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  1. Anyone else uneasy with those two statements?
  2. Advocate is Player - Dev buffer nothing more
  3. BL use to run it all the time Woody Had the ability to run it also as I recall Havent seen it up in quite awhile
  4. Bunch of people who want to talk about BS points that further their wants, not the group as a whole Not one person or group is owed anything No one person or group has a right to anything Raids are community events, anyone who solo's or a small group that multiboxes is/are a bunch of asshats Players Advocate = No position in the matter except as an individual player Rotation is dead and gone If trigger is up, announce it in General chat and form up to take it down
  5. Its not a new idea, has been brought up many times The time zones are subjective, would be based on GMT. Or can be broken into 3 time frames, Or a time within the time frame for it to start so people can plan on it. The player base is only getting smaller, Im sure most of us already have the items from the raids, OK, so not all of our 12 toons have everything but still
  6. The community, as a whole in the past came to an agreement for the rotation. And it held up fairly well for quite awhile. What if the rotation wasnt dissolved but modified? Troller GoBB RD Week 1 noon-6pm 6pm-midnight Midnight-6am Week 2 6pm- midnight Midnight-6am 6am-Noon Week 3 Midnight-6am 6am-noon Noon-6pm Week 4 6am-noon Noon-6pm 6pm-midnight This would give each time zone a shot, and all players a chance to adjust their personal time to join in
  7. Did I miss a Kill the Rotation rant?? The management has already said its a player issue It has been said that a discussion should take place between the "Big 3" and a rep from the Public group Thing is Damage Inc is probably bigger and more active than "The big 3" combined And the rest of "Public" is also So why is everyone worried about an outdated treaty of which only a few remain to reap the benefits? If a trigger is up, announce it in General chat, form a group and take it down It wont happen though, even the discussion about it and fizzled out so things will go on as they have Unless something has changed........
  8. In now, may be the block I have on the kids comp thru comcast, have him locked out 11pm-8am
  9. Getting the "Server failed to respond to login attempt" Also log in window is showing 158 online, portal is also showing this many in game?
  10. Your not getting the point.... no rotation = when a trigger spawns and someone notices it (and people will keep track of them) Announce it, form up groups and take it down, there is no "Their turn" All its going to take is for this to happen a few times and "The Rotation" will be a thing of the past.
  11. IMHO If they were to get involved in the discussion it would only harm their position in the rotation. In the past few YEARS this topic has come up they have NEVER disclosed their numbers, all I have herd was "You dont know what it was like! Every one was fighting!" Or "If you drop the rotation all you will have is solo players multiboxing the raids!" BS Trigger times will be known to all, people will be waiting for the spawns, *IF* one person shows with his personal fleet and does the raid it will be seen and reported, it is a violation of the users agreement you click on each time you log in. I am up for any raid that is announced (when I have a chance to get in game)
  12. Getting lag when targeting anything, lag time varies, no lag when moving ship or text showing up in chat Any Thoughts?
  13. If you already have a raid Item, Why wouldn't you step aside and let someone else get it? If you want the item for a diff toon, run that toon thru the raid and put in for the item Sounds like your being pretty selfish
  14. Oh please, that phrase is as tired as the 5 people who hold an old grudge and caused this mess in the first place Many years ago, there were a few who couldn't play along with each other, so THEY made an agreement. Why EVERYONE has to play by their rules eludes me. Many must follow these "Rules" to keep a few happy. But in the end, the masses will bow down to the desires of the few, this will all fade away and continue how it has been
  15. One of the items I have searched for but never acquired. Perhaps now I can trade for one to at least of cleared that 'goal' Not sure of its trade value now given the change however
  16. Great idea Would be even better if it made it into the game instead of forum talk for the umpteenth time Don't get me wrong, Im all for it, but there are 4-5 guys who are against it, what they say goes so it will never happen period end of story
  17. EST has the highest server population, with the lower number of players in game and the restrictions set by the rotation agreement there aren't enough 'eligible' players for the assigned raid until EST group logs in. PST and other time zones MAY get lucky with a late spawn on the Troller or GoBB and get a raid in, but DT and RD don't draw enough interest to get the numbers. We have to skip work or catch it on a weekend This is one of the reasons Id like to see the rotation dropped, however no one else seems to agree .....
  18. I don't blame the devs, the game is a novelty from the past, something some of us enjoyed and are happy to have back. But you can only go so far and then it becomes the same thing over and over, and we start dropping out. On the raid issue, I see no reason for the rotation as it is. Ive said it before, and it is MY opinion, but I say drop the rotation, change the timers to spawn in each of the time zones on a rotating basis. As it is, there are people watching for the spawns, if a 'boxer' tries to run a spawn solo name and shame, Most of the arguments against dropping the rotation are scare tactics, you don't want things the way they use to be, really? If someone wants to try to run a raid solo they can ask BL or Woody and perhaps they would open the PRS for them I say the rotation is pointless and will join any group announcing a raid is taking place,
  19. Everyone says it but no one acknowledges the fact that the server pop is low. Drop the rotation and have the triggers spawn in random sectors and locations for a limited time, say 30 min. The trigger drops a second trigger with a timer on it to activate the raid. With the low server pop I can see this leading to all raids happening during EST high traffic times though. To many people = Fighting over raids Not enough people = High server volume server times getting all the raids Is there an answer ?
  20. OK, a Question for everyone here.......... Everyone seems to be in the "Just ask for help" camp, so how many of the guild members should be present before you can ask for help? I ask because this time of year, or at night, there will be 1-3 people in public online, not enough to raid but the only time there are sufficient numbers is EST, thus locking in the raid time. At night there either aren't enough raid able players on, or they wont help for one reason or another kind of a crappy situation
  21. Same boat here. Havent had much time to play as of late either. Ive been in these discussions before, started one or two of them and my thoughts are pretty much the same. I would like to see everyone play together which a FFA would promote, I don't buy into the the 1 or 2 guy multibox teams taking all the triggers, What if each raid was given a time slot noon - 6pm - midnight - 6 am and each week the raids would rotate thru the time zones
  22. I have a Question for all that fits into this discussion (it may be over but not sure)   Pub has RD Base this week, last night the trigger was up and I received no interest from Pub members on doing the raid (5PM PST) Tonight the trigger is still up and once again no interest when asked about in chat (6PM PST)   To me this falls into the "Wasted Trigger" category (If there is such a thing), I thought about just making a general announcement for anyone to join   Would this be "Out of Line"?  Would it be the same as if say one of the 'other three' guilds left a trigger up for the same period of time  and a general population group took it down?
  23. Flip    I hadn't thought of the starter areas, but then again the PRS and Arena (if the sector exists) would not have fields   Giovani      This is news I like to hear, the only other 'rumor' Id like to confirm is "rocky roids" only, I have herd of gas and hydro roids having them also in the past.
  24. If there were 'a set number' always in game, then finding them would happen all the time, not after resets. I lean twards the random roll system, but then again that doesn't account for the increased odds after a reset.   Patch notes say      "AA's spread more equally over the sectors"     This tells me that some sectors had more, some had less or no chance of spawns, the 'more equally' part tells me that it was changed, but not to what degree, some may still be void of chances and others may still have more chances.      "Non-Public sectors wont hold AA's anymore"    This tells me that *if* there is a specific number in game the odds go up slightly on finding one, if random on chances then it would not effect the chances.     Without knowing the mechanics on AA spawns its all a guessing game
  25. Last patch there was a not on AA's getting some attention,  Has anyone noticed a change?  Any finds 48+ hrs after reset?
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