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  1. Conent...mmusstt...have...newer (pre existing)...contentzzzss *die*
  2. Got my Terran Scout to 150 in 7 days using this method:   OL 0 - Tour of Beta Hydri took me to explore 25 Looting chavez in glenn took me to trade 25 OL 50 - Looted a gate raid - took me to trade 40   Leeched CL from toons killing birds in antares until OL135   Then got RD faction through a few Tsu missions, and some chavez culling. 135-150 : mining, and leeching CL from my other toons in paramis.
  3. In regards to the "scan fix". It has my scan range constantly jumping from it's base range (at this point 7.2k) to 11.5k (the JD's shared scan range) every 10 seconds.. is this intended?
  4. I completely agree, and to corroborate Liucee's statement. How do you think anyone with raid gear ever got raid gear? You don't just start out with uber gear as you know. So somewhere along the line (usually at the beginning) some folks with non-raid gear had to complete these encounters with a standard setup. And believe me I was there, and it was tough.   I was the first to complete the waking-nightmare encounter and back then it was even more difficult to organise as absolutely no one was ready to raid. But with some gentle encouragement from my self and one of the DEVs we managed to get a group together and took down Hugo Chavez, which was considered the first encounter as of live. And yes it was tough, really tough. But worth it. Something which now most would take for granted.   Another example back when no one on the server even had the defenders pride mapped and ready for manufacture. I was still able to solo the CL66 comet with my JD toting a soulfire curse and 4 proto plasma beams. Now you lucky son's of guns get the ruby disruptor and defenders pride as standard. But you know there is better so your current gear seems some-what inferior, but it really is not.   As soon as everyone realises that it is the efficiency and effectiveness of the group as a whole. Not the individuals current set up that is going to make or break the encounter. Things will start to fall into place.
  5. I'd just like to clear a few things up, and I feel I am starting to repeat my self here:   Being in a large guild will not suddenly give you the "x-factor" with regards to raiding Not everyone in a large guild likes raiding, or participates actively You do not need to trigger large encounters to learn combat, medic or support proficiency   Unfortunately just because someone attends 100 or more raids, does not always mean that they improve. If you want to improve you need to actively involve yourself in every aspect of the encounter. From producing the trigger, activating, organising, and completing. Believe me when I say that a lot of people are just along for the ride. And always are, and subsequently never learn anything about the fundamentals, because they just sit back and let everyone else do the work.   As I posted earlier in this topic, if you did not learn your race and class specific role while you were levelling up. What the hell did you learn? If you only learnt to play solo and only have no relevant group skills as a result of it. Perhaps you should not of pigeon holed yourself. But this is just the beginning.   As Liucee quite rightly pointed out, you need to understand the role of each toon required in a party. And frankly it is not rocket science. Just because you only ever had a PS in live and never organised a raid. Does not mean that it takes mensa-brains to figure out that a group will need a healer, or two. Some warriors, and some explorer type buffs/regeneration tactics.   The idea of raid-workshops is cute, but come on now. Does someone have to hold your hand every step of the way? No one told me how to play the game, and no one schooled me in my roles.    This is going to sound harsh but another thing is figuring out who is best at what. If none of you know who the idiot is in your group. It's probably all of you. So you need to establish who plays their JD the best, and who plays their PW the best, and who is the most on the ball healer. And include that into the compiling of your group, because ultimately distributing intelligence properly is just as key to the success of frequent raiding.   And if you are offended by this, it means that you know you're useless. And obviously you're not, so now we're all back on speaking terms :)
  6. I understand what you are saying but you're missing the point. I didn't mean that it should go "viral" like that chocolate rain video, or "what what, in the butt". Just that with how easy it is for things to become viral. Surely there is a way for us to drum up some interest. I don't believe that the player base we have now is absolutely all the people in the world that would possibly be interested in playing this game. I only found out about the emulator going "live" because I just so happened to Google in on the very same day.  Your post makes it sound like the only people that would be interested in playing this game are people that have played it before. I do not believe that this is the case and I think that if more people knew this game was out there, then they would definitely play it. The game play is still far better than any browser or tablet based game. You make it seem like it's a completely pointless endeavour. But it would not surprise me if you're one of the many people out there up in arms because you can't "access the content" due to a small player base in the near future.   Also if you read my post more carefully you will realise that I did not say that the only options would be social media sites, just that they were initial ideas. And the whole point of this thread was to generate new and better ideas.    There are plenty or reasons to get involved with this project. It's more than just about opening the client. It's about being involved in a community that is actively able to make positive changes. It's about being part of the lore and history of the game, and indeed creating the future for it. I cannot think of a game out there, where players are being asked to write content and story lines for development.
  7. I am unfamiliar with Android version of TeamSpeak (or and 3rd party versions) but I would think that the protocol is similar if not the same.    On the PC version you'll be presented with a setup wizard upon launch. During this wizard you'll specify your display name, speaker and microphone levels, as well as push to talk options (recommended) and favourite servers etc.    You can skip this however and just use the tools to change settings manually. It's all very straight forward and the GUI is much the same as any other.   You'll need to find "Connections"  and then "Connect", and then use the 'ts.net-7.org' address in the dialog box. - No password should be necessary.   You'll then be in "General Chat" and you can double click room title's to jump to those rooms and start your gab-fest :) Hope this helps, and sorry I am not familiar with the Android version as I do not use a portable device any more. 
  8. So I'm guessing that by now some of you have noticed that numbers have dwindled some. I'd just like to brain storm with you all on how to go about spreading the EnB-Emu around a bit. I don't think a quick link to the download page in our facebook statuses is going to cut it.   I doubt there is any option for commercial advertising as Net-7 is non profit, and also lacks the money to fund such an endeavour. And if you're anything like my self, cash is not exactly in abundance to fund an advertising campaign.   I have a few ideas already, which mostly include frequenting every MMO based forum that Google can provide me with, as well as facebook groups, myspace pages and so on. I really think we could all be doing a little more in terms of pulling our weight with this project. My self included.   Social media is rife with utter crap going viral, wouldn't it be refreshing to see something that isn't complete garbage getting some well deserved press?   Also DEV input would appreciated, mostly in regards to if such an effort needs to be sanctioned first. Or whether we can just go right ahead with any ideas :)
  9.     At risk of seeming full of my self, or my guild mates. I am going to say that what you witnessed was not a true representation of the raids difficulty. We are all extremely well outfitted which reduces difficulty ten-fold.    However not everyone within our guild, or I'd guess any of the other "big 3" are capable or indeed willing to organise events. Just because the majority of our members participate, does not mean the vast majority are running the show. It is in fact only a small number of us that consistently step up.   Believe me when I say I have seen countless useless raid drivers come and go, so don't assume that just because you are in a guild that you suddenly become enlightened to raid routines, specifics, tactics and organisation. Because it just isn't like that. It is usually left to a small number of motivated and enthusiastic folks who are familiar with fundamental game mechanics.  
  10. Skunky I really do not know why you felt it necessary to post this in the forums but I will explain to you why I was so frustrated with you at the time.   Firstly your antics yesterday regarding the two public raids were bothersome, and I'll explain why.   You asked for help regarding the running of the raids which I said I would gladly brainstorm with you, and offered insight into the successful running of an encounter.   it does not end there... we enter the fishbowl and one of our members uses a trigger. You tag along with Magoo, looting and not really doing much else. And much the same follows when the next trigger is activated. WIth minimum thought, or effort you walk away with a Heart Of The Master and whatever else you got from the gate raids.    No great crimes, but you basically used everyone to do your raids for you, when they were meant to be your endeavours. I forget this and move on.   So then today is a new day. I am enjoying some quality EnB time. And what's this I see on general? Our resident bumbling oaf activates a fishbowl and is asking for people to help him clear it up in general. Jamoos and Efialtis are first on the scene and doing a grand job of sorting things out. I arrive into the fishbowl to assist and you invite me to the group. Randomly thrusting around, shooting at different mobs aimlessly. While other people are risking their butts to save your trigger. Healers are arriving and needing groups.. again you seem to have no idea what is going on infront of you. So I request that I drive the group to aid your "lag" issues. Once we are formed you then sit in the group not even firing your weapons.   The waves go on and we are getting towards the end of the raid, at which time you are sat over by the gate to Cooper doing absolutely nothing. I asked you to get it together to which you replied with your quote above which I will not repeat.   I absolutely cannot fathom how you think it is in ANY way appropriate to use racial slurs in any area of your life, regardless of how "casually" you use them. I do not care which nation you are from, what you look like, or anything else. Our server is NOT the place for that language, or that attitude. If you and your friends bandy about terms like that then you need to take a long hard look at your level of maturity and ask yourself is there really any need for that kind of ignorance?    And then low and behold, you come on to the forums and play the whole "I give up" card. And start offering out feathers and whatnot so that someone else can do it. Well how about you just recognise that you screwed up, and make a better go of it?
  11. http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads   I personally would really like to see more people on TeamSpeak. It's a really fun way to chat about the game, it's politics and anything else in between. There is a really cool vibe going and it would only get better with more people in the mix.
  12. We love you, and miss you! Come back to us.. we are a dying breed and we must unite!   Lots of positive changes and from what I can gather things in the works. Stability is definitely on the up an up. I rarely have connection/lag issues any more. Subtle changes to improve are being made all around the galaxy and interface. New guilds and people making names for themselves and providing positive influences. New graphics are being added on a weekly basis. It's all very encouraging and exciting!
  13. I was reading some of the posts and they mentioned a lack of "raid" experience, and not knowing the rouine of the raids but this really is not essential. All of the skills and knowledge that you need, you absolutely should of learnt while playing the game and doing every day hunting/looting. Mobs are not intelligent let's face it. For the most part they have these similar traits: 1. They want to kill you 2. They will try to gang up on you 3.  They MUST be debuffed (not just plasma/chem but things like crystalline apparatus) 4. They will use skills 5. You MUST use your skills (hacking,biorepress,enrage,grav-link etc) - Not just once, consistently.   Raid mobs are no different, they are just a lot tougher and like any mob in the game, each will require tactics eg which ammo type is most effective, aggro management. I will not spell out any further tactics as they are for you to discover.   So if you didn't learn how to kill things as a warrior, and you did not learn how to adequately and appropriate buff/aid warriors as an explorer, and you did not learn how to be an efficient combat medic.. then what did you learn? It's all about scale and relativity, when you are a lowbie. You can effectively get "raid" practice by getting a group together and going to try and take on a significantly higher CL mob. It is absolutely no different. I cannot fathom how anyone has made it anywhere in this game without learning these very basic fundamentals. You really do not need specific encounters to learn how to be effective in combat/support. So get out there, you've no excuses!
  14. I am constantly scratching around for things to do as I am online more often than not, so please if you want to get a group together for whatever it may be call out to me. You will find me on either FishJD/Mkfish/FishTE. I have had my eyes on the CL66 Ah Kung Ghost Spectre groups that hang around the RD base lately. They are not raid specific and drop very tasty loot so let's get involved :)
  15. Would be cool to see this again, if not  then just a white-wash change of the guild colour to the bright green as it's almost impossible to read the dark blue in some scenarios.
  16. Should these values really be possible? I was getting these numbers every reload, and 10k on the alternate reload. This is not the first time they have been high. And is definitely why I favour impact.. But this I found was somewhat excessive. Fishbowl numbers have been as high as 13k/per reload. But check it out:   [attachment=2724:impact.jpg] [attachment=2725:impact2.jpg]   Buffs: AA Gahtu / Sting Octo / WN / PB / AOW / FOC / DEA Equip: Skirmish Omega / Julius Max / Deadly Breeze Wep: 100% FOTM / 4 X Bile / 125% Tengu-Reaver    
  17. Couldn't agree more with the last part of Terrell's post. Raids should definitely not be the only way of acquiring items of similar attributes, or interest. Something which I had not previously considered myself. But then with that said, the game would more be suited to single play. Which defeats the object of it being an MMO. But then given the numbers online, I guess the game must evolve that way if it's going to survive. Very interesting indeed!
  18. Unbelievable how much better the attached screenshot looks. Wow!  And Arthur yeah I am talking about the sound effect, and also the thin line of ammo that spews from it. It looks especially funny at high turbo percentage, but something I did notice about it that may warrant a change rather than just my own personal taste is that during the last GoBB raid I attended. There was quite a few PW's using the Flechette, and one player in particular had about four of them installed. When these came into view I noticed significantly more lag, which I had not previously noticed when visuals of any other PL had come into view, even large masses of bile ammo flying in had never produced an effect similar to this. May be co-incidental but like I said, not something I had noticed before! 
  19. Raids are plenty accessible, it's just a sharp decline in player activity and numbers that has caused this "we can't do raids" attitude, if you ask me. Believe me I have had plenty of difficulty sparking even enough interest to form a fishbowl these days in guild as either everyone has the gear already, or they just don't want to. Which is fine, as there are eventually going to be new instances that everyone will be clambering for. But I think back to when fishbowl's were first happening and there was three, even four groups struggling to get places in them. Now like I said, is a different story. From my experience, you can do every raid in the game with just 2 groups, as long as there healers that are on the ball. And warriors that are just as on the ball. The only time I've seen a raid fail is when people are AFK (and very clearly afk). So basically, if all your members are focused on what they are doing, you can do these raids. We are doing gate raids on a daily basis with just 1 group. If you cannot even form 6 players at the same time then it's probably time to rethink your "guild" status, and probably just refer to yourselves as friends. That may seem harsh, but lets be realistic and consider why these instances are as such, and why they previously required so many people working together. Because they yield some of the best items in the game. That's not me being elitist. But on pegasus in live we had a system for public raids. And it was called an "Auction". So that even me, johnny average 16 year old gamer, could get in on the action. And that also gave credits a purpose, and meaning, and value. Maybe it's time to rethink?? I have seen a lot of mention of "small guilds" lately. But frankly with the number of online people dwindling to 200 give or take a few even on Saturday night. Is it any wonder that we are facing difficulty even forming 12 people that want to simultaneously take part in the same activity. Espcially as most of these people have done these raids a couple hundred times before in the past. Now I know that might not seem fair to "new" players, but maybe if all of us did our part in recruiting and advertising this emulator, maybe your guild might not be so "small". Fact is the raids are easy. And yes I stick by that. For warriors they are point and shoot. Healers are the only reason raids can take place, along with jumpstarters. Which raises another point. Once you install your shiny new equipment the last thing you want is to damage that 125% collectable helping someone else get theirs.. so I guess actually it is all of these reasons and probably more that raids don't seem accessible. But believe me, if someone asks either BI or me personally to assist with a raid you can bet your buns I'll be there helping, and not rolling either :)
  20. Don't think people appreciate how hard it is to make even 2d textures that will look as intended after converting to DDS and alpha channels being messed up. Although I *agree* previous 2d textures look better, the 3d models are much better and "purple" therefore much more accurate. But still don't discount the time and effort required to create the 2d texture because if you look closely it fits the model perfectly, just the lighting is slightly off - hence the alpha problem. On a side note, can we please change the "projectile asset" of the flechette from the "line/beam" of singular bullets from the "pew pew pew" to something more substantial? If no one is with me on this then I'll be quiet, but the flechette deserves somewhat of a more 'formidable' aesthetic to the one it currently possesses (no qualms with the 3d asset)
  21. Well *technically* most of us have played it in the past when Half Life first came out :P That's pretty sucky though Rez, you'll have to start writing these things down hehe
  22. Well after being able to play fine all day after yesterday's lag fiasco, the lag for me is once again back and the game is completely unplayable again. Others are reporting no lag, but I must be being routed through a problem area again or something being in the UK. Seriously not cool :(
  23. Well my ithoughts were that it is called the flechette, I figured it'd would be something similar to the flechette weapon from star wars, or similarly the flak cannon from Unreal Tournament. Like a super shotgun essentially. The rounds that the tengu-plagues fire at you would be a good match in terms of how the ammo could look as they fire those streaks of particles at you, maybe with the audio effect of the dark matter cannon? As I recall the dark matter cannon rounds sounded like nuclear bombs going off with each volley, and was easily my favourite SFX of the game only bested by the Defenders Pride high pitched beam effect, the same sound synonymous with a Vrix attack lol.   Would this be that difficult to achieve?
  24. The loot it drops is all awful. Novelty items at best!
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