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  1. I would like an app that lists what base an npc is on, sometimes I take a mission and it takes me a few days to do mission and I forget where I got the mission.
  2.  We were doing a BL sponsered raid 1 of 2 groups we had the smaller group but were there doing damage when the mob finaley went down it was annouced that 2 non trade items dropped.  But when it was time to roll only 1 of the items got rolled for and the bigger group ended up with the other item, and did not even roll for that item. IT was not fair to all involved that a guild group would do that and not give the others a chance at the uber item.We wasted our ammo just like they did but because they had more in group they got the credit for the kill, if they think they deserve the items because of group size it just isn't fair. It makes me almost not want to even try for the items, just because we are a smaller guild and can't form a big group at the drop of a hat leaves us out. I won't mention the guild involved but they know who they are maybe 1 day they will get a consence.  
  3. Well said Zackman if they don't like the way it is run and want to complain about something they get for free let them go play another game that they pay money to play and then they have the right to bitch. I am just happy to be able to play this game that I truly love and thought was gone forever but for you kind souls that have brought joy back to me so I say great job and THANK YOU.
  4. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling net-7 launcher goes to update and same message again
  5. I am having the same problem  do I need to reinstall the launcer? i am running windows 8 64 bit
  6. I have had no problem playing until tonight i deleted a character made a new character and when i went to log on i crashed and now get an error message c:\program Files (x86)\Net-7\bin\LaunchNet7.exe   The extended attributes are inconsistent.   I am running windows 8 and have had no problem until now is it a corrupted file or did something go wrong?
  7. I just use a program called screen swap works great for me on windows 8 http://dualmonitortool.sourceforge.net/swapscreen.html and best thing is it is a free program I just run E&B in windows mode
  8. before the patch i was able to run 3 accounts with no lag i am running 2 screens after the patch when i log on 2 accounts i cant even move i am running vista 32 bit and an nvidia video card  could it have anything to do with the dns issues
  9. you have to do the scan with the device in your hold not installed took me awhile to figure it out
  10. any time line on when the problem will be fixed
  11. after further investigation it might only happen when 2 jenquai in group have max scan
  12. I did a cf and then upgraded scan was fine until i got in a full group then scan went haywire for all in group I left the sector and landed on dahin scan went back to normal then when i went back to kv it was back up to see everything in sector and lag started again if needed i can get on him in game will be playing my je for the next few days Pulvi
  13. I have max energy leech and max scan on my jd and now that scan is maxed i see everything in the sector mobs and asteroids it makes targeting hard and when I am grouped the entire group sees the same. When I use leech it seems like I do not get any power but all the job mobs stop firering at me and i can just pick them off. But the big problem is I have extreme lag on my jd now seams to be a jd only problem all my other characters work fine makes it hard to play the jd when you have to wait almost 20 sec to target a mob or a nav point and when i try to gate now I seem to freeze up almost every gate now I realy like my jd but atm he is unplayable any help would be great so I can start playing him again
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