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  1. not sure if this is the fix for you , but i had the same exact issue with an install on a freinds pc, what i had to do was make sure that internet explorer was his default browser, which it wasn't but as soon as i made it default the game worked fine again.
  2. often times i've seen explorers prospecting in high lvl ore feilds when they don't have the combat lvls to be able to handle the pop mobs or guardians. i have done it myself. I think a possible solution would be to change prospect skill from an explore lvling skill to a combat lvling skill. this way a miner would always have better combat ability to handle the mobs in the ore fields they can mine in, i know that prospect skill can be boosted by devices but it still would keep them from being an explore lvl 50 je/ts/ps with combat lvl 12 which currently would allow them to mine a lvl 9 ore feild but not handle the mobs.  just a thought, i know most miners will be dead set against this, but if you really think about it , it makes alot of sense.
  3. i can see this is going in the wrong dirrection, due mainly to my comment, so i appologise.
  4. i shot alot of the 16's 13's and 23's enough to drop my faction 2k, which is why i left. and i don't appreciate the assinine comment zack, there is no good reason to have a repeatable mission mob on a lengthy timer. i don't give up on missions easily, i try to allow for my own misunderstandings of what the object may be, but this is rather simple. go to nav 6 in slayton and kill the lvl 20 cerimonial guard to obtain the gold ring. after an hour + of killing everything else in the area and not having the lvl 20 spawn even once, i gave up.
  5. naitram was the avatar, i forfeited the mission till the issue gets fixed. there were several other players that stopped by the nav point while i was there. not sure if they were looking for the same mob or not. i had both strettch and naitram sitting at the nav and circling the area.
  6. the lvl 20 ceremonial guard has a long respawn time appparently, this has made step 1 of this mission near immpossible to complete. can the spawn timer be reduced please. i sat at the nav in slayton for over an hour and it never spawned.
  7. we all know you just want to see a cage full of chickens.
  8. mainly this was suggested as a way to use some of the credits many players currently have no use for. it would reallocate some of the wealth and not truly be a credit sink, but i see nothing wrong in that. i'm guessing that i might have to sponsor a fishbowl with this method to see if it would spark some interest in doing the same for some public raids.
  9. are you logging in to the portal? need to use your login name and password same as in game login
  10. that may be true to some extent at first, but all who participate will get a share of those credits spent thereby making them better equipt to win an auction next time. in live we had nearly 200 players at these raids and most items went for 20- 50 mil. so the credits recieved by each player wasn't as much as it would be here.  in these emu raids i've never seen more than 5 groups of people, thats only 30 players. if you have 5 drops go for 40 mil each thats 200 mil devided by 30 players = over 6.5 mil per player. and drops that didn't get auctioned off would still be lotto'd.  also many players already have multiples of some of the more coveted drops, and i don't think they would bid 100's of millions or more to win another copy, just to keep someone else from having one. but if they did thats alot more credits for the rest of us. if i have a choice of doing a raid, with a 1 in 30 chance of winning the lotto on the one item i really need or want, as opposed to at least gaining more credits to someday be able to win the item, i'll choose the latter everytime.
  11. in live, on pegasus server and maybe some others, there were often times full public raids. prior to the start of these raids the raid sponsor (leader) would hold an auction for all possible raid drop items. after the raid the highest bidders for the items that actually dropped would pay for them to the sponsor. the sponsor would then devide the ' take ' between the number of groups involved in the raid, and give that amount to each group leader. then the group leaders would devide thier 'take' by the number of players in thier group and give each of them that amount.  this was a nice way of gaining credits needed to win an oober item and at the same time give players something to spend those multi millions on. also everyone involved in a raid left with some gain.   would anyone be interested in seeing this type of system incorporated into some of our public raids? i know i would.  
  12. all of the items listed and many more are gap/fill use items between high end buildable gear and high end raid gear. many are used for specific set-ups as Alurra pointed out. I don't see any need to "fix" these things. it would only make the other gear either unwanted or less valuable.
  13. same names here as there, my main  was my JD Wolfaris 150, also my TT stretch 150 too had a ps naitram  and a je bucky also played mostly on pegalag but was on Andromeda and galileo too.
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