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  1. That's normal for refined items. There is no recipe to acquire, you just need the items and the prospect level.
  2. Negative signature should be displayed to see what is stacking and working correctly and what is not, but treated the same as 0.0k by mobs.
  3. Hack: Success rate is a bit low on hack, but it also can be spammed without any downtime. There's no reuse timer like sap/menace, you can keep a mob weapon/systems permanently offline if it succeeds often enough. It also has a lower energy cost than other skills, so it can be spammed easier. The range does limit it's usefulness at raids without a summoner, as most mobs run away outside the 2.5k range, but that's a problem many skills have. Not sure if the equipment buffs to hacking chance work at all, so that is something to consider as well. Biorepression: Aside from being a joke to begin with, The area effect skills don't appear to be so, only affecting the initial target visually and nothing in the systems messages to suggest otherwise.
  4. [quote name='Klyde' timestamp='1346607930' post='62739'] How can that explanation be correct? Taking the example above of "80 (-41)".... If I am taking damage to shields I have always read that as "damage dealt (minus deflects)" It has always appeared to work the same for hull taking damage. A minus sign indicates deflected or mitigated damage, and no minus sign indicated additive damage due to mob debuffs, such as "80 (41)". I'm pretty sure it was explained this way in beta and live. Or have I been reading it wrong since 2001? [/quote] That explanation is only for what your seeing here, nothing to do with Live. It's been requested a few times to be changed into something simpler and more Live-like. For example hull damage without any HDC always shows up as [ 0(-xx) ] instead of [ xx(-deflects) ]
  5. [quote name='Zackman' timestamp='1346583911' post='62712'] Thats an old problem with that game, how things are "meant". See description from eg. Barrier of Ooze: Hull Damage Control (Equip) Increases your hulls effectiveness at sustaining damage by 33% when equipped. "by sustaining damage by 33%". To me this means the incoming damage is suatained by 33% and no "intermediate hull raise" for calculation, because when it comes to percentage math, the way can make huge differences (like you see). I tend to follow the description. Player "Will" is pretty good in such questions, maybe he reads this threads and remember what is was like. [/quote] Unfortunately I do not remember what it was in Live. I only know that it was changed at some point, I think they had originally made the same mistake they did with Turbo, where 100%+ = no reload / invincible. Here though, the skill has been working by reducing damage to the hull as: Final Damage = Damage / (1 + HDC) 100%HDC = Damage / (1 + 1) = 50% damage 150%HDC = Damage / (1 + 1.5) = 40% damage 200%HDC = Damage / (1 + 2) = 33.3% damage 250%HDC = Damage / (1 + 2.5) = 28.6% damage 400%HDC = Damage / (1 + 4) = 20% damage, if the Buff and Skill stacked additviely, except that the equipment buff has never worked here, so this one hasn't been achievable. 33%HDC = Damage / (1 + .33) = 75% damage, again if the equipment buffs worked. As for the differences in Damage Control:[list] [*]Damage Control, Skill, PW&TE only, Should reduce damage to the hull as it already does, and maybe the amount and/or chance for equipment damage. [*]Hull Damage Control, Equipment Buff, Should only reduce damage to the hull, currently not working, on any class. [*]Equipment Damage Control/Magnification - "equipment type", Equipment (De)Buff, Should increase/decrease the amount and/or chance for equipment damage of the given type. [*]Equipment Damage Magnification - "Hull", Equipment Debuff, Should increase damage dealt to the hull, either by additive or multiplicative stacking with Hull Damage Control. [/list] "On the other hand, there is no such device that a PW can use, because he got HDC already (which is affecting everything mounted to the ship). Correct me if im wrong tho. " Using just the race-built equipment lines, no uniques: Progen and Terran have access to EDC-shields Progen and Terran have access to EDC-engines Progen, TE, and JD have access to EDC-weapons All have access to EDC-reactors Jenquai and TS have access to EDC-devices [quote name='Ryle' timestamp='1346586410' post='62716'] On second looking at my screens on JamesKirk... does 80(-41) mean that the attack was 121, 41 was mitigated, so 80 was applied? If so, 200 percent HDC by itself is only yielding a 33% Mitigation, thats way off what we both calculated even 150 to be (60 and 75 me and zack) Kirk should have been taking more like 41(-80) on those attacks, and with rally at 50 deflects that number should drop to 20(-100) or something Yeah these numbers arent right at all. HDC is broken even in the skills if I was taking 80 damage to my hull on an attack of 121 [/quote] This is the damage display, not HDC, that is misleading you. If it showed 80(-41) with 200% HDC and no deflects, he took 41 hull damage. As simply as I can put it: Damage not dealt to hull (-(Damage not dealt to Shields)) so 80 damage was not dealt to the hull, and 41 damage was not dealt to the shields. Finding where exactly the damage *was* dealt to though, isn't easy, especially when you mix in Psi-shield, deflects, HDC, and damage that hits both hull and shields.
  6. [quote name='Zackman' timestamp='1346414158' post='62608'] THATS is what we need, hard numbers Tnx much Will, HP will be changed to that (which is basically just a half-second change since the wind-up is calculated like that exactly). So the skill will be like in live: No energy use, wind-up time as above. Anyway...Ryle, dont worry about "mass spamming" - there are changes as well now regarding aggro behaviour for healers..... [/quote] That's how the skill already is.
  7. [quote name='Zackman' timestamp='1346363297' post='62583'] When you say it was wind up in live and no cooldown, we can do it this way - NP. 5s? Thats enough to stop "mass patching"? [/quote] It's not an instant activation... It already has a 5.5 second activation, however like any other properly working skill, that activation time is reduced by a certain amount for each skill level above what was needed to unlock that skill Tier. Even Area Immobilzation Field (Gravtiy Link Tier 5) will activate as fast as Improved Area Recharge/Patch when at SL 10. At SL 7: Tiers 1-2 activate in 1.5 seconds, Tier 2 requires SL3 = 5.5 - (7 - 3) = 1.5(minimum) Tier 3 activates in 3.5 seconds, Tier 3 requires SL5 = 5.5 - (7 - 5) = 3.5 Tier 4 activates in 4.5 seconds, Tier 4 requires SL6 = 5.5 - (7 - 6) = 4.5 TIer 5 actiaves in 5.5 seconds At SL 10: Tiers 1-4 activates in 1.5 seconds, 5.5 - (10 - 6) = 1.5(minimum). Tier 5 activates in 2.5 seconds, 5.5 - (10 - 7). Tier 4, the one everyone is spamming, actually heals less over time than Tier 5, however it is more efficient since less is being wasted by topping off the hull. Making every tier a static 5 second activation time just removes any use for the lower tiers, the reason they remain available after raising the skill further is to have faster, smaller heals available.
  8. Default skill duration is 90 seconds per skill level. Skill Level 10 = 15 minutes. Enviroshields +XXseconds buff didn't add anything, ended exactly at 15 minutes. I've never timed afterburn, but it eventually ends, and lasts long enough to assume the listed amounts are correct. Nullfactor has no duration, just like cloak/powerdown/inversion.
  9. [quote name='Algaron' timestamp='1341210490' post='59993'] [/quote] Actually it is realistic, and quite decent dps, its just simpler to auto-follow than to kite. Anyway, shouldn't these range buff's represent our ability to hit at an increased range, not the actual weapons range, especially for beams/projectiles?
  10. [quote name='wootage' timestamp='1341155943' post='59966'] *Just a note, I'm still doing a modified version of the firing-run tactic with my Jenq. No CC, follow, fire, CC, fire, loot for me. Instead, I kite the mobs off of the spawn, CC, and turn in for a run as the mobs are turning away. The weapons autofire at max range and if I time the speed right, I get the second CC-buffed shot at point-blank range. Then instead of turning away or cloaking, I overrun into their blind spot, reverse for a third shot and overrun again while they're turning, then while they're turning yet again to get their weapons on me, fly uncloaked out of range to keep the kite going. If I do it right, I take a couple of shots on the way in and none at all during the overruns and disengagement. Only if I do it wrong (fail to hit the blind spot, fail to turn the right way to stay in the blind spot during the backshot, or fail to get out of range before they can get me in their firing arc) does my shield even feel the hits. No problemo at all, even with a group chasing me I'm owning them one at a time. But I know. Hitting follow and cycling CC and firing is more efficient, and I can just sit in the middle of the group and kill them all one-by-one with no risk. Therefore my exps and loot over time ratio is much better and I could be proud of myself for getting the most out of my playtime (I guess). But the first rule of a game "be fun to play", and flying my ship as if it's actually in combat is hella more fun that just pushing the buttons in the least-effort / most-rewards manner. [/quote] Such tactics were feasible and used before mobs began instantly turning on us to shoot, but that's not a tactic for missiles, its a tactic for beams and projectiles. Missiles are also currently denied one of their tactics due to how mobs turn though. There's a reason terran's have access to the Satyr devices, so with their high speed and maneuverability they can run circles around a mob without ever getting in their line of site, while close enough to use their skills, and shooting them without facing them. This currently isn't possible, because mob's don't turn, they just count to a number and instantly face you where ever you are, reducing their maneuverability will increase the count, but they will always get a shot off every time the count finishes.
  11. Weapons already auto-miss above a certain CL gap, and maybe it does need tightening or reworking, but the problem is that at max level we have to be able to hit mobs 16 CL's above us, and since weapon skill caps at +1 when maxed, that leaves a lot of room for lower level toons who can get +3 or more SL's on their weapon skill to easily hit mobs high above their level.
  12. [quote name='Ryle' timestamp='1340901411' post='59741'] So tell me the low DPS PL or Beam that has all the awesome buffs? Last I checked the raid level PLs and Beams were actually the highest DPS weapons. Show me a single level 9 beam or PL that does 1/4th the damage of the others in the same level. [/quote] Singularity Mortar projectile, 45.26 dps Tractor Repulsor beam, 53.67 dps The other two weapons from the same raid as the Hellbore, all have terrible dps, but great buffs(if they worked). At least the Hellbore's effects work.
  13. [quote name='Phorlaug' timestamp='1340505637' post='59612'] Let Me know I have most if not all the Equipible L8 PLs for A JD Just sitting in a Vault if there not in a Vault I can build them. It was trying , When I went looking for the L8 Most Spooky Breed and Silver Hammer. I'm sure someones got ammo samples. The one thing I will tell you,(I don't know if there fixed) The graphics for the number of Projectiles coming out of the Guns isn't there. iirc I was told that the Damage was totaled to equal the correct amount. The Graphics is what makes PL so cool. Maybe someone can comfirm the Graphics, It would be nice to see all the Ammo coming out of those guns. [/quote] The graphic's occur at the weapons reload time rounded up to the nearest half-second. Full turbo on a set of 200% Flechette Omega's is a constant stream of bullets, ignoring lag. It's not much of a noticeable difference unless the final post-Turbo reload time is something like .6s or 1.1s, or your suffering from lag - which would occur regardless.
  14. Just to help: It doesn't have to be the mob it was activated on, you can turn it off using any mob in range as your target. And Nova can also be deactivated with no target. Otherwise sounds interesting.
  15. Could just run a prototype, still deal damage while you flash them.
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