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  1. Thanks for your time, Vincent. I do not have another computer, but I do dual boot with Linux - I may try seeing if I can run it with Wine.   I have an Nvidia Geforce GTS 250. It is compatible with Directx 9, though I am not sure of a compatibility mode, I will google that and check it out and try that if can.    I'm currently on DirectX 11   Thanks a ton for your help. In the event either of these don't work, which subforum is the appropriate place to request, or find someone to make the character for me?   Again, thanks, VincentTH!
  2. Unistalled and reinstalled making sure to have in the appropriate compatibility and administrator settings. No luck, same error, has anyone had to drop a directX file into the program folder, or anything like that? Thanks for your time.   I'd just like the add that the game works perfectly - if that is at all relevant.
  3. Re-install the Starship Creator?   Will try that again, and pay close attention to the setting, thanks for your time.
  4. Greetings, folks, following the stickied instructions to create one o the new classes, I've run into an error, telling me I don't have the necessary DirectX 8.0 or better, when launching the creator.   I am running Win7 32bit, have a short cut running in compatability mode, Geforrce GTS 250.   I've tried installing it from Microsoft, installation stops and tells me that I already have an equal or newer version.   I've dug up the old DirectX 8.1 .zip installer that doesn't run that check, it just skips right through the installation, and tells me it's was a success.   Any suggestions?
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