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  1. I got it to work, and what I did... Really not even sure how... i couldnt force a update and was clicking on net 7 launch apps and then it forced the update some how.. Its working...but holy hell was it silly... Yeah i dont need several systems to game on but I have them 4 gaming systems and a Asus Windows tablet which is is so much faster then most of us used when the game was new lol I got it , i wish i could remember how... Len
  2. I have had a issue for a few days on one of my systems trying to figure it out I uninstalled everything reinstalled everything from my downloads a few months ago nothing . Deleted all downloads fresh downloaded files same thing . Incompatible version of Netproxy all i am getting is the a older net7 launcher then it doesnt even show the net 7 launcher it just shows in it the task bar and nothing else... PRETTY confused Its been running great on all 5 systems... until yesterday...thought I could just reinstall I know its a old dog and sometimes we have to put that old dog our good friend down. I came back to enjoy gaming again..Very confused... len
  3. Well, i read everything i could find. This computer only puts a small screen about 1/4 the size of my screen. I have gone through every setting and using my other rig the same settings it doesnt matter... I run a second client and I cant move the client displays off each other HELP or this is normal? I want each game client display side by side... Len
  4.      I read all this.....Feels like WOW....sad...all of you.      Sad.... If we dont get a long it will be gone...    
  5. I fixed the issues it was having....I am sorry for the anger ....    Just took some calming down and remembering it is a windows game and well that says it all.... It runs on this windows 7 machine but not as good as my XP machines....but it is running...   Hard to start over for the at least 20 times.  I played for a few hours yesterday and chatted much with seemingly good people. No WOW retards this time..    Magoo was telling me after the last wipe many people walked away...also tired of starting over and over....cant blame them... Thanks for the helps...once again back to leveling many toons....hopefully in a full group lol just like old days 5 boxing  hehehe
  6. Sorry was pretty pissed off when i posted this KYP  Just amazes me what I read and seen here.... I have NO IDEA what the game is doing but C:\Users\Len\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\PY1KHB5X\CATC1DCH  
  7. I see no team speak links here.....some 4 year old stuff but nothing working....I read theres a teamspeak display of whos on it but dont see that either....odd...
  8. Well....after reading here and logging into the game on a older XP system...and getting nothing but COMMON WOW player comments....KNOWING one should never ask for ideas or help in a game or ona  forum i am going way against common sense doing this.. windows 7 fully updated....64bit  16 gigs blah  that doesnt matter When i launch through net7 it cant find what to launch nor can I have have tried everything  that would make sense.   I dont have it installed on my C drive  thats my SSD...  I have it on a Spinner which is like F Drive   When i launch net7 it wants to know where to go to RUN the game it is trying to go to EAs old patching I have this loaded on all my other machines and NOT had a problem  I just put it on this one and  issues... Now when I asked in the game early  I got common WOW answers and was disappointe such a small bunch of MOST of us being close to my age and older would answer with such retarded comments....Makes me sad being a orignal E&B player from ORION server and in  The SIlver Guard   COuldnt believe the WOW answers I got. Then reading this forum YEP  "WELL IT RUNS OKAY ON MY MACHINE MAN MUST BE YOU MAN"  I'd cut someone saying that to me in real life.... This is NOT the answers I would expect from people who are in small numbers older and the love for this great game  NO GRAMMER NAZI's either....   SO either assit me so I can play or hell with it.  I been playing off and on since these betas began... I just want to play again but if that isnt possible on this machine then I wont play...   I am very peeved a the adults here being fools...yep I am acting like one but I NEVER answer people like I have seen here and in the game today.. I would like some help....PLEASE> LEN  
  9. What kind of ass rape answers are these it works fine for me.... I will use that on the very next person who brings their car to me and complains it isnt working as it should HOLY GET it together this is suppose to be a tight knit bunch but reading these forums and asking questions in the game I see nothing but childish WOW players... I have a windows 7 machine and it wont run  My XP machines all run fine and that dual video card system lol makes no difference on this old game....    kind of like my 70 SS Nova that can NOT be beat by anything new from the factory NO matter what it is.... YEP and will place money on that....   HELP people for ALLAH's sake   I just got back here and already this feels like the dick slappers in swtor  wow and every other game.... MY RUNS FINE MUST ME YOUR MACHINE MAN...well DUH  give some help....yeah NERD RAGE until you meet this old gear head and realize this isnt a common gamer...Have a real good look at me and you might want to be a little nicer  I AM NOT AMMUSED with the childish BS I have already dealt with in the last few hours...
  10. Very nice but you would have to dumb those down to work in this old game....not sure it can handle such nice graphics...VERY nice though Sumtingwong
  11. How do people put their character tags on their forum posts? See many with them and many with a bit to many characters lol LEN
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