have discovered the gate it will show on your system map when the sector is available   There is a per character gate fee for entering, the fee is based on which raid the group is doing, this fee is subject to change as BL is still looking for 'the sweet spot"  Fees have been from 3mill up to 15 mill   There are channels on Team Speak for these raids, Use 'PRS Staging room' for raid setup, once the groups are ready move to "PRS Raid in progress"   Once the groups are formed, ready and the desired raid is decided upon the Dev will open the gate, once the groups are inside the Dev will close the gate, no one else will be allowed in, it will not open again until the next raid cycle starts.  If you leave the system mid raid you cannot return, If you forget an item or ammo you will be without.   After the raid is finished and people have left the system the Dev will "Flush" the system, or rather any character in the system either online or logged out in the system will be removed from the system (not sure if they are moved to Saturn or N7)  This is done to keep the system for active players only.   There are 6 raids available in the sector to choose from  RD Base, GoBB, Controller, Fish Bowl, Gate Raid, and Voltoi   Triggers (FM2K/Face) are not needed   2 Raids can be run at the same time if enough people are interested, I believe BL said the only req he has on this is that the 2 are not next to each other   The Raids in the system are the same as in there normal locations, what you see at GoBB in Paramis is what you will see at GoBB in the PRS, same mob order, same loot drops, If you notice a difference, treat it as a bug and fill out a ticket.   If you have Neg or poor RD fraction STAY AWAY FROM THE RD BASE NAV,  you will be attacked, you will need a jump or tow, if you tow and the gate is closed you will wait until the next raid cycle   Groups may be made up by "whom ever shows up"  "pre planned group"  or  "Guild only" (yes guilds can use the system as they wish also)   Raids are not reserved, lets say your group wants to do the Controller raid, you have been forming for two hours and your waiting on 3 people to show up,  Then Raiding party #2 warps in ready to go and wants to do the Controller, they will get the raid,  "Ready to go" trumps "Been waiting here for awhile"   Loot Lottery   The Dev's are staying out of this area, its for us to decide how and what to do with the process. Currently its decided at the moment and is something WE need to discuss and iron out.  I would like to see a discussion to lay out the process so it is clear to everyone attending  on what to expect    If a pre planned group is raiding, say EPIC or Static or a mixed group, the can do whatever the heck they want with the loot.      This is How to the best of my memory BL wants the 'mechanics' of the process to go,  PLEASE hop in and correct anything I have wrong or have missed   And please give input on the loot lotto process
  8. Im not sure what the confusion is on the matter?   When the public needs a few pilots to fill spots for a raid we ask in general chat. Those who join us to fill empty slots are allowed to roll on items. This is how the "Public Guild" runs the raids. If you were to answer our call to fill a slot for a raid durring the publics rotation you would be allowed to roll on items per "public rules", now if your guild rules prevent you from assisting in the raid and/or rolling on items that is between you and your guild.   If your guild were to ask if any public want to assist them for a raid, it would be your guilds choice on if they would be able to roll on items in that raid. Simply state so when asking if you do.
  9. Xotto When I see a trigger up I want to kill it to, but I understand the reason for the current rotation system.  I would be upset if If one of the Big3 ran the raid slotted for public that week, regardless of the reason.   Unicorn Orion In Public Raids all who shoot roll on items, If a Big3 member does not roll on loot it is due to your guilds rules, not Public rules.
  10. Figured it out this morn, for some reason I cant copy n paste the link, I was typin it out and '_small_' wasnt in the link I was copying
  11. Trying to add to the forum sig and I cant seem to do it?  Tried to copy n paste the new info for 2 new toons but cant get it to show ?  Any ideas on what stupid thing Im doin wrong?
  12. I hear rumors of a Pay for Play public raid sector?
  13. So I understand the reason for the credit sink, is there an issue with the amount of credits players have or is this simply something for them to do with their credits?  For myself, at lower lvls credits were 'tight' (but not bad) for getting gear, however once I hit the higher lvls credits were easy, to the point of being worthless unless I needed a vender item.  Anything done Id like to see not effect lower lvls, well not impact them so much.
  14. I am trying to keep an open mind on this method, but I still don't see how this would be a better way.   The ones with all the high end gear are the ones with the most credits, they will outbid the others until they do not desire the item for themselves or their friends, So the ones without said gear/credits have to wait until all the others don't want the item any longer, and the price drops to a point they can win the bid. The current method gives a fair shot to each person at the raid to win the item. Currently, when a trigger spawns it takes 45 min to 2 hrs to get the groups formed, this bidding would add to the time frame, and if others show up for the raid after the bidding does the bidding start over? or are they excluded from bidding? I do see how this method would/may work IF the server had 2000 players in game fighting for a spot in the raids as it was in live, but with the current server base I don't see how this would be better than the current method in use.   If I am missing something please let me know, as I said Im trying to see how it would be better.
  15. That is more a transfer of credits, a credit sink removes them from the player base.   The current method gives a fair shot to all who participate, not the deepest pockets. 
  16. BL jumps in says "HI"   A few min later Hyper says "That's a lot of logouts"                 I think BL set a mob loose that ate the server......
  17. I agree on this point, however I would like to see an in game anouncement when the trigger is up to allow all able to atend and not just a select group/guild
  18. One thing the EMU hasn't been is "about the money"    If its done that way, the richest gets the prize, next raid the next richest gets the prize, etc. As it stands now, everyone involved has a fair shot at the loot
  19. A week on the boards and no replies from "Public Members" (Non-Big-3) ?      If you cant offer up suggestions or opinions, you have no grounds to complain about something being 'broken' or controlled by "The Big 3"
  20. Are we talking about Raids (Triggered multi stage spawns) or Events (Singular Bosses spawned in unique locations)?   All Items should be rolled on with all involved having a choice to roll or not, If this is Diff contact the Guilds leader, trust me if this is going on they want to hear ya.     On the comment of larger Guilds passing/not rolling on items in a raid,  BS  They have just as much right to roll on the items as you do. Their Guild has the same access to these spawns as you do (I assume you fall under the Public?)  We are talking of a BL triggered raid, everyone is allowed an equal shot AS LONG AS THEY PLAY NICE.      Events (Singular/Multi Boss Spawns out of place/norm location) on the other hand I belive do favor the guilds. They are able to form groups faster and be on the target. Also getting an invite to join one of these groups is near impossible, a few can take the boss so why share the loot with a non-guildie?
  21. No volunteers?    Id like to see a change in the respawn timers.  not a big change but enough to get the spawn moving thru diff times of the day.
  22. I am starting a PS and PP to go thru the Agrippa process,  how similar are the missions or structure to the PW's?
  23. So....  no chance of combat cloak on the PS ???    =)
  24. Made a PS to do the Agrippa stuff, and there are 3 JE Icons (shadowed) to the right of the warp button. I transferred the toon from a diff account via N7 portal.  Only L5 so I don't know if obtaining skills will replace them. If I click on them I get a message "You don't have enough points for this skill"
  25. When I'm in the Fish Bowl or under similar heavy fire, if the mobs get to close my screen turns white (from explosions?) and I get real bad lag. Also if I'm killing Chavez in Glenn, after several kills, I start to loose some of the graphics (mobs don't show, only the red marker for them, my ship disappears, station in the background disappears,  Is there anything I can do about these issues? I don't have the greatest graphics card, may only be what the puter came with but it should be able to handle what this game has shouldn't it?
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